Lore Questions: February (2018) (probably)

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Lore Questions: February (2018) (probably)

Post by Neus » Mon Feb 05, 2018 12:54 pm

This is a new topic for Lore Questions because the old one was about 26 pages. (No, I will never stop copying this part.) The format is roughly the same, but some guidelines;

1) Try and format your questions appropriately. As in, make it easy to read and answer.
2) Try and limit the number of questions you ask per thread. I don't mind answering them, but don't get crazy and ask me 20 things, especially if they require detailed answers.
3) Try to avoid asking extremely specific questions, such as 'Did anyone ever die of food poisoning in Cellsvich?'. Answering these is difficult, because not everything is set in stone, so giving a definitive answer on it not only restricts me in the future, but it might influence other players' character concepts that involve it.

That said, if you have any questions, you can post them in this thread! I will post answers at the end of the month/start of the next one.

Thanks! (And yes, if you had questions from the previous topic that I didn't answer before I closed it, you can post them here, but remember the formatting guideline.)

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Re: Lore Questions: February (2018) (probably)

Post by Skullcatrons » Tue Feb 06, 2018 2:49 am

1. Had there been any cases of disease at all? Something that isn't a cold, a fever- something that you usually can get every day. Like an actual disease that killed someone?
I'm only asking if there had been case of disease that's very fatal because there's no medicine, or anything. Can't seem to find anything about it.
2. Considering that slavery is questionable, and tend to be legal in only one place: considering Law's End. How do people feels about slavery of Monster races instead, like Goblins, and snakemen for instance? Tarson tend to buy monsters off your hand, but had there been any attempt to use them for cheap labors?

3. How big can Ice wurms get? Are they just commonly dog-sized, or can they get into massively, terrifying size?
Hope, the Blacksmith in Lispool, mentioned Ice Wurms. So I want to know how big of a threat they can be.
4. Are there loan sharks in a place like Oniga, where gambling are legal? Or is there some kind of law against forcing the gambler to pay the debt?
- 4a. If no protection law, will they be safe if they escapes from Oniga to Sigrogana, or Chatauranga?

5. At this point, how much money had Hikari amassed with all these donations she've received?
- 5a. Is she actually selfish?

6. Is it possible to be apart of the Mage's Guild?

7. I can't find any informations regarding to Shaitan Madness. Lore blurb regarding to Phobos mentioned of Shaitan's Madness, and Hope don't provides much information. What happens if a Shaitan enters this Shaitan's "Madness"
7a. And how do the Church handles this "Madness", which grandly was cause of their mentality issue?

V2 -

8. Mercalan marriage. Any idea how procedure usually go? Just christian styled marriage? Any special feature that Mercala faith usually have in there?


9. Clarify this, Ereshkigal - the Goddess that House Damraye mentions her alot. Do they considers the Goddess the second coming of Zera, braving the labyrinth of Death itself? I figured out the answers. It is a yes.

Considering the politic. How do other houses feel about Ereshkigal, especially negative since they are very zealous about Zera.


10. How much, in term of economy, does Black Doors usually have on local villages, and or towns? Is it very good economy, because it mean burst of adventurers, and such?

11. Humans. Why do humans still remain? The benefit of being the Patron race means longer lifespan, and having divine protection of their God from the Corruption. But why do Human exists?
11a. Is it because many humans that remain have some kind of view similar to Kinu's? Like they see gods as worthless?
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Re: Lore Questions: February (2018) (probably)

Post by Lakue » Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:18 am

Is it possible that a person (more specifically, player character) can get dragged along with a BDP from wherever BDPs come from?

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Re: Lore Questions: February (2018) (probably)

Post by Shujin » Wed Feb 14, 2018 4:15 am

Random Thought I had:

When you have a fighting style that is mainly absorbing Focus and you are litterally draining your opponent to zero FP, and it so happens to be a Vampie.
1.) Would they feel an intense hunger afterwards?
2.) Would it even go so far that if you kill them in that state that they might ash?
3.)Or is the Focus simply already so converted into essence, that it matters nothing to them?

