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  Shibe's Icons Thingimajig.
Posted by: Tamaki-Kun - 2 hours ago - Forum: Submissions - No Replies

Hey, I've dabbled in pixel art a fair bit now, and figured I might as well make more hairstyles. This is the only one I've made so far and was going to make more, but I'm occupied with other things at the moment! I will be adding onto it in this thread, though!

P.S.: This is a very simple but I think very needed hairstyle please add.

(I was confused why the attachment wasn't adding so I deleted the thread and started over oops.)

The Buzzcut.
[Image: unknown.png]

Attached Files
.rar   Buzz_Cut.rar (Size: 497 bytes / Downloads: 0)
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  [EVENT] Birds of Prey
Posted by: Fern - 8 hours ago - Forum: Adventure Log - No Replies

(This is related to the Black Falcon event line.)

I exclaimed to all the people standing before me without an ounce of hesitation. I do not recall ever feeling what people call fear, so this has always felt very simple to do for me. I've heard that the person I used to be did this sort of thing all the time anyway. Maybe I've just got a natural talent for parties like this.
"Yes sir!"
The hordes of soldiers nigh-simultaneously salute with obvious discipline in their behavior. They've been trained to obey and give their best ever since they've joined us. Of course they'd not fail something as simple as a salute, and an expression of acknowledgement.
Silence falls upon the land of dirt surrounding us for only a few moments. I raise my voice as loud as I can, the excitement flowing through my body and heart only assisting the task.
"Rejoice! We will soon enact our long-term plan to destroy the empire of Elias Erachial… the empire of Sigrogana! Our strength shall not falter, and our might will vanquish the life of the imperial trash! We will deliver to them a fear their souls will never forget!"
Merely speaking his name makes me feel like I'm about to lose my mind.
Ever since I had awakened from my slumber and had been found, I felt that seething hatred towards his miserable face. I was unsure why or when I started feeling that way, I just knew I wanted to tear him apart and prevent him from ever breathing again. It was as if the hatred was deeply ingrained into my soul in spite of my supposed memory loss.
They always say that my kind, the "Shaitans" are all insane. Yet I've always thought that I am right in feeling this way towards him. I have always believed that I am doing the right thing, that expressing my burning desire for revenge is true justice. Even if I had not remembered anything about the person I used to be, I just knew I was right about something I didn't understand at all.
Even so, my past, and the reason I have this ardent emotion within me was eventually revealed to me by someone that claimed to be my family. He gave me evidence, he acted kind towards me, and he offered me his hand. Even though I couldn't recall ever meeting him before, my heart felt inclined to trust him.
It was likely something I always used to do before I became what I am right now. I'm a monster to the empire and likely other kinds of people as well. After all, those who cause bloodshed tend to be called just that. A monster.
Sometimes, I wonder if it's a bad thing that I feel no remorse over what I'm doing. I'm still unable to say that I know what remorse is. That I know what guilt is. It's all mysterious to me.
"Glory to the Crimson King!"
I watch those that work under me cheer with excitement, fully supporting me once more.
These feelings of mine burn in ways that I still feel I don't understand. Despite everything, this feels like the right thing to me. And if I'm a monster for doing the right thing...
[Image: AMkGiMi.png]
Then so be it.

There will be several battles between the Black Falcon and the Empire in the Sigrogana continent. This will happen in January 29th, Friday 5 PM EST.
Many areas across the land will become warzones. There will be many enemies, as well.
This is a large-scale public PVE event.
Please look forward to it! 

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  [2.38b] Daisangen failure.
Posted by: Tamaki-Kun - Yesterday, 10:08 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

Daisangen doesn't give its stat bonuses when you're installed with a dragon-type youkai. Tested with Seiryuu, Chun, Haku, and Hatsu. Not sure if it gives the stat bonus to the Youkai itself or not.

