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  Dodge Based Lupine Subrace? (Canis)
Posted by: TheCommonNoob - 7 hours ago - Forum: Class/Race Ideas - Replies (3)

A simple suggestion as mentioned in the title that has spiraled as I've given way too much thought into it...
It might at least be a neat read for whoever cares enough so here it is!

The main idea is a subrace for Lupines that mirrors that of the Felidae in their own neat way!

The word "Lupine" having its roots in Latin, referring to wolves, so maybe this subrace could be called "Canis" or something similar, referring to dogs instead.

It would keeps roots to the Lupine's bias of having very high physical prowess but focus on the complete other side of physicality being SKI and CEL rather than STR and DEF.
Sacrificing their usual power and sturdiness for agility and accuracy, yet still keeping to the physical powerhouse motif.

They'd have a trait similar to Grimalkins called "Canis Instinct" which changes their instincts from the usual to something else.

Felidae vs. Grimalkin (for reference):

  • Felidae Instincts - The Felidae are fast and when they feel like they're in danger, they get faster.
    In battle, while at 50% HP or less, they gain a bonus to SKI, CEL, LUC, and GUI equal to 1 + 10% of your Scaled SAN.
    At 25% HP or less, the bonus is doubled.

  • Felidae - ...they gain a bonus to SKI, CEL, LUC, and GUI equal to 1 + 10% of your Scaled SAN.

  • Grimalkin ...they gain a bonus to SKI, CEL, WIL, and RES equal to 1 + 10% of your Scaled SAN.
Lupine vs. Canis:
  •  Lupine Instincts - Lupines do not go down without a fight.
    In battle, while at 50% HP or less, they gain a bonus to STR, WIL, DEF, and RES equal to 1 + 10% of your Scaled SAN.
    At 25% HP or less, the bonus is doubled.

  • Lupine - ...they gain a bonus to STR, WIL, DEF, and RES equal to 1 + 10% of your Scaled SAN.

  • Canis ...they gain a bonus to STR, WIL, SKI, and CEL equal to 1 + 10% of your Scaled SAN.
Obviously the stats that are switched can likely be something more fitting.
My thought process is that in the metagame, Felidae/Grimalkin get keep SKI and CEL which are two highly valuable offensive and defense stats in their line-up.
Meanwhile "Grimalkin Instincts" changes their last two stats to simply be more in line with lore thematic is still quite strong as WIL and RES is a useful tool to a "proper" Grimalkin.

Lupines having STR and WIL aren't quite nearly as competitive stats (especially considering the Lupine's 1 base WIL) so changing DEF and RES to something like...
SKI and CEL, for Canis is something I feel like wouldn't disrupt the balance all too much as they give up their much of their mid-fight guaranteed tankiness for more or less, slightly better RNG.

I'd also opt for SKI and GUI if the (STR, WIL + SKI, CEL) combo is too much of an issue as it does step on Felidae's toes a bit I'll admit.
It'd go for making this subrace much more of a desperate berserker type rather than the normal Lupine's defensive turtle type of instincts.

This is also definitely not a cry for help in trying to build a competent dodge Lupine that isn't incredibly reliant on Spellthief.

Other trait ideas just meant for fun and not actually meant for real consideration at this point in time:

Dog Eat Dog World
- Do more damage to fellow Lupines/Canis (and take more damage from them(?)). (An exceedingly rare happenstance in the first place...)
- Alt. Do more damage to Kaelensia/Beasts (and take more damage from them(?)). (A much more useful version but still a rare occurence.)


- Something similar to the existing "Competitive" trait but only if you are in a party with other Lupines/Canis (or other Kael/Beasts).
  (Maybe something a bit better than 10% Status Res however as this is much more restrictive.)

Lone Wolf
- Opposite of the existing pack traits, you'd gain some sort of small benefit from being the only Lupine/Canis in the party.

Puppy Eyes
- Allows Lupines/Canis do their own version of "Play Cute" or something similar enough to inflict Charm.

Man's Best Friend
- Not sure what it'd do other than maybe synergize with humans in some way. I just thought it would be funny.


"Dog" lupine subrace based on offense rather than defense (SKI/CEL rather than STR/DEF/RES).

If you made it here to the end, thanks for the read! If you think its a good idea be sure to leave your support and own ideas!

