Bonding Bonds (Sagum Ruinam/Grand Finale)

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Bonding Bonds (Sagum Ruinam/Grand Finale)

Post by Miller » Mon Nov 25, 2019 12:55 am

Ever since the Bonder rework there has been a few things that have stuck out to me since they were released. The first would be Sagum Ruinam while the second is Grand Finale. These two have been particularly underwhelming for what they do and rarely see use in the average build that utilizes Bonder.
First off, Sagum Ruinam.
This skill at first appears like it could be useful thanks to its absurdly large diamond AoE and even has a flashy animation paired alongside it. But the problem with this skill lies in its condition to deal full damage, a condition which requires an enemy to be at 15% HP or less.

Which is why I'd like to suggest one of the following changes to the skill.
  • A. Change the threshold for full damage to Parted Pain's times two. (15% to 30%)
Reasoning: As of right now, you're investing 5 SP into a skill that only does 200% SWA to someone at around 150 HP at most. in PVP. While monsters only tend to reach 800-900 HP unless they're towering or boss monsters. (Which puts the threshold at around, 120-135 HP at most) Making this skill an extreme niche to use or even invest in.
  • B. Change it to 300% SWA and keep it's current condition, change the cooldown to five rounds or more.
Reasoning: This would give it a much bigger niche outside of the parted pain threshold as a huge AoE that deals a fair amount of damage. However; this could run the risk of someone dealing a ridiculous amount of damage in a near map wide AoE.
  • C. Change the damage reduction above Parted Pain to be three fourths of the original damage.
Reasoning: This is similar to change B, but without it dealing 300% in Parted Pain's Threshold.
Secondly, Grand Finale.
This passive at a glance is honestly very unappealing thanks to its passive 30% damage reduction to enemies not in Parted Pain threshold at all times. On top of that, it also has a melee-only condition to make it a lot less appealing over all.

Which is why I'd like to suggest the following changes.
  • A. Remove the damage reduction and leave the melee range only condition intact. Make it once per turn.
Reasoning: The damage reduction is the most unappealing aspect of this skill; it kills any reason to keep this passive on a character that intends to PVP at some point as it passively reduces all damage by 30%.
  • B. The former but allow bonder skills to also count regardless of range.
Reasoning: More reason to use Bonder skills as a finisher, it could also grant the 3m boost to currently summoned bonded youkai if a Bonder skill was the finisher.

That's all I can really think of for the time being, personally I'd like to see change B for both Sagum and Grand Finale.

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Re: Bonding Bonds (Sagum Ruinam/Grand Finale)

Post by Kameron8 » Tue Nov 26, 2019 12:57 am

Yeah, a 15% execute that's strictly worse than most other skills (and 5x the cost) isn't worth investing points into right now. Grand Finale nerfs you too hard to ever warrant the extra action. Considering it's heavily skewed toward only finding use in PvE, I question if the damage penalty is necessary, much like the original poster.

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Re: Bonding Bonds (Sagum Ruinam/Grand Finale)

Post by Neus » Tue Dec 24, 2019 12:11 pm

* Sagum Ruinam - Damage is now halved against enemies above 30% of their maximum HP. (From 15%).
* Grand Finale - Damage penalty is now reduced by 10% for each Youkai you have summoned. (IE, 3 summoned = no penalty).

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