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Lightbulb Some laplaceNET-related feature suggestions (Mail/PMs and Bulletin Board Systems)
Posted by: walllable - 06-23-2022, 09:55 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

I've got a lot to write so I'll plop a TL;DR here.

TL;DR: First request is for a mailing/PM system that uses the laplaceNET tablets. Second request is for a simple bulletin board system-like thing using the laplaceNET tablets, probably with ASAGO branding or something. Third-ish? request is for Guilds to be able to have their own BBSes.

Full ramble:

Mail of some sort would be nice! I've gotten into a situation recently where my character, who isn't all that well established I think, went someplace to ask if they're accepting apprentices. They said to check back for an answer another time, so as a result he's had to check back to see if anyone else is present there that time around. Basically, the crux of the issue is that he isn't able to get messages in while he's not around, and he can't contact another person when they aren't around. An in-game E-mail system would work great for this, I feel. It doesn't need to be anything SUPER fancy, it'd probably just be the usual kinda thing you'd expect to see in a PM system. Really, for the UI of the mail system, most of the "Requests" sections could probably be re-used, since those are also e-mails. The only things would be that the objectives and rewards sections could be gotten rid of, and it'd be nice if we could use the same formatting in e-mails as we do in chat, namely grave for italics, and two asterisks for bold.

On a grander scale...

An in-game Bullet Board System would be rad! When I thought of e-mails in game, something a bit more ambitious was a pretty obvious stop for my Train of Thought to get more cargo.

Couple considerations, though:

  1. How should it look?
  2. What are the core functions of this?
  3. What things would be really nice to have?
This is roughly the sequence of thoughts my brain went through (kinda sorta more or less-ish,) so I'll talk about my ideas for this thing in that order.

1. How should it look?

When I started thinking about this, I remembered the general aesthetic of SL2, and my mind instantly went "old-school MySpace," but that could get feature creep pretty easily, and you'd probably have to put a lot of thought into UI/UX stuff. Another thought I had was about old-school Bulletin Board Systems from the 80s, complete with ASCII art and everything.

[Image: xibalba-message-list.png]
(Though that might also be because I played Digital: A Love Story recently...)
I think this is a pretty perfect fit for the sort of time period SL2 wants to be technologically, especially if you steal Digital: A Love Story's approach, which is described pretty closely in the next part. I still want to describe some more baseline stuff, though.
To access the BBS, you'd click a "BBS" button in the tablet's menu sidebar thing, and (assuming there's more than one BBS,) you'd see a menu in the main screen showing all the BBSes you've visited so far, and a button on the bottom to add a new one to visit. If there's only going to be one BBS though, the "BBS" button would probably just take you to the one.

2. What are the core functions of this thing?
Basically ASCII art as the front page, a "bulletin board" screen where characters can post public messages that can be replied to in a chain, and a user list, so you can see what characters have usernames registered on the BBS. Clicking on someone in the user list could act the same as an e-mail address link, and allow you to PM them with the mail system.

3. What would be nice to have?
Another idea for this that I wanted to mention is that this would be pretty nice if there was only one BBS (perhaps an Asago-branded one?) But what if, in addition to that "global/default" BBS, guilds could make their own? I figure it'd work the same as the default BBS, but you can only access it (as a guest/viewer) if you get told the number/string that's associated with it, and after entering it once, it gets added to a list of BBSes on your tablet so you don't have to memorize whatever "phone number"/string is associated with it. And to post in it, you'd have to join the guild, or something. Guild BBSes should also be able to have custom ASCII art on its front page, and possibly their own color scheme in its UI.

And I think that's pretty much it. Hopefully this looks like something people would want and not just some dumb ramble of mine or something.

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  [v2.54b] Inconsistently Protectable
Posted by: Autumn - 06-19-2022, 09:50 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

Unprotectable damage is supposed to be damage that ignores DEF/RES and Armor/M.Armor, however I am unsure if this is supposed to apply to external DRs.

