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Commonwealth of Heim (Anubite Clan)
Hiru moved through the dispersed crowds of sailors, and adventurers towards the wooden noticeboard. He stood near the noticeboard "Le'ts see here." examine the map for the location of Heim Academy of Heaven. He looked for easy routes to reach the academy. He stood there thinking if he could find a dojo, or a martial arts school anywhere in Heim when looking at the map. He takes out a piece of paper, and a crude pencil. Then started jotting down routes to certain places he see's on the map, and any names of certain training places that are in Heim.
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Hiru saw no other Martial arts schools on the map. So he went towards the easiest route to go the academy. Hiru walks by the crowds of people, and then turned left. He saw a road with people transporting goods to restaurants, and stores. Hiru waited for a while until it was good to cross the road. Then Hiru took a detour between two buildings through the alley way. Then Hiru had finally arrived at the end of his route he drew on a piece of paper. When he arrived his eyes would look upon the splendor of the huge building that was the academy. He walks towards the front entrance of the academy. There was a security guard posted in the entrance. Hiru asked in a polite tone while waving his hand at the guard trying to get his attention "Hello good sir. Is anyone allowed permission to study here in the academy for one unarmed combat lesson?" The security guard that was sitting down reading a newspaper looked at Hiru, and said in a bored expression "Well yes...There is a recruitment table to sign up for the army for what this academy is for, but if you want to take a private lesson from one of the instructors you can. If any instructor accepts to waste their time giving you one lesson that is. So here let me give you a pass to be allowed in." Then the guard gave Hiru a stern look, and says "Don't cause any trouble, or you will be meeting the sharp end of my sword." Hiru nods taking the pass. The entrance tot eh academy doors open briefly letting Hiru enter.

What Hiru saw inside was rich, and royal sight of the academy. Students where walking around heading to class, and some instructor was in a training lesson teaching the student recruits in the academies courtyard. Instructor says in a loud determined voice "Okay you recruits have to counter your opposing opponents weapons when they strike. Use your sense, and sharpness of your eyes to see the strike coming, and use any means to counter act the attack. Like for example ducking, and slide kicking your opponents legs to interrupt there flow when striking." Hiru looked around for an unoccupied instructor to give him a Unarmed combat lesson.
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Exploring this building's halls proved to more exhausting than previously imagined. Corridors bespangled with crimson-colored banners bearing golden, styled eyes branch out in different directions. There were too many twists and turns to travel, which could be disorienting for anyone new. Not only this, but gaggles of students, instructors, and visitors alike filled each area; this made navigation a more daunting task.

But sticking around the main area would provide a sight: a large, wooden desk centered in Heim Academy of Heaven. Fliers and whatnot were scattered on its top, and some lost-looking individuals buzzed around. One stranger in particular stood out. They happened to be the tallest one there, and sported massive wings reminiscent of a dragon's. Small fragments of conversation could be heard.
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Hiru looked around the main area, and he saw the large desk that which one would think would be the recruitment table that the guard at the gate mentioned. Then Hiru's eyes laid upon the one tall stranger with massive wings that stood out from everybody else, and thought to himself Hiru moved through the crowd of students, instructors, and visitors to reach this tall individual.

Hiru tapped their shoulders, and says in a proper tone "Hmm excuse me. Do you happen to know where a visitor like myself can have a quick lesson of unarmed combat from a available instructor in this academy?" Hiru waited for the strangers response hoping they were not visitors to this academy like he is, and giving him a detailed answer to his question.
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