[HP/FP increasing Enchants] QoL request!

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[HP/FP increasing Enchants] QoL request!

Post by Snake » Mon Jan 06, 2020 8:38 pm

I tend to unequip my heavy armor when I use my mirror to swap from my gear to casual clothing, due to the walking sound effect and profile implications. And the reason I'm asking for this is mostly for quality of life.

I hate having to go to an Inn every time I equip my torso back. It's a hassle having to ask people to wait a moment before spars, and also costy over time.

So the suggestion is simple:
New Effect: Equipment and Enchants that grant HP/FP bonuses also heal equal for the same bonus granted, after being equipped.

List of Torsos:
- Wisp Cloak
- Roughspun Tunic
- Dragon Gi
- Priest Robes

List of Enchants:
- Gigantic Gene (Gigantic)
- Heart of Leviathan (Leviathan)
- Heart of Tannin (Tannin)
- Soul of War (Warwalk)
I don't quite condone this new effect happening to the rest of the equipments because Torsos are more significant (in the sense of Heavy Armor actually making you clingclank when walking), and to also prevent people from swapping their stuff nillywilly without a disadvantage or punishment for doing so. Even though they can do that anyway and inn.

It's also to cut the hassle or to make a huge list, I only care about keeping my health 100% when using Gigantic Gene or Leviathan, because I hate giving my enemy the advantage of being down 10% HP so their Borneblood procs faster. Che!
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Re: [HP/FP increasing Enchants] QoL request!

Post by Spoops » Mon Jan 06, 2020 11:03 pm

So you want health to remain relative to a percentage instead of a flat value? I'm not against that.

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