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PSA: Knowledge

Post by Soapy » Sat May 20, 2017 12:56 am

There's a (not-so-)growing trend where every character seems to be an expert on everything from Corruption, to politics, to martial arts, to the pros and cons of every form of smithing, to magic theory, to analytical psychology, to advanced quantum mechanics, to comparing the social and economical effects of living in a communist society against those of a totalitarian dictatorship, and yes, these are all real examples.

This is lazy, immersion breaking, roleplay disrupting, metagaming Mary Sue bullshit that needs to stop. Just because you, the player know someone with particularly spiky gauntlets is someone that was unlucky enough to find themselves in a Dark Zone but tough enough to manage to survive, doesn't mean your character needs to know and be able to preach about the effects and origin of being a Shaitan, the specific ways Iahsus affects them, and so on.

You know what you know because we have access to the wiki, pages and pages of lore questions, and the entire internet to find absolutely correct, unbiased information on whatever you need to know at the simple touch of a button.

Your character does not have an endless encyclopedia of everything ever, bias exists, and misinformation is entirely unavoidable whether it be intentional or otherwise.

If you're some dork with a katana living out in Gold's desert, you shouldn't even know what dialectical behavior therapy means, let alone be able to spout paragraph after fucking paragraph about it.

Similarly, if you're some silver spoon asshat living in the Mage's sector of Karaten, you have no business citing intricate knowledge of the cross-gang politics out in Law's End.

tl;dr: Your character should not know every little tidbit you know, no matter who they are. Especially if they're a 16 year old raised on the streets.

I've mostly seen this happen with regards to information on individual races, classes, the Void, Corruption, and spoken languages, but there's also a lot of it when it comes to things that few, if any, characters should even know about.

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Re: PSA: Knowledge

Post by Neus » Sat May 20, 2017 5:19 am

I'm getting kinda tired of these preachy PSAs, so please stop them.