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(2.73d) Ice Skate - Rendar - 05-26-2023

Ice skate, functionally, works like a teleport. Not triggering any tiles along the way, such as Traps.

It also mighttt not be respecting immobilize at the moment. But that might need to be further tested.

RE: (2.73d) Ice Skate - Autumn - 05-27-2023

This is a bug report, so I won't be commenting, but due to some of the strengths and weaknesses of Ice Skate itself, I'll make a balance thread with an alternative solution, because fundamentally Ice Skate is an issue worth addressing.

RE: (2.73d) Ice Skate - Neus - 06-21-2023

It checks field objects at the end of its movement, though it was indeed not correctly tagged as a movement skill.