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  Carla the Smol Gremlin
Posted by: Grimmnaka - 26 minutes ago - Forum: Character Applications - No Replies

Applicable BYOND Key - Grimmnaka
Character Name - Carla Lionia
Request Type - Height
Request Details -  I just want permission to make this character 4 feet tall.
Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) - A small character with lots of energy is fun to play as
Roleplay & Lore supporting your request - Recessive DNA, as with most things you can have some family members be really tall then have one exceptionally short due to the DNA Roulette of life. They just got the Short end of the stick

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  Youkai meeting contract not working
Posted by: lalchi - 6 hours ago - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies


Despite having the requirement, this type of contract doesn't seems to work. (Dialog on Chun) 

[Image: 1.PNG]
[Image: 2.PNG]
[Image: 3.PNG]
[Image: 4.PNG]

It has been the same result upon asking Byakko (Requested by Kilkenny)

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  Rogue's Ninjutsu (Recent Rogue additional requests/suggestions)
Posted by: Snake - Yesterday, 10:45 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

It'd be helluva thematic if Rogue somehow interacted with Ninjutsu and Smoke Bombs too. It's in their name! Unusual and dirty tactics are all a Rogue should love doing, so here's a few ideas:

Quote:- Smokescreen (Trickery): If you standing inside a smokescreen tile, there is a (TrickeryLV)% chance you will gain 25% more Evasion damage reduction, upon triggering it. If the enemy is also in a Smokescreen tile, their attempts at targeting you may fail for the same chance (The attack will be completely nullified, and the momentum will be wasted).

This requires you to not be wearing Heavy Armor, or be affected by certain statuses that would pinpoint, or bring attention to yourself.

Quote:- Ninjutsu (Trickery): If you have a Shuriken weapon equipped (or Hayabusa set), there is a Trickery% chance you will swap places with an enemy or field object within 3 range if you are targeted by an attack, skill or spell. Then they will take the damage in your place. This can only happen once per 3 rounds.

This requires you to not be wearing Heavy Armor, or be affected by certain statuses that would pinpoint, or bring attention to yourself.

Quote:- Incognito (Rank LV3 Effect): If you end a round without any enemies within 3 range, you gain Sneak and the duration of Northern Wind, Southern Wind, Western Wind and Eastern Wind are increased by one round.

Quote:- Flank Attack/Trick Attack/Surprise Stab/Le Shank/Hidden Shiv:
Dagger skill, 3M, 5 Ranks (+3 Critical [or maybe Hit] per rank). 4 round cooldown.
Requires you to be standing behind an enemy or their sides (If done from the front it won't work).

Performs a basic attack with your main hand weapon with a 50% penalty to damage, which attempts to leave the enemy exposed. Depending from the direction you attack, it will have certain effects:
- Behind: Inflicts Analyze Weakness LV15 for 2 rounds. (On Critical Hit: Knocks down, if they have Unarmored or Light Armor torso.)
- Flanks: Inflicts or empowers Lingering Damage by LV15 for 5 rounds. (On Critical Hit: Inflicts Wear Out LV20 for 2 rounds.)

If you are Sneaking, you will apply all effects without the need of positioning.

That's all for now, emphasis on the Smoke Bomb, it's the only one I truly desire. Incognito is also nice for situations where you don't have enemies in melee range and need to give them chase but you're in a time limit. Especially after using 12M to prepare your buffs, additionally of its interaction with Trick Attack.

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  [v.2.43] Frankly Flaccid Flank
Posted by: JamOfBoy - Yesterday, 05:12 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (2)

Flank from Rogue says it does an additional +10 damage when attacking from the side or behind. This isn't happening.

Check it:
[Image: MGgsKsQ.png]

This is attacking Prinny from the front. Rogue is equipped and Flank has 1/1 points invested.

[Image: PAGvdMP.png]

This is attacking Prinny from the back. I don't have anything else that applies damage bonuses - and Prinny surely doesn't have any armor, so the only answer is that Flank is applying a damage bonus of +2 instead of the listed +10.

I initially discovered this on the testing server, and what with the recent pending patch notes regarding Rogue, I thought it wise to test on live. Same thing. Flank is providing a minimal damage increase - on live, my numbers (on crit, mind you) went from 187 to 190. 187 on front, 190 on side.

Backstab from VA seems to be working just fine, as a sidenote! Backstab increases damage and crit by 10 when attacking from behind, which is applying correctly.

[Image: wfmEijn.png]

With Backstab. Initial damage is 14, Flank increases it erroneously by two, and backstab increases that by another 10. If Flank and Backstab were to apply properly, the basic attack should be doing 34 damage.

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  SL2 Version 2.43 Update Notes
Posted by: Neus - Yesterday, 06:34 AM - Forum: Announcements - No Replies

New Area

  • Added the Stinking Marsh (courtesy of Appo) to Alstalsia.
  • Contains four new enemy variants (iconned by Slydria), which have four new 10* items.