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  Lithos - Character Height
Posted by: Autumn - Yesterday, 01:05 PM - Forum: Approved Characters - Replies (1)

Applicable BYOND Key: Sp0909

Character Name: Lithos

Request Type: Height Request

Request Details:  I wish to make a character who is around 8'5"

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable): The Apertaurus I have created is intended to be a very large and bulky individual.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request: Apertaurus may be considered to resemble their Minotaur brethren in size quite a bit, who also appear to be very large, I also just want to play a very large character for once. Lithos specifically is an Apertaurus aged around one hundred or so years old and was born big bodied to begin with, I want to represent the earth shattering power of his kicks through a very large body size.

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Posted by: Poruku - Yesterday, 09:24 AM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

Coming from an idea tossed around in Trexmaster's thread, I want to suggest a system to do trading.

How to be a merchant
Each major city and minor settlement (vale and fairview) now has a trading post. This is an NPC or interactable object. From here, you must form a caravan and get trade goods, before going to sell it elsewhere.
Form caravan - 25 murai
When selected, your character is now on a horse and pulling a carriage. Could be different tiers of caravans down the line.
[Image: 94vUcjo.png]
You are limited to roads and certain passage areas when in caravan mode, for instance you can't enter buildings, dungeons, etc. We can use the byond area thing and just add the trade route area to the map.

Instead of a caravan which would be perhaps a technical challenge, I propose an alternative where you get a big backpack. You lose it if you enter a fight, and it slows you down a little, but you can go anywhere with it.
[Image: D5pGAeR.png]
Probably more realistic to implement, especially for the first release.

Purchase Goods
You open up a menu similar to a shop and buy stuff. 
[Image: eRI4BVW.png]
You can only have up to 5 trade goods in your caravan. These are like items, but you can only carry them in a caravan. You're basically buying crates of things to sell elsewhere.

Time to travel
When you have goods, you want to travel elsewhere to sell them. Each nation will buy stuff at different prices. Just interact with the trading post over there.
[Image: dWxWP0B.png]
Once you sell the goods, you're gonna get money and xp. The experience is based on how much xp you would get from defeating mobs of your level, and multiplied by the trade price bonus.

When you sell at a profit, there's a chance to get a box of goods based on the total bonus value. You can open it and it'll give you items kind of like a dungeon chest. This is to make up for the fact traders wouldn't get any gear or items otherwise. No point in hitting level 60 with a whip

Price Bonus
So how do you get good prices? There's 3 factors:
1: Distance
Going from meiaquar to geladyne gives +100%, similar with all the other adjacent cities. Going to the city opposite to the current one, like Geladyne-Telegrad, gives you +200%. Fairview-Meiaquar would probably be something like +25%.
2: Demand
Each city has certain demand for different goods. This value is randomized every in-game day. It can be anywhere between -100% and 100%. Yes, sometimes you will not get much from selling something even if you go far away.
Demand isn't entirely random however. For each good in each town, there is a certain range. For instance, Geladyne will always pay a good price for vegetables, but will pay almost nothing for metal imports. Telegrad won't pay much for potatoes, but they have a high price for metal tools. Duyuei will buy fabrics and salt at a good price. Meiaquar will buy exotic goods and spices. Just as an example, you could say that the bonus for selling spices in Meiaquar can be anywhere between 50% and 80% depending on the day. Selling metal in geladyne is going to be between -20% and -40%.
3: Imports (market saturation)
Whenever you sell stuff to a trading post, the demand for that item decreases by 3% or something like that. Every hour, bonus reduction from imports is restored by 5%. Meaning if you keep doing the exact same route, it'll become less profitable. This is also true if multiple people do the same route. In the end, doing a route that is less popular is often a good idea. But you can return to your favourite route later. And of course, selling something really far away is always gonna be at least decently profitable if you're willing to make the trek. But shorter routes with high demand items can mean quick profits.

Recap (TL;DR)
Buy good in trading post, go far away and sell it to a place that desires that item. Get xp and gold. You need to be in caravan mode to do that. You can get out of caravan mode at any time (but that drops any trade goods). Switch up your routes to keep the prices fresh. Take advantage of high prices.

Oh yeah and you can trade those trade goods with players as long as they have space in their caravan.

I was considering showing a spicy excel sheet with math to make like a realistic economy but I figured keeping it really simple and static is best. This should be possible to do using mostly mechanics that are already in the game, and the math is simple, yet also dynamic enough to stay interesting as long as it's well balanced.