Only select DRs are able to mitigate the damage of unprotectable damage

Is unresistable damage supposed to be ignore external DRs? Or is it supposed to ignore every DR in your kit, including the ones that could possibly fight obnoxious threats, such as GUARD even.

I've made a list of DRs I've found so far that are and aren't mitigating unprotectable damage.

Quote:These all reduce the damage of Bellowing Stag/Grenade Launcher/Painful Grapple/Black Rend etc.:

Unaffected Class DRs:
-Shared Pain

Unaffected misc. DRs

These all do not:

Affected Class DRs:
-Weathered Body
-One Versus One

Affected Item DRs:
-Nullstone Gauntlet
-Ogata Waraji

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  Verglas Stance finisher moves
Posted by: Shujin - 06-18-2022, 10:02 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (1)

Verglas since its update is certainly a lot more viable class, however aside from its skill pool management it still has 2 things in its class concept that I find strange or could be improved on.
1.) It has no Main Class passives, so its usually always better in sub class
2.) Most new classes have one BIG attack. A finishing move, that you only use every so often.

So! I tackle point 2 here! Why not give the 3 stances a unique finisher, that reflects its stances "archetype".


Quote:in my opinion the weirdest of the three kinda lacking identity. the stance gives you bonus to BASIC attacks with fists only, yet Verglas in itself isn't very basic attack friendly.

Bear skills usually have the strong shove attacks, short range, average damage but able to bypass Push Immunity so, I want them to have something that has some OMPH to show its bear-like strength and benefit from its own stance:

Glacial Crush:

Condition to Use:

-Consumes bear stance Lv 10 (At the end of the skill)
-5 Turns CD
-1 tile range, one target. (Or the same range as Bear Stance special basic attack, with the same animation, cause its a simple but cool one thats rarely seen, but that makes the skill obviously a bit stronger as its "balanced" around a more difficult setup.)
-Counts as basic attack

Kick Skill. Choose one target in 1 tile range and perform a basic attack on them. On a successful hit, you ignore Protection (except elemental resistance) and send the target flying(Ignore knockback immunity) turning them into a 3-tile-wide projectile, leaving ice tiles behind if you have ice point greaves active untill they hit a wall.
Enemies in the path are hit and knocked back 4 tiles in a random direction away from the center and receive 50% of the total damage as ice magical damage.
Upon hitting the wall, the target explodes in a blast of ice dealing ice magical damage depending on rank in a 4 tile circle. Every enemy in range of the explosion receives 50% of the damage.
If the target is frozen the total damage is increased by 50%.
May Inflict Celsius (Optional)

Damage per Rank:
Rank 1 : Basic attack Damage +110% Ice Atk, May Inflict Clecius Lv 5, 30 FP
Rank 2 : Basic attack Damage +125% Ice Atk, May Inflict Clecius Lv 6, 32 FP
Rank 3 : Basic attack Damage +140% Ice Atk, May Inflict Clecius Lv 7, 34 FP

a Vydll like basically, but focused more on one a single target, with a shorter Initial range. A "Get the fuck away from me" kind of skill.
Celsius is optional but it would add to the "stay away" idea, and Verglas kinda lacks ice-related debuffs. But isn't needed.

The Frozen extra sounds pretty strong at first, but keep in mind that the set up is decently difficult, you need someone in one tile range and if you only use verglas have ice guard already set up, to pull this off perfectly. A single tile difference means you won't be able to benefit from it without risking the other side to free itself from it/get frozen immunity. Also bear stance is kinda the weakest/least useful of the three, so I wanted its finisher to at least pack a punch.
Also decently expensive, but represents the sheer power of the bear stance I believe. With the added benefits of reaping from Bear stance bonuses and the ice greaves which seem to find most use in Bear stance anyway.
Alternativly you could give the bonus damage towards airborne enemies, so you could combo it with the first bear skill...But I feel like thats just going to be replaced with a crane hop, so Frozen is more difficult to set u

The damage on its own should be fine, considering how low crit damage is on fists, and what we see with Void assassin's assassinate skill being fairly mediocore.

