Kysian Hunting League [Open Recruitment]

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Kysian Hunting League [Open Recruitment]

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First and foremost, my intentions: This guild is intended to bring people together, regardless of prior associations/backgrounds, in the hopes of creating a community for people inside and out to interact with.

What does the guild do? The Kysian Hunting League (KHL) will be primarily focused upon the efforts of removing threats of large or dangerous hostile monsters from the lands of Sigrogana, both to lighten the burden on the guard force as well as to provide opportunity for people to role-play professional hunters and to hopefully provide a new sort of environment for people to role-play around for the general public.


#1: Do not impose bodily harm upon your ally, unless it is in defense. This should be a given. Assault on a guild-member or non-guild-member will be counted against your continued membership in the guild. Harm to civilians, however, will not be tolerated by any means. Everyone will be taught a means of harmlessly subduing a civilian that may pose a threat to you, themselves, or guild matters. From there, you may perform a citizen's arrest and take them to Fort Arjav.

#2: Do not steal from your fellow guild-members. We do not endorse crime of any kind, but this will be grounds for your dismissal from the guild.

#3: While you are wearing our badge or heraldry, you must remain lawful in your actions. We do not ask for much. It should come as no surprise that we do not want any criminals or criminal activity associated with our guild name. If you commit a crime, we will assist the guards in your arrest.


#1: If you cannot be kind, be stoic. I do not expect my guild members to be bright and smiling faces to everyone, I myself am not one to do so. But do keep from chipping in on matters that do not concern you. This includes jumping to the defense of a stranger in an argument without all the facts. This is to avoid unnecessary drama being directed at the guild or your fellow guild-mates. If you have concerns, direct them to a member of the Imperial Guard.

#2: Keep your head. This applies to more than combat, but it should be kept in mind especially when it comes to that. Your allies will be relying on you. Do not let them down. In our more dangerous Spear missions, you could mean the difference between your ally leaving with a maimed arm or them coming out with a few treatable scratches.

#3: Leave your personal feelings about others behind when you put your badge on. In line with the first guideline, please refrain from letting any personal bias show when dealing with clients. Racism, sexism or dislike for a particular nationality will set a poor example for people looking to us for exemplary behavior. In this guild, you are a professional. Act like it.


NOTE: YOU ARE NOT RESTRAINED TO ONE BRANCH. But you must meet the requirements of each you wish to join.

Spear Branch:
This branch's missions primarily handle large monsters within our guild. You will face many monsters that would turn away even experienced warriors in this branch, likely. That is why the danger that this branch will pose should be considered thoroughly before you apply for it. This job will primarily involve protecting settlements from monsters that the guard or militia could not otherwise handle.

Locations: World-wide. You will be required to travel to areas depending on the job's location. Keep this in mind.

Requirements: A high amount of experience and talent with fighting in general, but fighting against powerful monsters in particular is a boon. Training will be provided if necessary by one of our drilling experts.

Payment: Payment in this branch will be case-by-case basis.

Group size: Multiple groups of four hunters, depending on the monster(s) or the situation.

Axe Branch:
This branch's missions primarily handle the clearing of dangerous BDPs. You will be often harvesting ingredients from the monsters in particular that you would find in the dungeons. These are moderately-dangerous missions that, often enough, even the average adventurer could manage to clear with the proper knowledge. Jobs will likely be posted regularly by clients, or we will establish long-term agreements with businesses for revenue.

Locations: Anywhere BDPs show up. It will be up to you to find the BDPs that contain the monsters you will be asked to hunt.

Requirements: A decent amount of experience and talent with fighting in general, but fighting against BDP monsters in particular is a boon. You will also need to know how to extract each individual piece of the monster in question. Lessons in anatomy will be provided if you require them.

Payment: Payment will be handled by the client or by the guild based on where the job comes from. And it will be based on the quality of your extractions as well as the number they request. Clients are allowed to decline your materials if they are of quality too low for their needs.

Group size: One two-to-four hunter group per job.

Sword Branch:
This branch's missions primarily handle the hunting of general wildlife. This ranges everywhere from deer to bears, sometimes even more potent game may be asked for if we have the necessary clearances from the authorities in the area said animals roam. You will likely deal with the occasional group of poachers, and you will be allowed to perform a citizen's arrest if they are not already convicted criminals. Deal with bandits in any way you wish. The authorities and our clients will likely be thankful.

Locations: World-wide, depending on the animal. But you will likely stick to low-risk areas more often than not.

Requirements: Knowledge of how to track, hunt and field-dress your kills. Trapping is allowed. But you will still be required to demonstrate your knowledge to one of our experts. Lessons will be provided if you require them.

Payment: Payment will almost exclusively be handled by the clients. We can serve as your mediator, but it is preferable for one to have the capability to haggle with the client in order for the best deal to occur for both hunter and client.

Group size: One-to-two hunters per job.

Contact Information (OOC)

Send me messages here in order to receive your invitation to the discord channel, or message me on discord. Discord will be our primary source of conversation and collaboration. My discord details are : Kaito/Nathaniel#8592.

Application Forms are here! Please submit one of these before or after you contact me with questions or concerns. -