Party Bonuses
  • Being in a party with other players will grant the following bonuses:
    +10% EXP Earned (per unique player)
    +10% Drop Chance (per unique player)

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  Daggers and Scalings
Posted by: Autumn - 04-16-2021, 07:42 PM - Forum: Balance Fu - Replies (4)

As of the last update it seems that another dagger was added with additional Strength scaling, and while some daggers are okay to have Strength scaling I feel, I feel as though too many daggers scale STR, when they're supposed to be a traditionally dexterous and precision based weapon.

Its no secret that making a weapon rely solely on critical damage over SWA will end up failing, a sword with 140 SWA is going to basic attack for more damage than a dagger with 90 SWA generally, even if the dagger has on average 20-45% more critical damage depending on if you're rocking VA or not, the base damages just matter more in the multiplication, and the only daggers that genuinely fulfill their purposes are the ones with good scalings or stupid good effects, this being:

-Seiyruu Tessens (On-hit spam)
-Vorpal Fang (Vorpal Tank busting)
-Dancing Shiv (SHred tank busting)
-Atlua's Abaineko (Accuracy)

These are the genuinely considered daggers more often than not, however I will give credit to the following Strength Scaling Daggers:

-Hikage/Tsukikage (Overloaded set/crit effects)
-Eternal Solitude (Pure, raw SWA, high Power)

These are the only STR scaling daggers I have ever considered using, the rest of them are genuinely not that great, there's even a boss 10* dagger that is completely limited by the fact it has STR scaling.

The problem residing here is that daggers genuinely do not have a cohesive roundabout scaling similar to how Swords/Axes/Spears/Fists might, where as they focus on majority/half STR + a mix of stats, Daggers end up focusing on a very huge toss-up of stats, where one dagger might scale STR, another will scale purely more useful stats to a VA such as SKI or GUI or LUC.

I believe that if a dagger must scale STR (Such as Hikage/Tsukikage) then it should be the minor scaling, flipping Hikage/Tsukikage's scaling to 75% GUI and 40% STR would make people consider using them more.

Similarly some other STR scaling daggers should just have this removed in favor of GUI or SKI where applicable, daggers cannot subsist purely on critical damage alone, and they do deserve some SWA, especially because they cannot obtain SWA roids such as 2-Hand bonuses.

1 example I might put down is this:

[Image: ul1I1rA.png]

For example, going down the wiki list, Fangfare immediately sticks out, its an ice flavored dagger that has a really cool thematic theme to it, but is avoided mostly due to the STR scaling upon it, I've seen it in practice and it can genuinely be a good weapon, but it will never out-perform the aforementioned 4 non-STR scaling daggers above, there's no way it ever will.

All in all, I'd like dagger choice to be more of a thing here, daggers should compete with other weapons and not be delegated to a weird mix of scalings, one last thing I will add is the Shuriken Weapon Line, these need some re-tunings as well, Ninshi Shuriken has 40% total scaling, for a worse Volcanic effect.

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  Dark Water icon
Posted by: Perdition - 04-15-2021, 03:19 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

Flooded Water currently looks quite nice, especially with the way it automatically snaps icon states together when expanded or reduced. A simple recolor to make these tiles purple and using them for Dark Water would be very much appreciated as the current tiles are... ugly. 

And then as a tangentially related request, recoloring more of the Aquamancer skills other than Water Dragon to display the effects of Servant of Authority would not only make them more visually appealing, but it also adds further clarity of which version of Aquamancer is being used for both the Aquamancer's allies and enemies imo.

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  Stylish additions
Posted by: Lolzytripd - 04-15-2021, 11:57 AM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

So...I actually like stylish.

Could we have stylish options for the boss statue and arena.

Optionally a Legend authoring option to make Non bdp fights  stylish.(so stylish at the mansion/Baikai/snake cave/lory/swamp ect)

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  Fun-o-gram not playing properly
Posted by: lalchi - 04-15-2021, 11:03 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (2)

When entering a player house using a fun-o-gram, the music starts and then stops after a second.

Tested in three different player house and two different client, same result.

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  [REQ] Dormeho Remap
Posted by: WaifuApple - 04-14-2021, 09:51 PM - Forum: Mapping - Replies (5)

So, I've been wanting to give Dormeho a little bit of an upgrade in terms of it's visual appeal, and now that I'm finally operational again, I figured I would go ahead and give it a try. I don't have a complete map - at least, not by my standards, but I spent a whole day on it as a project, because I don't like making requests without knowing that I can actually put what I'm going to into visual.

So, I'm providing screenshots of what I've got so far (mainly just a good amount of exterior stuff) and making an official request to be able to continue on with this project! I'm still waiting on the old Dormeho map to be released, too - it'll be useful going forward, especially for the interior and seeing what needs to be done there.

Let me know if I have your blessing to keep working on this!



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