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Last Post: Fern
01-21-2022, 07:38 AM
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Posted by: Fern - 2 hours ago - Forum: The Great Six - No Replies

(Please read the following threads if you require more context on the House of Dreams.)
[Image: WxF5ApO.jpeg]

[Image: coollogo_com-80772572.png]
Rumors begin spreading telling of secret pathways in the House of Dreams opening up, allowing those that wish to test their own ability to enter the magical floors possessing the Obelisks. They are strange statues capable of seemingly 'replaying' memories, mainly that of battles that have been fought in the past. It is currently unknown who created them, only that Pandora has been collecting the statues and is willing to let others fight their contents for her own research.
Those that successfully defeat the difficult encounters will win ethereal coins known as Obelisk Medals, which allows them to duke it out against even tougher battles.
Obelisk Trials are now available. You can fight against some enemies from previous events or even more unique encounters in the Obelisk Floors located within the House of Dreams. It is not possible to activate them without the assistance of Pandora or any of her associates, so players will only be able to do them when an assisting eventmin or myself are available for it! (We'll usually let you know if we are.)
Obelisks are categorized based on their difficulty. Clearing a harder battle will reward you more badges, which let you do some trials locked behind a medal requirement.
Normal: 500 Obelisk Medals
Hard: 1000 Obelisk Medals
GMD: 2000 Obelisk Medals

Additionally, an IC scoreboard can be found within the first floor, where you can see how many medals have been earned by others! There are no injury or death risks for failing a trial, but it's worth noting you can only get the medal reward from an Obelisk once per character. Obelisks can be re-attempted or replayed as much as you'd like during the period where the trials are active. Be warned these encounters are meant to be hard! Also, more floors get added once in a while.
Lastly, in order to find the Obelisk Floors, you enter the bottom right pond after going inside the House of Dreams. Picture below:
[Image: unknown.png]

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  Racial Traits for NPC/adds.
Posted by: Snake - 5 hours ago - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (2)

Quote:Soulless Physique
A clear lack of blood, mind and spirit possessed by beings that are often manipulated by other forces.

Grants immunity to Poison, Confusion, Fear, Hesitation and Charm. Treated as a Boss monster for the purpose of immunities. (Additionally, "Bite skills" such as Banquet, Argent Bite, etc. will deal 50% less damage and their special effects will be nullified.)
This should be given to Machines, such as Engineer bots, Undead/Ghost enemies such as Bone Rex, Souls Tainted by Darkness, Ghost Dog, Headless Knights and more.

Quote:Extra Thiccness
This boy's big. Bigger than your arms can wrap around, or your force can shove about.

Grants immunity to Knockback and Draw-In effects, and Vydel's displacement. Cannot be targeted by Grapple. Reduces Move by 2.
This should be given to large enemies, such as Feathered Serpent, Ice Giant, Fenrirberus, etc. Perhaps some Ascended Youkai too.

Any more ideas of 'Dev Logic' that should be addressed through racials? Feel free to add here!

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  Face Icon Selector QoL stuff
Posted by: Snake - Yesterday, 03:07 PM - Forum: Quality-of-Life (QoL) - No Replies

A preference option where you can input the X and Y of a Face Icon Selector's length and height, so people with smaller screen, or in odd corners of the map can decide the size by themselves rather than being subject to the current 7x5.

A preference option where the Face Icon Selector becomes a pop-up like Inventory or 'Orange Box' rather than snapped to the character, that can be dragged around and closed with an X.

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  Headshot is weird
Posted by: adamkad1 - 01-21-2022, 04:57 PM - Forum: Balance Fu - Replies (1)

So yeah, headshot is weird. Its decently powerfull but apparently balanced by that it cant be used on a large selection of mobs. It can also be confusing too. For some reason, you can use it on a seeker flame (where does that thing even have a head?), but not a mirror knight (It doesn't use a headless sprite, so why does he have no head?).
I would suggest changing the name to 'Vital shot' or something and just letting it be used on any monster. It wouldn't be too strong but it would be so much more reliable.

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  The Lazarus Shard
Posted by: Fern - 01-21-2022, 07:38 AM - Forum: The Great Six - No Replies

[Image: e7ae78def8f827f17f5b82f268590957.png]
Lazarus Shard

Most people across the world always have something they wish for, whether it's something as simple as new clothes or a birthday present. However, there are people that wish for things far, far more ambitious than that. People that will go extreme lengths to fulfill the goals they have, no matter their moral grounds.

Traveler tales speak of a man-sized, rift-shaped 'mirror entity' attached to the ground with gnarly-jagged glowing crystals. Small flowers surround the mirror constantly blooming and dying. This surreal artifact is known as the Lazarus Shard, an item rumored to be able to grant wishes to whoever it deems worthy of it.
Though, since there's no evidence of such thing existing, most people that have heard of it believe it just to be simply that - a fantasy tale to entertain others willing to sit and have a listen. Still, there are those that have faith in the existence of it, for better or worse. And they go through great lengths in order to search for it.
The Lazarus Shard is said to be hidden somewhere in the world, waiting to be awakened and grant a new wish.

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  The Passing of Wilson Alsworth
Posted by: Skullcatrons - 01-20-2022, 02:56 AM - Forum: Lordwain - No Replies

[Image: Funeral.png]

Planned time:
January 21, 3:30 to 4:30 PM EST
January 22, 8:00 to 9:00 PM EST

Location of funeral:
Ivory Monastery,
Lispool (Northern-eastern corner)
[Image: unknown.png]

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  [2.54b] Unbreakable pillars
Posted by: adamkad1 - 01-19-2022, 12:39 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

Rock pillars (Like the ones from warding rune) cant be broken (Atleast if they are made by an ally). If you try to attack one, you will flash like you do when going for attack but then nothing will happen. Literally. No attack, no damage, no debug text or anything.