This question might sound strange at first, but I am serious.
4.) How does Tarson earn his money? All he does is paying, paying and paying. And even if he gets the money from Remedia, considering how many monsters he buys and probably needs to replace that would still be heavy losses he would make there just from that.
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Re: Lore Questions: February (2018) (probably)

Post by damycles » Thu Feb 22, 2018 9:07 pm

So about cuisines, let's take cream puffs for example. Given the fact that portals connecting different regions exist now. What is the likelihood that different cuisines such as the recipe for cream puffs, were spread from one region to the next where it is at least plausible that there are places and or restaurants in various areas that serve international cuisine such as cream puffs in each area?

Oh yeah and also. What does an actual Mercalan Sermon sound like? As in, what do priests preach when they preach about Mercala in all of her glory?

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Re: Lore Questions: February (2018) (probably)

Post by Chaos » Thu Mar 01, 2018 3:50 am

Smite me if this was already asked or clarified, but:

1. We know that spirits that a character holds (via the related talent) will be lost if they lose a fight. But for the sake of roleplay, what exactly causes the character to lose their spirits? Is it due to the user losing consciousness? The beat-down making them weak enough to lose their grip on the spirits? The spirits getting disappointed in the user and floating off?

2. We know that blood loses all focus after roughly 24 hours outside of the body, or if said body is deceased for a day. With this in mind, does Glykin blood similarly lose its potency over time, becoming little more than stale corpse blood if it departs the host (or the host dies) for more than 24 hours? Or does it last for a different amount of time?
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Re: Lore Questions: February (2018) (probably)

Post by K Peculier » Fri Mar 09, 2018 5:37 am

Do monsters in BDP's have to eat? Do goblin-like enemies photosynthesize?
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Re: Lore Questions: February (2018) (probably)

Post by Ryuzaki » Fri Mar 30, 2018 9:18 pm

This one has bugged me for a while, and it's the weirdest lore question I'll ever ask so in advance I apologize.

1) How do Nagas reproduce? Can they lay eggs like other reptiles or is it the old fashioned way?

2) We know Nagas can birth Nagas. But, are all of their female children going to be Nagas, or can they be born the other parent's race?

3) If they do lay eggs, does this mean Naga are an asexual race?

Off the weird stuff now.

4) Is a Verglas' ice techniques just another form of Ki considering they are Monks?

5) Are the spiritual techniques of a Kensei similar in the same Ki based context or are they purely spiritualism?

6) We know people's focus gives off an aura, a senseable trail as such. Can Nullstone block this if it were to be used to make say a mask, or some wristbands etc.

7) Magic Gunners (I believe) have a certain bullet which increases the gravity field around a victim of their shots. Are their other ways to produce a gravity well, and could it be used for imprisoning/executing someone in a less than pleasant way?


8) Are Liches weak to nullstone and its effects if they are ethereal focus liches and not skeletal liches.

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Re: Lore Questions: February (2018) (probably)

Post by DoctorMad » Sun Apr 01, 2018 4:07 am

1)Can Aquarian spells be used to heal? While there is a Youkai that can use Aquarian healing magic, I was told Youkai spells might be different.

2)Why is Lazarus Wind strong enough to knock someone down? The Maze that Reapers live one are know for their stale winds that gave them wind weakness, and Lazarus isn't too far form the Maze. Does the wind suddenly become more violent down there?

3)Wouldn't a Lich actually be resistant to Focus draining effects, given that they have more Focus than other people?

4)Are the ears of any race sensitive to touch?

5)What kind of healing magic(s) did elves use? We know they did alchemy, but the description for the skill notes both alchemy and a unknown form of magic.

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Re: Lore Questions: February (2018) (probably)

Post by Galethvia » Sat Apr 14, 2018 12:44 am

On the topic of Iahsus, since it is always visible in the sky, does that mean the world is flat? Or does it mean that only a small portion of the world is known/inhabited? Or is it some other force that allows it to be seen all the way around a spherical planet?