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  Dark Bard Weapon Durability
Posted by: caliaca - 9 hours ago - Forum: Balance Fu - Replies (1)

It sucks.

Running through 29 durability in a Medis fight, not killing it cause of reboot, and ending with 0 durability is prettty unpleasant.

I think, in general, being able to eat through 3+ durability per turn as a Dark Bard lets you get fucked on durability pretty easily, especially since things like trickery procs of Crazy Rift take 2 durability and additional pyrotechnics FP.

A lot of things from other classes don't take durability when using them as skills, I won't list out what does and doesn't but essentially everything in Dark Bark does and this can mean you run through your weapon's durability in prolonged fights really fast, and all means that while farming you can actually break your weapon while most other classes can get by based off stuff not eating durability and weapon repairing talents.

I'm not asking for Dark Bard's songs to take 0 durability or something like that. I'd prefer it that way cause i think durability in general is not something other classes even have to engage with outside of rustic or desperado striker shit, but maybe a Galdr talent that stops songs from using durability up to SR * .10 percent, 50% reduction at max talent.

(Yes I'm totally making this thread after timing out a fight of Medis cause my weapon broke.)

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  White Prison
Posted by: Shujin - 06-04-2023, 10:10 PM - Forum: Balance Fu - Replies (3)

A little Lackluster in its current state. 

I propose a little change to it, that it also blocks Projectiles similar to waterwall. The line-of-sight mechanic is a doubled edged sword and I doubt it warrants to be its "Identity" on its own, as it has very little tactical applications on its own.

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  Lantern Bearer's Lantern Bearing
Posted by: CuteRedCrab - 06-04-2023, 11:14 AM - Forum: Balance Fu - Replies (2)

As a class focused on using different kinds of elements, primarily through the use of Lantern Flame spells, the amount of points needing to spend to max out only one is far too much. Coupled with the resistance passives or other passives one would likely get, it leaves you with four, maybe in some cases only three Lantern Flame spells to choose from that are max rank. This makes Lantern Bearer a very limited class for what it's supposed to be.

I think that changing all the Lantern Flame spells from rank 5 to rank 3 would be appropriate, with the scaling as follows:

Rank 1: 30 FP, 80% Elemental ATK, 100% Scaled WPN ATK
Rank 2: 26 FP, 100% Elemental ATK, 100% Scaled WPN ATK
Rank 3: 22 FP, 120% Elemental ATK, 100% Scaled WPN ATK

And with the following changes made to certain Lantern Flame spells to accomodate this change:

Unleash the flames of a volcanic spirit from your lantern, engulfing all enemies within 3 Range and dealing Fire magic damage to them.  It can also inflict Burn LV X 1+(3*Rank) for 3 rounds on those enemies.

Unleash a shockwave from your lantern, staggering all enemies within 3 Range and dealing Earth magic damage to them. All enemies damaged are also Magnetized for 2 rounds (LV = 5*Rank, but may be stronger/weaker based on distance).

Releases a gust of wind from the king of the skies, dealing Wind magic damage to all enemies within 3 Range and knocking them back (+1 tile at Ranks 2 and 3). If a knocked back enemy is Airborne, they are also Knocked Down.

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  [v2.73d] Whirlwinds are not on your side
Posted by: SolAndLuna - 06-04-2023, 09:40 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - Replies (2)

Again, fairly simple one this time - The Coastal Squall (and presumably, other tomes like it) amplifies damage done with certain elements. While it does do so correctly with usual spells, like Evoker or Aquamancer, it doesn't seem to work at all in the case of youkai evokes.

Given that the exact wording on the tome's description is "+UL% Power to Aquarian Spells (Halved if not main weapon.);+UL% Power to Sylphid Spells (Halved if not main weapon.)", this doesn't seem like an intentional function of the tome, seeing as there is no other conditional in the description.

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  Ghost Innate : Reap'n Sow
Posted by: Ray2064 - 06-04-2023, 07:04 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (4)

Here'd be some actual Ghost Axe support, even if minimal under the form of a passive -

Reap'n Sow : I can't really come up with a cool description but here's how it'd work :

If using an Axe/Scythe weapon, upon absorbing Claret Call from a target, you gain a passive lasting 5 rounds called Reap'n Sow , though it can be refreshed by repeating the process. For each Claret Call LV, you gain a Reap'n Sow level.
It'd lower enemy CE by LV (With the cap being 10+ Rising Game LV*3)

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  Yin/Yang spelledge buff
Posted by: caliaca - 06-03-2023, 03:53 AM - Forum: Balance Fu - Replies (5)

Yin and Yang are famously not very good with their split scaling and mediocre skill in double dao. There's already been a lot of suggestions to buff double dao (which should happen) or maybe change their scalings (which I don't think is a good idea).

Instead, I'd offer- if Yin and Yang are both equipped, the one in your main hand gains spelledge for their respective domain.

That is to say, if you are duel wielding them and have Yang in your main hand, you can now cast Mercala domain spells. If you have Yin in your main hand and are duel wielding you can now cast Huegesson domain spells.

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  Haunting is not a teleport
Posted by: Lolzytripd - 06-02-2023, 10:27 AM - Forum: Balance Fu - Replies (4)

that's it, all there is, I wanted to make it a bug report but I wasn't sure...

Now first you should ask why this matters, but I'd like to point out two things, Grapple and Eclair.

You can blink and use eclair, you teleport to a void gate and eclair, you can swap position and eclair.

but if you move, you can't eclair, sidecut, ect.

You can't haunting and eclair....I want to haunting and eclair.

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  Gela meia war delay
Posted by: Lolzytripd - 06-02-2023, 02:15 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

I'm not going to point fingers as I have no idea or care where the blame lies, but the delay is honestly starting to reach a length I feel is a bit unnecessary and unacceptable.

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  [v.2.7.3d] Blubber Body Cinder Tiles
Posted by: Pyro - 05-31-2023, 09:17 AM - Forum: Bug Reports - No Replies

When a Tusker walks over your cinder tiles and takes fire physical damage and you happen to be within Blubber Body's range, you get pushed.

[Image: QSeN4ip.gif]

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  Blubber Body Enchant / 10*
Posted by: Pyro - 05-31-2023, 05:25 AM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (11)

Hello friends.

From the depths of Castle Geladyne I present my concoction.

The blubber body enchant. For Torsos.

Lump of Fat

A lump of fat collected from a Walrus. It's a little oily to the touch, but it doesn't seem to rot or lose its density.

On torso slots, grants the user the Blubber Body effect. Blubber Body causes enemies dealing physical damage within 1 range to be knocked back 1 tile. Blubber Body can only trigger once per round.

Or I guess we could have it as a 10-star item.

Armor of the North
A torso comprised of wolf pelts and a layer of walrus fat between it all. It's heavy, but you get the feeling it'll provide some decent protection.

Light Torso
Material: Cloth
Armor: 7
Magic Armor: 7
Weight: 20
Evade: 0

Increases weight by UL/2. Increases blunt resistance by UL*.5%.
Above 30 BW: Grant Blubber Body effect. Blubber Body causes enemies dealing physical damage within 1 range to be knocked back 1 tile. Blubber Body can only trigger once per round.

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