Turret, Kills in 98 turns

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Turret, Kills in 98 turns

Post by Snake » Thu Aug 15, 2019 2:00 pm

Fairly straightforward thread and apologies in advance for addressing it late.

While cool, we got a Robot specified to 'do heavy, unresistable damage at the cost of mobility', what I wished to be some sort of transformation for Turret (which is super cool tbh, I love it), I feel like now Turret lost all of its mechanical identity. There's no real need to invest in it, when Railgan does its job but way better, despite the solid counters.
This machine was supposed to be the 'damage' one, but now it's nothing but a headless chicken that does absolutely nothing but push things around for a heavy FP cost (that has a cooldown on top of it), and be solely joked and ignored in combat at as a 'peashooter' by 90% of the server.

I'm not exaggerating. It doesn't damage at all. It's SWA is tiny because their gun only scales from STR and its STR is quite limited. And just two gun autohit skills end up not really giving the feel of what its skill description says: "A bot with 'special guns' made to be mobile and damage."

A small and simple proposition to amend this is easy. Could it receive a few skills that allow it to swap between gun types? Each gun with some sort of special effect attached to it based around on-hits and on-crits (or if Overclocked). The ones I have in mind are the following:
All Guns: 60% SKI/60% STR

Turret Skill: Ol' Switcheroo (Gun Name), 15% of Bot Max FP, 2 round CD. Removes all positive buffs from bot when used.

(Handgun) Minigun
Single Target
2 round(s)
On-Hit, The Minigun winds up, increasing the amount of rounds by 1, up to LV6.
On-Crit/Overclocked, deals unresistable Fire magic damage equal to Wind-Up LV*2, which cannot be absorbed.

(Rifle) Maxgun
Single Target
1 round(s)
On-Hit, uses an additional 2M to inflict or power up a debuff that lowers enemy's Critical Evade by 10 for this bot only, up to 50 for 3 rounds.
On-Crit/Overclocked, inflicts another debuff, which allows ally units to benefit from the original Critical Evade reduction at 50%.

(Shotgun) Buckshot
3 range cone AoE
1 round(s)
On-Hit, inflicts or powers up a debuff that lowers enemy's Armor and Magic Armor by 5, up to LV25, for 3 rounds.
On-Crit/Overclocked, lowers Phys.Red/Mag.Red by half of Shred LV for 2 rounds.

(Launcher) Missile Launcher
4 range circle AoE
1 round(s)
On-Hit, uses an additional 2M and knocks back all enemies hit from the center by 3 tiles.
On-Crit/Overclocked, inflicts knockdown.
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Re: Turret, Kills in 98 turns

Post by FaeLenx » Fri Aug 16, 2019 2:53 am

Right now, the problems with the turret are centered almost entirely around the fact that it spends too much time repositioning itself to get any sort of damage off. Extra skills, some with higher range, would definitely help that.

But this is a lot of stuff when the bot could be fixed and made much better by just being given more range or more movement. Or both. MAP is a good change that means you might not need to increase its movement speed, but while on a MAP you'd still need to clumsily drive VERY close and hope that no one pushes you off of it.

A tweak to damage numbers could be a thing. Especially now that pushing things through damage tiles with shred is worth so much less as a tool.

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