Also probably hilariously satisfying to watch as an animation.
If I may suggest some animation effects:
-Make the target spin when he is flying around, and have some heavy impact crash animation at the end. It will look beautiful a drive the point home that they were kicked REALLY hard.


Quote:Arguably the strongest stance. Very clear identity. Lots of Ice! Doesn't need anything to fancy, except a way to be able to deal more ice/place more ice maybe. I kinda want it strong, but with a bit of wind up.

Krakens Breath:

Conditions to use:
- Consumes Fox stance level 10 on second use.
- High FP, I am thinking about 60ish consumed on first use
- 6/7 Momentum (needs to be used twice)
- 5 Turns CD

Can only be used when Fox Stance is Level 10. Upon first use, you absorb all ice tiles on the field granting you a buff "Kraken Breath prepared" for 2 turns.
"Kraken breath prepared" grants the user Ice Atk equal to its level.(Level= Ice tiles consumed, Cap Rank*20)
Upon second use you consume Fox Stance Level 10 and "Kraken Breath prepared" to breath a large cone of Ice, leaving ice tiles behind and dealing magical ice damage depending on rank.
May cause Ice Weakness and frostbite Level 30 for 3 turns, and destroys cinder tiles.

Damage per Rank:
Rank 1: 100% SWA, 150% Ice Atk, 60 FP
Rank 2: 100% SWA, 175% Ice Atk, 58 FP
Rank 3: 100% SWA, 200% Ice Atk, 56 FP

Basically a Full charged Fire breath cone attack, which damage comes almost entirely from ice Atk instead of SWA, but can also be used to power up for a short while on Ice Atk at the price of the ice you have set up and could use for Expand ice or whatever. rank 3 having the cap of 60 so it pairs up to Void power.
Doesn't ignore Evasion. Ice weakness probably being the main selling point, though its still weaker than Evokers ice weakness version while consuming about the same momentum. Also needs an infliction AND hit check. 
Frostbite is more of an by the by effect as most people do not care about it and level 30 ain't that high either.

Overall a great skill, but I think not over powered in most setups as Ice atk if fairly easy to keep track off as to what its maximum potential roughly is unlike SWA. We are looking at 250ish ice atk for absolut try-hards that make use of Void Assassin. So certainly a skill on the higher end of damage but it also comsumes high FP+ worth the momentum of 2 skills. And a very specific set up for that high ice atk.

I think overall thematic though and certainly worth using while being fairly unique. And I like the idea of using ice tiles to power up.

the fun speedy face stomper. To be honest... I actually have no real idea for a finisher of Hare stance.
Either something that actually makes them a bit more speedy for a few turns without falling into the problem of the buff cap, or just some attack thats showering someone in kicks as an upgraded version of Rapid kick.

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  Great Destruction-ing (Explosion)
Posted by: Autumn - 06-17-2022, 06:35 AM - Forum: Balance Fu - Replies (5)

Currently I think that Explosion is an incredibly overtuned skill that needs some addressing somehow in some way, shape or fashion. I can't really think of a scenario where Explosion would be a bad skill to ever use, with its low cooldown, high damage, and EXTREMELY high coverage, as well more effects on the skill than most skills even dare to have.

This spell is a base mage spell, with a targetable tile (therefore ignores geist) in 3 range that can be expanded to be tied with LB for the most AoE coverage, being as large as 6 range at max range, but you get some added wiggle room with positioning on top of that. 

Furthermore this spell also can burn things (Reducing their DEF by anywhere from 6-28 in 99% of cases) and knocks back all enemies by 3 tiles from the center of the explosion, and is un-evadable damage. All topped off with a mere 2 round cooldown.