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  Make Ladder Climb Please
Posted by: FaeLenx - 01-19-2022, 10:09 AM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

[Image: 1IEpAhF.png]

In sewer.

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  Bounty hunt - church knight impostor
Posted by: lalchi - 01-18-2022, 01:57 PM - Forum: Sigrogana - No Replies

Reports coming from different small town situated on Sigrogana warned the empire of numerous  civilian victims who have crossed the path of a dangerous man.
That criminal seems to wear the armor and blade of a church knight, which explains how he may have deceived the victims.

While an investigation is made to find the killer’s location, the empire wants it to be dealt with before the church knights and the Mercala church gets involved on this.
However the criminal has already shown to be thought as multiple attempts by guards as resulted in failure.
The empire encourages adventurers and mercenary to take part to one last attempt of the capture or elimination of the impostor.

The people involving themselves in that conflict will be awarded for their efforts if the mission come to success.

[Event will start with a minimum of 4 players, A maximum of 8 if more are interested to take part in. Although, be aware, if a second group is made, they will have to wait for their turn.

It’s a rather small event to mark my first one. Expect 2 to 4 hours, maybe more if there’s a second group,]

*Tag of interest:
Sigrogana, Mercenary, Mercala, Church knight, Mallus, Boss event.

Boss difficulty : Normal*

Slot : 4(8)/4(8)

DATE OF EVENT : 29 January. 6/7 PM EST
DM me ON DISCORD to take a slot.


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  Vampire's Rework issues
Posted by: Snake - 01-17-2022, 07:55 PM - Forum: Balance Fu - Replies (16)

Vampire's Sanguine Crest form is not really strong enough to justify the drawbacks. I believe this race needs a few tweaks to become something people can at least consider for RP reasons.

Good things about Vampire at the moment:
- Being able to grief your allies with Confusion, because haha funni.
- Being able to freely dish out Titan Gale to allies with Confusion.

Bad things about Vampire at the moment:
- Base racial numbers that completely force them to be mages or bust.
- Biting enemies will cause you to lose a beneficial buff if they have a trait that has no requirements and a pathetic drawback of -10% status resistance. (Cursed Blood)
- Biting a Glykin will make you take a whopping 60 Light damage and not generate essence.
- Biting an enemy requires a Hit check, and can be subjected to Evade or Glancing Blow, nullifying the effects.
- Biting an enemy is a clear signal that you're a Vampire, because you can't cover that bite as something else like Poison Bite or Argent Bite. It has the bold and gold-shiny name "BANQUET" on it.
- Sanguine Crest, while a good way to hide a Vampire's vampiric side, offers no real significant boons for a Vampire and only serves as a gun pointed at the Vampire's skull if they want to use Lunar Lunatism. The stat bonuses are so incredibly insignificant while subjected to diminishing returns, you'd think you are shooting yourself on the foot. Because now you're 100% subjected to a massive healing reduction and Holy weakness at full force.
- Lunar Lunatism has too many requirements, and one is chained to a mechanic that by itself is full of problems by default. Its dependence on Sanguine Crest severely hinders how a Vampire can roleplay having it enough of someone and removing their masquerate. How things go when a Vampire decides to go all out? "oh hol' up a second, lemme bite you so I can be spooky and evil". Come on, man...
- Due to being the only race that has significant less healing from magical sources for having their kit used, they require a large HP pool. And guess what happens when "Large HP pool" meets "Poison Menov's Fang"?
- Holy weakness makes them fold like wet paper before anyone with a secondary weapon on their Item Belt.
- They're always OOCly bullied. All it takes is a metagamer to look at you doing something with your race for them to spread to the whole community and a half that you are a Vampire. Because it's just that easy to blow up the cover.
- For being 'immortal' ICly, but having their drawback apparently being a bad combatant is not really the way here. It limits people's creativity to make use the race for their own storybuilding. If 'immortality' is broken ICly, fix through lore, not by making the race under perform when compared to flipping HUMANS, who are the baseline of SL2. Like, come on man.

Possible band-aid solutions, I.E just buff the race a little bit and call it a day without utter breaking it again:
- Sanguine Crest grants +4 STR, WIL, SKI, CEL, DEF, as a base bonus. So it does not get subject to diminishing returns.
- Lunar Lunatism should grant Sanguine Crest, and have its only condition be needing your Essence above 100.
- Silvermists heals 8% of your maximum HP along its own heal, removes Poison and grants immunity to it for 2 rounds.

Long-term solutions to the bad stuff:
- Cursed Blood needs to be more hindering to the person who picked that trait, like for example, making them lose Maximum HP% or something like that. It's too 'free' a way to ruin a Vampire player's day.
- A way to get Vampires going around Glykins and Holy, be it through equipment, potions, certain conditions or traits. Meeting brick walls on your gameplay that you can't get around it is not fun at all.
- Give us some form or way to masquerade our Banquets as other racials, or straight up use other racials but instead of their bonus effects, it's just banquet's effects. Like for example, a trait that allows us to use a "Fake" Poison Bite, which works as Poison Bite, but doesn't Poison the enemy, instead it gives you some reduced Essence due to your trickery.
- Make their Immortality work another way, lore-wise, if that's the sole justification of why they should be underpowered mechanically.
- Their healing reduction sometimes ruins team play and makes your Priest sad OOCly that they can't do their job while you're around. And there were once situations where you're a Priest, and your party is composed of 3 Vampires. And all Vampires just keel over and die pathetically because you can't keep them alive. That 'healing reduction' should have a small compensation, like "Reduces Healing by X, but that extra is converted into FP and Essence." or "Converted into a Regeneration LVX for 3 rounds". I don't know if this is plausible but at least 'something'.

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