- Players can now gain xp and murai from a non-combat activity. Meaning not everyone in this world is obligated to be a monster hunter.
- People spend time in the world going in places with people instead of being secluded in dungeons.
- This type of activity is absolutely going to generate a ton of roleplay and new character concepts.
- Huge potential for future updates, interacting with new mechanics, adding new things like special trade goods, etc.
- Bring players all over the world, make travelling feel good.
- Trading events???
- Highway robbery is now cool. Just bring your empty backpack on the road and plunder people's caravans (with consent)
- Less people taking the mob spawns in dungeons
- Makes the world feel more real, makes the nations feel like they have a bit more identity. Improves immersion.

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  [2.83 v2] Taking the Initiative
Posted by: Rendar - Yesterday, 06:50 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

Boots of Initiative give Initiative Level 6, rather than Initiative level 3 (which is what the item states).

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  Tome of Blood
Posted by: zericosmic - Yesterday, 06:10 AM - Forum: Character Applications - No Replies

Byond Key: Zerili
Character Name: Wryny
Request Type: Character Ability

Request Details: I wish to expand upon my characters Hemomancy in a unique and interesting way, and I want it to be through an ancient book of wacky rituals for her to find!

The rituals in question would be very utility/ flavor focused, and something my character would learn over the span of what could be OOC months, the idea would be that the Tome is quite powerful, and attempting to read and learn from it is a difficult process, and one that if attempted to be rushed, would have consequences. My ideas for rituals so far are:

- Lineage - Discern the blood relatives of a person through the use of their blood. ( Requires a vial of one's blood)

- Eyes of Violence - Sense if blood was recently spilled in an area, along with it's location. (No Component, though takes a minute or few to activate)

- Snake Blood -  Turn one individual cold blooded for until the next dawn (mostly for uses of resisting heat) ( Requires a vial of blood from a cold blooded species)

- Blood Encryption - Write an encrypted message upon parchment, only those who's blood spills upon the parchment during the ritual are able to see the message ( Components self explanatory)

- Blood Cleanse - A simple ten minute ritual that cleanses the blood of any poisons within. (Requires a vial of poison, mixed with the patients blood)

- Blood Hunt - A ritual that gives the user the ability to track the person who's blood is used in the component of the ritual for four hours, sensing the trail through smell. (Requires a tiny tuft of fur from a wolf along with the blood of the person being tracked), tracking ends at the location of which the wound is magically mended, does not work underwater, generally anything that might impede one's sense of smell would impede it.

All the rituals generally require a couple of minutes to perform, and cannot simply be done on the fly, with a snap of one's fingers.

I would want the Tome to contain more, but that would likely be an application way later down the line.

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  2.83 Clever Girl
Posted by: Raigen.Convict - Yesterday, 05:13 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (1)

[Image: image.png?ex=65e94cef&is=65d6d7ef&hm=d04...5d5f1df8c&]
As seen here if used while total control is off, queen automaton can IGNORE the cooldown on sharp game.

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Thumbs Down Grinding Sucks (Korvara)
Posted by: Trexmaster - Yesterday, 03:10 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

Many people are not fond of what it presently takes to finish a character in terms of getting their EXP and items.

Korvara is in a state where grinding is not much different than g6, where it is simply a means to an end. It is the barrier between you and playing your character the way you want to play them. It is especially important you finish your character if you ever want to participate in events involving PvE, or you will be an active detriment both ICly and OOCly bar EM intervention.

The Grind is not something people enjoy. It is a hurdle to be stepped over as quickly as possible, and yet Korvara is designed in a way as to make this hurdle an arduous one if you lack the support to overcome it without wanting to spoon your eyes out of your skull, lest you be blessed with not a single soul trying to grind anything you are.

Minimizing how much time is spent grinding for the sake of The Grind means more time for people to devote to more productive things. Like roleplaying on this roleplay mandatory game. Very few people enjoy roleplaying during the The Grind. The Grind is the time for getting your character to the point you want your character to be.

I believe we can both minimize The Grind and also make it more enjoyable for the time that IS spent having to get your character up to snuff with the rest of the crowd.

To minimize The Grind:

There are multiple issues making The Grind take far longer than it really should.

PROBLEM: Spawns are timegated, heavily. This becomes an issue if any more than one party of players are attempting to level at a time, and is generally frustrating to deal with. Forcing players to artificially extend the amount of time they're forced to farm EXP or items, rather than roleplay with their characters.