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  Chasing Angels - Aftermath
Posted by: Fern - Yesterday, 03:05 AM - Forum: Sigrogana - No Replies

It was an ordinary day in Cellsvich. A crowd had been gathered and enjoyed themselves, in addition to a pair of guards. It was only a matter of time until it would all change for the worse however.
The crowd learned of gossip between teenagers speaking of an "angel" fleeing from "men in black with white masks" being last seen in territory near the Nameless Shrine. For better or worse, the group took interest in checking it out...
... only to find a pack of Imperial soldiers scattered across the area, dead.
[Image: 1.PNG]
A Black Falcon squadron had been in the middle of a skirmish against Imperial troops and led them into a trap, resulting in their deaths. The newcomers arrived only recently after it had happened, encountering the henchmen and disposing of them with haste. However...
[Image: 2.PNG]
They soon found the leader behind that squadron, a Raven Wing of the Black Falcon known as Scavenger. The enemy had expressed interest in searching for a "Heron" that supposedly took priority over them. Those that fought valiantly managed to stall him just enough for the so-called "Angel" to escape those pursuing her.
Why would a terrorist organization that seeks to dethrone the emperor search to eliminate a Heron? And what is a Heron doing on Sigrogana grounds?
Only time will tell. It seems the "war" between Black Falcon and the Empire might begin escalating, if this omen is of any indication.

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  Carmine - Ability interpertation & Flight App
Posted by: RoboCat - 01-25-2021, 12:52 PM - Forum: Character Applications - Replies (1)

Applicable BYOND Key - HoboCat
Character Name - Carmine Tamanaka
Request Type - Ability interpertation

Request Details -  It's the request to have youkai shapeshift with and control my character's old mechanation frames. There's no mechanical benefits being requested. I also added the simpler flight application to this one, since the reasoning is simple.

Reason why you are making this request (if applicable) -
Youkai+ Mechanation frames - I'm mostly requesting this one because I think it'd be cool, and basically plan to roleplay them like they're kuroko's possessed corpses from the anime: Akame Ga Kill. It's also apart of my character testing to see if they'd be stronger than normal youkai. I'd use a youkai regalia to show it. I'd also use this rp in the eventual use of the engineer class.

Flight - For travel and so that I can roleplay my character making their way to public events faster. It would also be nice to write them being helpful with the ability to fly.

Roleplay & Lore supporting your request - 
Possessed Mech Frames - I don't have any logs, but from the start my character has been a cabal mech magician, summoner and researcher looking for more safe and direct ways to study the spaces outside of the in-game dimension; namely the void. The stuffing youkai into mechanation frames is based on the soul chains grand summoner skill and the shapeshifter class. They're not exactly open about it, mostly because the only line they don't cross in the study is their own safety.

Flight - Carmine is a masterful magician that was literally made to learn, cornicle and test ways of manipulating focus and alternative energies through magic, through various upgrades and update to their various frames over the years their capability to that has grown. The elements they've always taken a liking to have been wind and earth. With the efficiency of their wind magic and the focus they take in through the air, I think they would be able to sustain themselves in a focused high-altitude flight for relatively prolonged periods of time.

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  Alternative Progression/Loot system
Posted by: Shujin - 01-25-2021, 09:08 AM - Forum: Suggestions - No Replies

I have often looked at SL2 and have been pretty unhappy with how the progression system works, or well where it doesn't work.

I feel work in a character should be rewarded, to motivate people to stick to said character but SL2 has two things where progression boils down to.

1.) Level cap 60, which is eaisly reached (a bit longer if you plan to LE but its not a huge difference.)
2.) random RNG with loot that is also skipable via friends trading it to you.

While a level cap raise might bring its on share of problems, I thought Equipment might be the better thing to tackle and at the same time, make a grind less frustrating.

Final Fantasy 14 does it, and its frankly a great system for casual and hardcore players alike.

