SL2 Version 1.79

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SL2 Version 1.79

Post by Neus » Sat May 20, 2017 7:35 am

Click here to learn how to install and play the game!
Or click here to view the game's hub page and learn about it, see screenshots, who's playing, and more!
I'm doing something a little different with this update. I'll likely be uploading several versions with new additions over the week, maybe every day or every other day. I'll note which version has what with the usual letters, and add to this post as they come out.

New Potentials
  • Paragi Shuriken
  • Ninshi Shuriken
- Increased Rank 1 Scaled Weapon ATK scaling of Kensei skills: Kagekiri, Toiken, Hirazuki, Raijinken, and Sharenzan.
* Bug Reports
- Made an experimental change to the profile display to help restore BGM functionality.

New Preference - Added a HUD display preference that lets you make some HUD elements semi or fully transparent until they are moused over.
New Potential
  • Fuuma, Knightslayer, Needler, Battlepick
- New pet in the Pet Kit, the Floating Duckneck, from Sawrock.
- When taking damage, the name of the skill and weapon used by it (or just the weapon if a basic attack) will be displayed next to the damage indication. (This is mostly for clarity's sake.)
- EXPERIMENTAL: Most consumables in the item belt can only be used once per battle, but now you can put multiple of the same item in your item belt.
* Bug Reports
- Fixed an issue with the new HUD transparency setting and the battle menu.