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Full Version: Disunin Enclave (Anubite Clan)
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[Due to recent events, the Anubites are out of commission. They returned to Egwyn for the sake of continuity. Anything Anubite related is intellectual property of Breakaway~totheweird. Nothing should be used regarding them unless permission is given by Breakaway~totheweird. Thank you.]
Kaphiri was currently returning to the village, on a trail he's treaded on over a thousand times. One arm was cradling a buckle of water for 'household' use, while the other caressed the dimlit hieroglyphics on the stone wall. The villages unfathomable humming grew louder; he was close. His head sways in fluid, concise movements in response to the enthralling noises of the forest pocket, causing his loose-fitting jewelry to make a subtle, yet cacophonous, symphony of metal sounds. Fifteen years have gone by without fallacy here in Disunin, and he doesn't intend to disembark soon.

That is, until there is no more knowledge to be sought here.
The rustling bushes coaxed him to yield. His hand lackadaisically slid down the wall and back to his side. He was familiar with the local fauna, so he hesitated with an approach when the lack of a growl or an elongated hiss became evident. Unarmed and unprepared for a fight, Kaphiri's back was unknowingly pressed against the wall; he inched away unconsciously from the supposed threat.

A boyish shriek resonated through the humid undertow of the grove. The drawn water was thrown towards the sky at an angle--this would keep them relatively dry, at least for the moment. He was silenced by the juvenile cackle and the sight of the glistening locks of blonde hair. "Gracious," he said, clutching the left side of his torso. "You scared me, Sister Avaline! You know how frightening these woods can be at times." As if nothing had ever happened, his facial expression had returned to that of aloofness. Hopefully, he thought, no what heard him wail.

"Can I help you?"
"A baby? That's preposterous! I'm a wise-man, and I know far more scarier things than that mask... but you got me. I'll admit that." he says, before ending his excuse with a lighthearted spell of laughter. Moments like this made the eerie, spectral land of Disunin far more enjoyable for Kaphiri--these people of sacred practice were lively, simplistic, and welcoming of the unknown, just like him. Effervescent eyes of gold lock on to the packages she had brought him, and his smile was sprinkled with disdain.

"Ah... yes. Her."

The shaman begrudgingly accepted the letter, facing the enchantress with a skeptical gleam in his eye. "Since you've done me the kindness of opening it, perhaps you could share," he said, reading whatever the post entailed. Hopefully she would read aloud to him, like a mother reading a book.
His ears twitched. It seems his procrastination has announced itself to bite his rear end--t'is a shame that he was to leave after such a long term, but family came before all else. He took the attachments and wearily closed the outlined paper. Perhaps, he thought, shirking his work was a fruitless effort; he was only delaying the inevitable. Besides, his reluctance wasn't towards the Anubian leader herself. It was portrayed against his relocation, as he had outspoken love for the land he trekked on nearly everyday.

"Sister," he said, looking towards the ground. "It appears my time has become short-lived. I'll be gathering my featherweights."

The drenched wooden bucket was spotted over yonder, making an observant imprint in the soggy earth. He retrieved it and walked back to their encampment at a steady pace. It was an ordeal too great to bear... leaving his homestead so suddenly. A brisk voyage was in order as he wanted to continue his study right away.

"At the peck of dawn, I'll be leaving. What my travels contain will be sent back to the grove in ink."
"You're right, I don't make decisions like this before meditation--however, I've long had my mind made up about this. I cannot second guess my kin, even if the message is abrupt," he claims, ceasing his footfalls to answer his beloved friend. She couldn't be farther from the truth. "I ask you forgive any... irrationality... you see from this, but I can't be complacent being seen as a child." His gentle features were illuminated by both moonlight and the countless torches that kept the village alight.

"If only you could tag along," he says. "I will need a map; perhaps the village stargazer could lend me one."

He pivots on his heel to face the miniature Avaline, looming over her like an oaken tree. "As for plans... I have none, currently. If there's anything I'd need to think on, it'd be that. Assist me." A kindhearted smile etched itself in place of a blank expression out of gratitude.

"I appreciate your concern."
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