Competitive internships: On the hospital and other things for EXP

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Competitive internships: On the hospital and other things for EXP

Post by FaeLenx » Sun Sep 08, 2019 7:11 pm

Right now, there are a few easy ways to level up for the people who are going onto their fourteenth LE and really are tired of the grind. Cleaning up after black beasts, hitting up the fishing contest, and taking time in the hospital to check on door signs and cure colds and leave parasite patients to die.

That third one is probably the most commonly used one for people doing the full 13 or so LEs to get pretty much everything someone needs to be done with it. It can get you from 55 to 60 rather fast. Which is great. This game can get overly grind heavy and those last few levels are the most profitable for those who care about it but also the longest for those that just want it over.

My suggestion here is that we just add more opportunities for this kind of EXP just so the hospital isn't so crowded on some days. Filling in holes, lockpicking, exorcising spirits, eating food, and curing wounds on players all offer paltry, pointless amounts of experience that could be raised. And farming is a seldom used mechanic that could be made to give a small sum of experience that could be macroed into a large farm to be a viable but time intensive leveling mechanic. Training fights could take less than 50 physical stamina so you could do more of them.

The dungeons are only fun for so long, but this game has more to offer than that. Running a lantern bearer just to go from Legend Extension 2 to 15 until you go back to a PVP build for your 16th doesn't provide much to engage with.

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Re: Competitive internships: On the hospital and other things for EXP

Post by Neus » Fri Sep 20, 2019 7:39 pm

LE is not supposed to be a quick and easy thing to do, and it's not really necessary to do at all. I'm pretty much opposed to trivializing leveling any further. It's already too easy and quick in my eyes.

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