SL2 Version 1.82 ~ 1.83c

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SL2 Version 1.82 ~ 1.83c

Post by Neus » Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:37 pm

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New Tactician Spells - Added 10 new Tactician spells.
- Bonded Youkai now have pink names on the companions interface.
- Dungeon floors are now, in general, smaller. They also have less enemies.
- Doors in dungeons that are directly adjacent to other doors now follow the same pattern in regards to being locked/unlocked. (Meaning, a line of doors will all either be locked or unlocked, instead of decided on an individual basis.)
- Randomly generated battle maps now have normalized spawn locations.
- The level of a dungeon is now displayed near it on the map.
- Open chest verb added for random chests in case they get covered by something that prevents double clicking.
- The game will print notifications for timed-out trade/party invites in the chatbox.
* Bug Reports
- Dragon Gale was applying its damage to the wrong enemy when launched from range.
- Healing Discharge was affecting all Youkai, even non-Bonded ones, at all ranges.

Colossal Tower - The path to the large tower on the west shore of Sigrogana is now open.
- New animation for the Ice Lily potential, courtesy of Sawrock.
- Boxer's Asura Fist no longer generates Schwarz Sturm on hit, only on use. Base FP cost increased to 20 (from 15).
- Boxer's Korkenzieher can now be resized between the minimum of 2 Range to the maxmimum of 2+SS level. (Range not changed, only added the ability to alter size.)
- Flying monsters do not trigger field objects that activate when walked on.
- In the item selling menu, you can now right click items; this has the same effect as dragging and dropping them.
- Replaced the Spatial Core requirements for enchantment catalyst crafting with various amounts of Magic Mud.
- EXPERIMENTAL: Turn order is now determined only by base CEL.
* Bug Reports
- Cryomancy's Efficiency talent was not functioning properly.
- Vydel was using up too much momentum when cast without HSDW.
- Good Materials wasn't actually doing anything.
- Guest lists let you kick users who were not actually in the house anymore.
- Skill pool limits could be exceeded with certain items equipped/unequipped.
- Nightflower will no longer apply silence effects if the target is already silenced.
- Bushes could spawn on the battlefield spawn locations.