SOLUTION: Higher spawn rate, more mob spawns. A simple band-aid solution if nothing else. There are a plethora of other things that could be done, but this seems the most feasible fix without any drastic changes required to make things feel at least a little bit better.

PROBLEM: Some crafting materials and many equipment pieces are pure RNG to get, thus further delaying the character building process. The amount of RNG involved is simply egregious, the projected odds of getting a 9* item in particular being in the ball park of 1/40,000~ nowadays per eligible mob killed. And you can get maybe like, 30-40 or so attempts every 15 minutes.

SOLUTION: More consistent, reliable means of attaining items and craft materials. Such as the casino once more offering the craft materials it does on G6. It'd give more purpose to murai. Treasure maps and diving were G6s answers to some items. Korvara could use its own system for such, part of which may be covered in another proposed solution.

To make The Grind more enjoyable:

Currently The Grind boils down to farming whatever mobs are easiest, or whichever ones you're hunting a 10* from. It detracts from roleplay when the path to progress is always the same: watch someone hose down mobs for a few in-game days. Or do it yourself when you're searching for items.

PROBLEM: Reward is not commensurate to the difficulty presented by some dungeons. Obvious examples being the Minotaur Labyrinth and the Dual Colored Star.

SOLUTION: This one isn't an easy, binary fix. It would require tuning the rewards for dungeons specifically taking into account how overall difficult they are to clear. There are many ways you could go about doing this. A potential idea I had would be to introduce unique rewards to each dungeon, something like Worxas/Esthel/Sothis/Nephel fragments, which could be then used in new crafting recipes to make specific otherwise uncraftable items, to enchant items with boss only enchants, etc. A universally desirable currency item, essentially. Some dungeons like Minotaur Labyrinth might require something even more so it isn't left to rot still, but this solution is already dragging on.

PROBLEM: It's weird needing to have all your characters grind in a dungeon to see character progression.

SOLUTION: More ways to earn Legend Ink than simply grinding repeatedly. Item acquisition that doesn't depend on farming firebloods. The first thing that comes to mind is implementing something akin to Mabinogi's Commerce. Delivering trade goods between nations and getting EXP and money for the time spent walking back and forth, while also providing an RP opportunity in the process. Systems like this that encourage doing things aside from monster culling that contribute to the livelihood of the world.


We want more time to RP and less time spent needing to slave away at The Grind in ways that are not conducive to enjoyable roleplay.

Honestly. Who here really enjoys a riveting RP in Lava Lake as you grind once more for items, or to level a new character the 3rd+ time through. Characters are forced into that position if they want to ding level 60, unless they're really, really committed to the training dummy grind.

In an ideal world we would have content such as the Clinics in G6 to supplement EXP gains, but such things take time. For now just amping mob spawn rates and the number available at any given time should be enough while better ways of progressing characters are introduced.

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  Soundcloud BGM Not Working
Posted by: Ray2064 - 02-21-2024, 01:55 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

Sorta self explanatory, here. Inputting the numbers just won't give any result when I click on the Profile

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  [2.83 v2] Protectorate Nation
Posted by: Rendar - 02-20-2024, 09:58 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

Two things.

Protect can proc for you defending an ally with Crest of Rook, who then will Crest of Rook protect you from the damage.

Which is a bit weird, but funny nonetheless.

Secondly, Protect does not actually seem to be reducing damage by 5, as it says on the tin. Instead it gives you 5 defense. Which, if you're burned, just does nothing.

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  What is required before having a visible injury due to preceeding RP?
Posted by: lordpidey - 02-20-2024, 10:07 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (18)


There was an incident I've heard about recently.

Admittedly, I have only heard one side of the story, so I am withholding judgement at this point in time.

However, the incident itself as described to me raises a question.

If there is RP that would logically result in likely visible injury, deformity or other visible change, what is needed before acting on that, in future RP, or in self profile/alias manipulations?

If I'm arrested and handcuffed, am I allowed to change my alias to "Handcuffed person"?

If someone steals my lucky sombrero, am I allowed to RP around being bummed about not having my hat?

If I'm hit in the head with a metal object in a 'harsh blow', can I have a bruise?

If someone I'm trying to arrest pulls a knife on me and stabs me during a conflict, do I need permission from the attacker before having a visibly bleeding abdomen?

From my understanding (Which again, I've only heard one side of the story, and thus may be wrong), a person was struck in RP, and did not get permission from the attacker to have a visible injury, which was one of several things they were punished for.

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