[v2.09] Ghost Loot

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[v2.09] Ghost Loot

Post by Chaos » Thu Sep 12, 2019 5:01 am

Items received via the static Chests from the Loyrwell Tombs ('Above ground', not within the Crypt) do not seem to count towards crafting recipes, upgrades, certain events, etc. Additionally, these items do not stack with their normally-gained counterparts.

Within the spoiler is the list of items that aren't counted/don't stack normally, and which mechanics they aren't applying towards:
-Raremetal Shards (Does not count towards Equipment Upgrades)
-Chimeric Mass (Eyes gained from Mass do not count towards Potential Unlocks and Crafting Recipes)
-Black Pearls (Does not count towards Crafting Recipes)
-Dark Shards (Does not count towards accessing the 'Boss' of Loyrwell Tombs)
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Re: [v2.09] Ghost Loot

Post by K Peculier » Sun Sep 15, 2019 10:06 pm

I can confirm that if you have chimeric eyes from the Loyrwell Tombs chest, getting anymore from other means via chimeric mass or chests do not count for it with the addition that you cannot delete the bugged eye, so a '1' chimeric eye is stuck in my inventory forever and cannot be added on.
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