Lets compare this with a class that does effectively the same thing, Lantern Bearer:

Quote:Lantern Bearer can have a 6 Range circular AoE that stems from themselves, which is a lot more balanced when you consider that LB is forced to put themselves in danger and is extremely position dependent to get off a lot of their damage, as unlike with Explosion's radius, LB's Radius has falloff damage as well, losing upwards to 40% damage at the very tip of the lantern flames. (Salamander for example doesn't ignore evasion, and only has a lvl 10 burn)

Now if you're faster than most of your opponents are, this ends up being somewhat manageable as now you have the option of avoiding the damage, this gives a degree of agency among your opponents to act, but if the explosion user is slower (Which most are) than most other party members, than at best only one person can avoid the explosion itself.

Another thing going for Explosion is the synergy with Gemstone Staves, particularly those with deploy Talis, as for now an additional 1m you can place a 6 Range AoE spell on any tile within 8 range, this allows you to snipe things across the map with strong un-evadable damage and in an AoE too. This spell is virtually un-kiteable.

This spell is just absurdly overpowered, and it really needs some adjustments to it, I actually have no idea how you're supposed to deal with how much pressure the presence of this spell has, with such a low cooldown too.

People are inevitably going to come in and explain the downsides of explosion such as:

  • It does no damage vs fire resistances

As can anything else in the game that innately does fire damage, and 'less we forget there is an item belt-able weapon with massive downsides that enables you to ignore fire resistances anyway.

  • There's a massive FP cost to the spell

This is a decent argument to be had, it has up to a 54 FP Cost at maximum size, but this value can be nearly halved by Evoker's Arcane Tattoo (Which it usually is) and after that, most mages have more than enough FP to sustain this, even if they're not using Arcane Tattoo thanks to the plethora of FP sustaining items that synergize with their builds.

In order for explosion to be as powerful as it is, it needs to be made much more fair to play against, or it needs some of those effects removed and otherwise adjusted.

So now I'll make some suggestions.

Quote:My first one and most suggested one is to make it so Explosion doesn't trigger until the User's next turn, instead of on the next round, this would justify a lot of its strength as some of the counter play can be attributed to 'just move out of it lawl.'

Quote:My second suggestion that would be accompanying any other changes would be to only make it evasion ignoring in a relatively low range, point blank preferably (within 1 range diamond of the explosion tile), this would make it so that the AoE coverage isn't as vastly overpowered as dodgy characters could maybe get to play the game, it would also make sanctuary able to combat it more effectively too.

Quote:My last suggestion, if nothing else from the above, making it a 5 round cooldown instead at least cuts down on the sheer pressure from the ability, as now fire mages will be forced into making a good decision with it, instead of throwing it down every 2 rounds for extremely high AoE damage.

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  Survey of the Mercalan Church
Posted by: HawthorneVO - 06-16-2022, 10:06 PM - Forum: laplaceNET - No Replies

Sender: birbmask@l-net.grm

---- BODY ----

- As a concerned citizen and known physician, who follows the Faith of Mercala, though independently, I would greatly appreciate it if those of you who have an opinion of the church, respond to this email with your replies in regards to the survey questions listed below as it would be a great help to me to gather information of anyone and everyone's personal opinions of the church and the faith itself.  Only your opinions and question answers will be logged down in my books, and you will remain entirely anonymous. 

- Sincerely 
        A Curious Bird

Listed below is a various array of questions, some multiple-choice, and some requiring numerical answers. This survey is represented as a Google Form canonically anyone replying would be sending back a message with their results. 

---- (OOC) ----

Google Link: https://forms.gle/1sy5Dbf7JD2M1qpX6

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  Evil Vampires and Banquet
Posted by: Snake - 06-16-2022, 07:43 PM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

Oh, the betrayal! The horror!

Could Banquet be able to target allies in some way? I just thought this would be cool to have in some cases where you're playing an evil Vampire who uses their allies as sustenance. It could be a buff for the 'Feeder' trait.