Boss Tokens:
 Keep the loot system as it is, but add a special NPC somewhere that trades specific Boss Tokens(untradeable) for the 10* items or other rare drops they might have. For example:

Necromancer: Always drops one Necromancer Token. Even if you are unlucky and beat him..Lets say 50 times, without ever dropping his 10* you got 50 Tokens. You can use those fifty Token at said NPC and just trade it, fair and square. You worked for it, so you deserved it! but there is also still the chance you drop it randomly and save yourself the Tokens, so mayhaps he could also sell something else for those token? Maybe crafting material (rotwood?) or other things that are not entirely easy to get by.

This way the staff isn't the only thing you grind him for, and you don't have to pray to RNGesus alone.

the 50 tokens were an example and the exact number is up for debate.

If all bosses have an equivalent to that, it becomes much more reasonable to grind for something and we could add a new tier of items/Equipment all together.

I think all bosses lv45+ could drop atleast 1, maybe 2 on levels 80+. it would also serve as an alternative material grinding chance. 

Higher Rarity Items (Untradeable):
Following the above system of working for you shit, on a specific character, we could add items or crafts that purposefully stronger than 10* for example. 11*+ items, with the golden stars turning red. 

Since they are untradeable, you will always only get them on the Character you worked them up for. Higher raid tier bosses could have differnt strength items and the whole game could progress, without touching the level cap, but instead getting higher tier equip with work, similar to FF14 Item Level system.

I am not going to work that out here, but I think having things like that would make both: The game funner in the long run in the progression area and make things more fairly acquired.

Taking a page from successful games might be a good idea.

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  v.2.38 [EVENT TOOLS] Monster Editor Attack Range does nothing
Posted by: Fern - 01-25-2021, 07:09 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

[Image: jzx1s0B.png]

The Attack Range variable in the monster editor does not actually change the monster's attack range, or do anything else from what I can tell.

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  v.2.38b Intro Regalia Not Showing (w/ Redtail?)
Posted by: BillgeeDreamer - 01-25-2021, 06:55 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

I've been attempting to use the Intro Regalia for a while now, knowing that it is a relatively new item as well. I play a Redtail, and it seems none of the style seeds I've bought show up. While it could be my sample size is too small and these are seeds that just don't work with Intro Regalia, I'm finding it a little weird that the others I've heard about are fine. I've seen Explosion on a Mechanation, and heard about someone else being able to use Swap Position.

A list of the seeds that haven't worked so far, of which I'll update if it happens to be problems with individual seeds:

Acid Rain
Sacred Prism
Howl and Haunt
God Ray
Purple Lightning Bolt

and potentially others that I've sold/gave away.

I'll see about trying the other seeds that I've seen/heard work and update accordingly.

Update: Seems to have fixed itself? Either it was working before and I never noticed it, or it's recently fixed itself, but the Intro Regalia works - it's just if the animation happens to be short, then it gets caught in the lag of starting a fight, which is why things like Explosion and Swap Position work well with their long animations. Unsure if I should mark solved on this yet or not, since I'm still unsure what happened.

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  [Monk] Inaccessible Skies
Posted by: Spoops - 01-24-2021, 05:27 AM - Forum: Balance Fu - Replies (2)

Monk currently cannot get to the skies in an efficient manner by itself, Crane Hop currently costs 2m which makes it so that you are left with 2m when you use sky chariot to knock someone down with it, often leading into the waste of a potential action.

Instead of needing to rely on an accessory slot to get airborne I would rather Monk have airborne baked into its kit somehow that isn't Dragon Gale (Given only characters with CEL can utilize it, and air shafts are predictable and easy to play around), some suggestions in where to put airborne would include:

-Backflip, causing the last flip to launch you airborne
-Crane Hop being reduced to 1m again, in turn gaining a 2 round cooldown

Either of these would allow monk to use Sky Chariot in an effective manner again, without needing to run external classes or accessories.

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  v.2.38b Smoke Screen from Spellthief Oversight
Posted by: Fern - 01-23-2021, 11:12 PM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

[Image: ERDItdZ.png]

The skill description states the smoke can't be seen through, but smoke was changed to be see-through a while ago. It just needs rephrasing to fit the new smoke.

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