[REQ] Remedia Love, pt.2 [Tent's inside map]

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[REQ] Remedia Love, pt.2 [Tent's inside map]

Post by Snake » Thu May 11, 2017 10:46 pm

Anyway, been fiddling with the map editor and now I really saw that's easy enough to just 'lol request', than make it yourself. So far I could only put on my thoughts together in this pathetic mess, and due to the lack of resources/experience with Map Maker, it can't go beyond this for me.

If anybody wanna help, they're free to add/fix whatever they want there, since I'm not doing this for Asagos. (Help is, as you see in this pic, VERY APPRECIATED.)


And for Dev, it obviously shouldn't be used as it is for now. That's just the planning, and like I said, I do lack resources/experience to make it better, but I'm not giving up of it just yet. Once I (or someone else) manage to make something less trash, I/they should repost.
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Re: Remedia Love, pt.2 [Tent's inside map]

Post by Slydria » Thu May 11, 2017 11:44 pm

Alright, just a couple of things I'd like to suggest for whoever feels like giving this a whirl.

This is the tent from the outside:

Firstly, you should try and match the interior with the exterior.

So the back 'wall' should be a triangular shape.

Of course, you don't have the icons to make the shape but that's not too difficult to make the icons yourself once you know how big the back should be and you have a icon you like for the tent 'wall'.

In addition, I think it would look best if the sides were to have minimal to no wall, this is to represent the fact that the edges of the tent are very thin.

And finally the floor should probably be left as turf (either the same grass as the arena or some dirt) or maybe even tarp if it's a tent with a floor, either way, the carpet doesn't really fit and the last thing you want for carpet is some bloodied adventurer to ruin it.

This is roughly how I think it should be on the inside:

Ugliness aside, green represents the turf, brown represents the 'walls' (the line in the middle of the tent is meant to be the support, tents don't just hold themselves up after all), the brown rectangles would be the beds. (I imagine a thin standing stretchers would fit best instead of hay bales.)

Other furniture can basically go anywhere but I'd leave at least one tile space on the sides and make them dense since this would be like the edges of the tent that would be too small to actually fit in.

As for moving the NPCs inside... I'd honestly recommend against that, it's convenient the way it is now and moving them inside could be confusing for new players. I think it'd be best to leave the tent solely as an RP area.

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Re: [REQ] Remedia Love, pt.2 [Tent's inside map]

Post by Nanovelich » Thu May 25, 2017 12:42 am

I'd like to preface this post by stating the following: I am not an artist. I work image editors in the most tediously precise fashion to do some nifty things when I want. I sometimes redraw parts of my playbys in ways that fool even at a zoomed perspective, when I'm not feeling lazy. However, tell me to draw something from scratch, and I will cry like lost puppy, try as I might.

I decided to give this a shot though, so I got as far as I could with pre-existing assets. Think of this as more of a suggestion than an actual submission. Going off of Sly's guidelines while using Snake's map as a starting point and reference, I made a number of changes.

Firstly, reducing the size. It's a small tent. I don't feel like it should be larger than most inns in the game, so I went with a start of 'twice the outside size' and ended up pushing that a little further for aesthetics' sake as well as keeping it roomy enough for roleplaying. Next I went with the layout Sly had suggested, adding tables and chairs where I felt best appropriate and arranging them as best I could. Then I tried to include as many of the decorative items from Snake's example as I could while keeping to the smaller size of the tent. The tables and side tiles are also dense now.

Ingame, it would look something like this, aside from the inappropriate futons which should be replaced.

"But where are the walls?"
This is where I hit my roadblock and decided to throw in for whoever felt like finishing this if they liked what I was trying to do. I could make a blocky triangle in the back and call it a day, but I feel like it would be better if someone with the ability essentially drew the triangular arc and canvas we see on the outside of the tent, making it lighter (due to being on the inside) and adding a wooden strut.

For side walls, some transparent 'outside' view would be nice. I tried to make an example of what I'm talking about with GIMP, and it's as shit as it looks since I'm sure anyone could tell what I did. Hopefully, you can get what I was going for though.
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That's all I got for now.

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