Blood Fighter

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Blood Fighter

Post by GSM » Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:22 pm

Not many modern Ghosts are ever main classing Ghost anymore, rather using it as a stat steroid and autohit/magic spam class. It’s not how I personally see the class associated with sacrificing life essence for an edge like a berserker, and instead of suggesting some things be nerfed or changed, I’d rather suggest a new pair of skills that can entirely change its playstyle and give it a new gimmick.
Blood Fighter
Type: Passive
Max Rank: 2
Class: Ghost
Rank 2: Equipping this skill does not take up a Skill Pool slot.

Toggle skill. This skill can be toggled on and off during your turn for free.
Unlike other Ghosts, you use blood as a weapon of war, instead of going crazy over your own blood loss.

While toggled off:
Blood Price: You are stanced dangerously, inflicting more bloodshed at a reckless abandon to yourself. All Duelist and Ghost skills consume HP instead of FP, and any basic attacks and basic attacking skills also consume 2% of your maximum HP. Your damage is increased by 10%. All consumed HP is stacked on a buff called Bloodthirsty on yourself, LV equal to the damage you have caused to yourself through Blood Price’s effect.
Skills that already have an HP cost on them do not stack with Blood Price twice.

While toggled on:
Blood Thirst: You relish in your enemies’ bloodshed and your own, sustaining yourself off of their conflict. Landing a hit with a basic attack consumes all stacks of Bloodthirsty on yourself, replenishing HP equal to LV. Your damage is reduced by 10%, but basic attacks and basic attacking skills heal for 5% of the damage that they do, if you have no stacks of Bloodthirsty. Alternatively, you may use a granted skill while you have stacks of Bloodthirsty, replenishing FP instead of HP, as you use the blood to psych yourself up.
Consuming Bloodthirsty stacks has a 5 round cooldown.

Blood Price’s HP costs are doubled and damage increase is halved if Ghost is not your main class.
Blood Thirst’s healing from Bloodthirsty and healing from basic attacks are halved and damage reduction is doubled if Ghost is not your main class.
Blood Well
Type: Passive
Max Rank: 1
Class: Ghost
Requires at least 1 Rank in Blood Fighter.
Main Class Only.

If you have at least LV 100 of Bloodthirsty, if you hit 0 HP, you instead revive with HP equal to half of Bloodthirsty’s LV, but your FP is halved, as using any blood around you to continue fighting is taxing. This cannot activate if you have Die Hard.

If you have both Blood Fighter and Blood Well equipped, both skills’ healing effects can only be partially or fully mitigated with Interference.
Instead of blatantly being a berserker, this could change Ghost into a sustained bloodshed fighter, a more calm and precise fighter more worthy of the title of Duelist, instead of having an overall tone shift through promotions.