Maybe a condition for this can be:

"Feeder - Banquet can also be used on allies, while restoring an additional 10% of your maximum HP. If you have Bright Darkness trait, you deal 50% less damage but also gain 50% Hit bonus, for being gentle and careful, but that also reduces Essence gain by 50%."

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  [Kensei] Absolute Worthless, a rethonkening
Posted by: Snake - 06-16-2022, 05:53 PM - Forum: Balance Fu - Replies (6)

These buffs last too short, and their debuffs too. So I'm requesting just a single round worth of bumping on their duration, plus an additional effect that stacks per use of Absolute Death/Fear/Pace that makes Kensei more fun imo. Working all the way up for a big secret finisher move like a true samurai should be.

Quote:Absolute Death
Base duration of Marked for Death should be increased to 2.

- (Rank 3) New Effect: Grants 'Resolve' to the Kensei for 5 rounds. (Resolve makes Kensei Combos inflict or stack Lingering Damage (Slash) with a LV of 15, for 3 rounds. Max LV = Kensei Level + 40.)

Quote:Absolute Fear
Base duration of all effects should be increased to 2.

- (Rank 3) New Effect: Grants 'Pressure' to the Kensei for 5 rounds. (Pressure makes any damage taken from any enemy (who is Feared or Hesitating), if not Evaded, become a Glancing Blow. Once per enemy, per Fear and per Hesitation on them, max. 2 times.)

Quote:Absolute Pace
Base duration of Battle Flow should be 5 rounds.

- (Rank 3) New Effect: Grants 'Intent' to the Kensei for 5 rounds. (Intent makes it so if an enemy inflicted with Battle Flow targets you while you have NO Momentum, you will nullify the attack, teleport to them and counter-attack with Kagekiri (Kensei Combo version). Once per enemy.)

Quote:Sheath Sword
Changed from 3M+ to 1M+
Changed from 5 SP to 3 SP
Quickdraw's bonus Hit and Damage changed to 10 per Rank.

- New Effect: If you are under the effects of Resolve, Pressure and Intent, and have Hidden Cut equipped, triggering Hidden Cut will instantly kill non-player, non-boss enemies; Otherwise it will deal bonus damage based on the enemy's missing HP (2.5% damage per 1% HP missing), afterwards the listed buffs will be removed and the enemy will be debuffed with 'Steadfast Mind' for 2 rounds. (Steadfast Mind prevents Sakki/Touki/Kenki to be inflicted on the unit for the duration.)

What do y'all think? This is the redone version of the latest with notable changes now that I could think more about it. Cricitism is welcome, and honestly if Boxer can be an NPC instakill class with such a linear build up that's now even more easier now due to Kragenfleur and Schwarz Sturm changes, why can't a class with a literal deadly sword and its only theme being based on killing things not?

It fixes the long coming request to have Kensei gaining its own finishing move, and I couldn't think of anything better than sheathing your sword and popping an enemy like a balloon.

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  Maker's Crown
Posted by: KitKatarine - 06-13-2022, 07:36 AM - Forum: Sigrogana - No Replies

[Image: YOiqGuy.png]

Maker's Crown Crafting
Your hub for innovation!

Located just off of Cellsvich's main walls, there's an area surrounded by some trees that has spawned a number of buildings. Hustle, bustle, and noise, this is Maker's Crown; a crafting hub open to the public to use at their leisure. 

Everyone, from professionals to novices and all those in between are welcome to practice their craft. It is free to use for all in the area. You may also peruse the wares from other talented crafters under the employ of the Crown - high quality wares that can't be found elsewhere. 

Flyers around each of the towns and cities in Sigrogana advertise this as the place to go to craft and have things crafted! So come down and see what you can create~

Additionally - flyers have been posted seeking talented individuals looking for a chance to advertise their services in Maker's Crown. All professions are welcome to apply!

