A special type of Hell

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A special type of Hell

Post by Soapy » Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:40 pm

Overview2>Across the world of Sigrogana, stories of some sort of underworld or afterlife are not particularly uncommon. This is merely one of those stories.

Located spiritually adjacent to the Human Realm (Sigrogana), the Demon Realm (Hell) is somewhat similar to the Youkai Realm (Astral Plane) in that it cannot normally be reached, at least not in the traditional sense. With tighter security and dangerous corporeal inhabitants, passage in and out of Hell is not only exceedingly rare, but also exceptionally dangerous. Information is scarce, but whether it's due to these reasons or a result of something else entirely is unknown.

Inhabitants2>The Human Realm is controlled by Humans, the Youkai Realm is controlled by Youkai, and the Demon Realm is no different when it comes to this.

Demons4>The 'normal' inhabitants of Hell. Similar in appearance to Humans, though with distinct differences. Their social system is similar to ours, but it possesses greater extremes on both ends. Note that most of these 'types' are simply observable differences between Demons, not necessarily a different 'species' or what-have-you.

Brutes5>The most common Demon sub-type. They often have thick, powerful horns, like those of a ram. Their limbs are hardened into what can best be described as pillars, growing to cover their back as well given enough time to age. Their physical strength is enormous, and their bodies are tough, though they are often slow-moving.

Speed Demons5>Another common sub-type. Their horns are usually thin and pointed, more suitable for impalement than bashing. Their limbs are hardened into a lightweight material, and tend to have blades jutting out. Their physical strength is average, but they possess immense speed. Their bodies are resistant compared to Humans.

Crossroads Demons5>An uncommon sub-type. They often lack horns, or simply have small pointed nubs instead. Their arms are identical to Human arms, though they still possess the standard hooves most Demons have. These are the Demons most commonly encountered, as they make various contracts with Humans in exchange for their souls.

Succubi and Incubi5>It is commonly said that no creature, Human or Demon, can resist these beings. Described as being overwhelmingly beautiful, highly manipulative, and great in bed.

Devils4>Immensely powerful Demons, it is said that one Devil could conquer the Human Realm within days. Information on them is scarce, as few Demons claim to have ever seen a Devil in person. Though there is no concrete proof they exist, nearly all Demons seem to be assured of their presence and power, and they fear them greatly.

Fiends4>Not actually Demons in the traditional sense, simply powerful mindless beasts that roam the outer circles. They have no specific appearance, though most have at least two mouths and dangerously sharp claws or talons. They often travel in packs, where fights over leadership are common and generally end in cannibalism.

Geography2>Hell is a... dark place, for lack of a better term. It is a place of corruption and conflict, death and deceit. As some may know, it is divided into nine sections, though there are common misconceptions about these 'circles'. The inner sections are inhabited by the 'upper class', while the outer sections are little more than wastelands.

Section One: Ostium5>The center section. A place where souls are judged by an enormous serpent.

Section Two: Lupanar5>A half-circle around Ostium. A place where Incubi and Succubi reside in depravity.

Section Three: Caupona5>Another half-circle. A guarded place, reserved for only the most renowned Demons.

Section Four: Forum5>The third circle, a place of commerce. Souls and lives are traded for many things here.

Section Five: Colosseum5>A half-circle, a place of fighting. Confident Demons engage Fiends in combat for sport.

Section Six: Puteus5>Another half-circle, another place of fighting. Demons combat each other here, often fatally.

Section Seven: Acies5>The fourth circle, a torn place of war. Groups clash in a never-ending struggle for dominance.

Section Eight: Eremus5>The fifth circle, dotted by ruins. Fiends are very common here. Few, if any, choose their place here.

Section Nine: Carcer5>The final circle, a stone wall. Fiends originate here. Few have managed to scale it, and none have returned.

Nothing written here should be taken as fact.5>
This is a work in progress.