STAND CRASH! Spirit Guardian won't summon anymore! [v2.03]

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STAND CRASH! Spirit Guardian won't summon anymore! [v2.03]

Post by GameMaster85 » Fri May 17, 2019 8:44 pm


Here's an image of my Bonder's Spirit Guardian Lilu being greyed out. For some reason, this disables the ability to summon them, but installing them makes me install an "empty name" Youkai which I have no idea what properties that has. (It could simply be installing them as usual.)

I didn't record how it happened, but I remember putting all of my Youkai on the hotbar (which isn't something that works) then summoning her in it. After the next battle, the hotbar buttons didn't work anymore as usual, but it seems this might have happened right there. I -think- this is reproduced by attempting to summon the SG via the hotbar (which doesn't work at all after the first battle) and disables the ability to summon them.

It also fucks Lilu in general in this case too, removing the trait, getting a new Lilu (No SG) didn't solve the issue. Trying to get a new one now after entering battle with only two Youkai and no SG but the Lilu itself. I'll post if Lilu still is gone despite attempting to "reset" everything.