((OOC notes: Hello yes it's KitKat here. Guess who finally knows what they wanna do with this friggin shop. If you're seeking employment, a level 6 crafter is required please, as well as a character that... warrants a level 6 crafter. Please. I would prefer people that are available at least an hour out of the week to put up an LFG. Very, very high requirements I know. Message me at KitKatarine#9578 if you're interested, and we can set up an IC interview. Maker's Crown is located to the northeast from the Cells Asago.

For directions, please look here: https://i.imgur.com/3kGo8gW.jpeg))

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  Maximum crafting skill level should not include Legend Ink
Posted by: KitKatarine - 06-13-2022, 07:22 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (3)

I'm not super articulate about these things but bear with me. 

Normally, when levelling up a crafting skill, you get a maximum of 9 levels to play with - equaling a maximum of 6 in one skill, and 3 in another, lesser skill. 

What I didn't know is that Legend Inks are taken into account with this, effectively removing two potential levels, making a maximum of 5(+1) in one skill, and 2(+1) in another. 

"But KitKat, you stupid moron, that's still maximum of 6 and a maximum of 3, so what the f*** is the problem?"

THE PROBLEM, is that Legend Inks are supposed to help ENHANCE the skills. By capping the skill at 2(+1) (as it is in my situation), I've essentially been cheated out of a level I would have had, if I hadn't put the stupid Legend Ink in the first place. 

"Well, that just sounds like an oversight on your part" <-- Shut.

Please, I would love to have it be a bonus. Give us our level 6(+1) and a level 3(+1).

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  Hyattr's abysmal fire breath
Posted by: Bryce_Hego - 06-10-2022, 06:14 PM - Forum: Balance Fu - Replies (8)

The last time I made a post on this forum was because Cinder tiles were devolving into a push/pull style meta that forced players to always come equipped with something to deal with it. Now Cinder tiles work as they always should of, but that does bring into question a race that seems to rely on making lots of said cinder tiles as it's magnum opus. Hyattr, as it stands, has a problem of not getting good enough damage and effects for the Momentum and FP they must use, as we'll discover in this post.

The Hyattr we're going to imagine here is level 60 and has 100 base fire attack, 60 scaled sanctity, both very high end numbers. They will have access to all the traits, and be using a maxed strong smelling ashes prayer.

We're also going to get a bit extreme, and assume the Hyattr is abusing Impure Element from Void Assassin to give 160 fire attack total and has no issues with an enemy mage ruining such which is wishful thinking.

Without using any of the channels, you must spend 3M and 50FP to perform 152 damage in a 5 range line...No cinder tiles are created. For far less investment, players can achieve much greater damage feats with Fir. If you used a fire breathing potion, 190 Fire damage, but still unimpressive. Using while airborne doesn't have much value since again, no cinder tiles and you won't go very far.

Okay, so maybe the problem is Hyattr were never intended to breath their fire without channeling first? After all, they aren't a Salamandra, which mind you, would be doing around 260 fire damage in the same set-up with a non-explosion crit, and only 10 FP. (They also don't require any sanctity investment or locking to a specific prayer tool)

So let's just use Channel Destruction by itself, bumping the M cost to 6M overall. Now we're doing 312 damage, 390 with a firebreath potion for 50FP. You're also finally getting range comparable to a Fir, with level 45 cinder tiles, which should in most scenarios be an extra 45 damage. Note: Fir only takes 3M and 20FP to do comparable damage.

We're still spending 50FP, we're still abusing Impure Element for ridiculous numbers. Salamandra can also compete and outperform with this damage merely by using their flame two times in a row and for less FP.

Well, surely, max traits, using Channel magic alongside it will make it worthwhile? After all, we refund 33FP and massively improve how much it can hit.

The end result being you're spending 9M and around 17FP for 392 Fire damage, 490 damage with the firebreath potion. Using the firebreath potion makes the set-up 12M for the first time, 9M only on repeats until it wears off.

But surely, the best benefit is that we're destroying lots of terrain, player made tiles and objects, right? You can also hit many people in a team fight and cover the land in your mildly impressive 45Lvl cinder tiles, don't forget flying a sly 10 Tiles across the field. Well, most players have a way to avoid walking directly over cinder tiles, it's possibly to glancing and evade the damage. Anyone with fire resistance or good DR isn't going to be too worried about that damage.

And moreover, in a 1v1, it's just not going to do nearly as much as a Salamandra popping their flame 3 times. You can be immune to or absorb Fire breath. Once again, Salamandra using the same set-up don't need sanctity to output more damage than a Hyattr.

I also find it strange just how reliant on the channels firebreath is. Without them, it's worse than any other fire move I can think of. With them, it becomes costy momentum-wise. You're also expected to have the traits, but I guess that's fine all things considered. Hyattr's only real stake over Salamandra is crowd control and a low tier flight. Unfortunately, Salamandra's explosion art not only gives them some bussin AoE, but allows them to utilize it on other fire attacks.

Another thing to note is any competent Evoker/VA can perform Charge Mind > Sear with impure element for an 9M powerful 650 damage and cinder tiles that are unfairly level 160 if unavoidable. (Once again, a set-up like this requires no investment in sanctity and only costed 44FP without efficiency talent, nor do you need to chug a Fire Breathing potion.)

Almost forgot, but Nerhaven Fir when a Mage has 120 SWA with their tome does the exact same damage as a quirked out destruction channel firebreath for half the momentum and FP.
100% SWA (120) + 120% Fire attack - Fir(3M, 20FP)
120 Damage + 120% Fire attack - Channel destruction > Firebreath with Maxed Ash Prayer (6M Total, 50FP)
Did I mention Nerhaven Fir can cover more ground and Nerhaven Explosion inflicts burns?

I'm more than open to hear the communities ideas on how Firebreath could be changed to less of a niche than it is now. I don't think it being a hybrid movement option in the air is a good enough discount, or it's ability to hit multiple targets when that's not always going to be useful since you may destroy ally objects.

Two ideas came to mind for me personally, neither of which I think should happen alongside the other.

1. was simply giving 50% of SWA to Firebreath's base damage. Salamandra flame has 100% SWA+Fire attack at all times and dramatically less FP cost, so why not? Channel destruction could increase the 50% SWA to 70% SWA. It's still a expensive FP/Momentum move and this makes it more viable with and without channels. I'm hesitant to say 100% base SWA but I don't think that's off the table either considering it's FP cost.

2. is having the momentum cost of Fire Breath decrease by 1 for each time you used a channel that round, allowing a 7M turn to blast it right out the gate, but this could be seen as a 50% increase in DPS cause of the action economy. I don't think it outperforms any other DPS builds, and the damage numbers above are still assuming you abuse a specific class benefit for maximized damage. It also kind of further enforces that you need channels, which I personally don't like.

Bonus: Channel magic can give 1 Burn Lvl per 4 Scaled Sanctity for 3 rounds. 60 sanctity as a mere 15 Burn wouldn't be so bad, would it?

Besides, 60 scaled sanctity Hyattr really isn't very viable with how many stats you'll need, including plenty of strength/willpower/skill, unless you intend to abuse luminary element to skim strength. If you do not build hard into fire breath, it's only viability becomes the niche situation of AoE damage you could get from explosion, some weakish cinder tiles, and destroying objects. To which, at that point, what does a Hyattr have? a worse flight than corbie? A weaker version of Evoker's Absorb power? A low tier str/will buff?

They don't have enough going on for them in my opinion to justify Fire Breath being like it is. 
As it stands, I'd rather pick Salamandra and simply RP one similarly to a Hyattr, with Skyburn accessory for psuedo flight. Not like you can't reason one having horns, a tail comes easy. Breathing fire? I'm sure you can reflavor your characters method of casting fire without much issue.

Firebreath should, unchanneled, be just as good if not outright better than Fir due to FP cost and sanctity investments.
Firebreath should, channeled, be worth the extra Momentum pumped into it, that could otherwise be used on more impressive fire techniques.

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