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Commonwealth of Heim (Anubite Clan)
-- And there he stood, front and center of The Brave Pirate Inn & Tavern. Stereotypical, weathered planks of nailed wood composed this establishment's facade; faded azure color peeled off in chunks. The girth on such a place overwhelmed its ancient entrance. It could house several dozens of drunken sailors in one evening and then some. Which its owner probably did daily, considering how heavy these seedy vibrations leaked out. Those in their right minds would do a complete turn-around to avoid any sort of potential confrontation. Admittedly, there were the courageous souls who completely shove aside warning signs in lieu of fairly-priced drinks and a cute girl in their lap.

Stepping inside, possibly expecting rowdy attendants, failed to meet apprehensions once crossing the threshold. Where were all of the swashbuckling buccaneers cheering on pretty, dancing ladies? Not that it was empty; gaggles of patrons sat at designated tables, being uncharacteristically quiet and subdued. One spot would be occupied by two elves surrounded by a party of various sorts. They seemed to be deeply engrossed in some sort of card game. Maybe it's that Yen-Ten game people continue to talk about. Either way, most of them reeked of strong alcohol and were openly armed, which only furthered suspicious undertones.

There was a burly leporidae man stationed behind the counter. Ignoring all visual indicators of this male's violent past, he looked to be the friendliest. Floppy, rabbit ears somehow offset those scars and missing eye. He glared over at whoever entered through the doors with glass and cloth in hand. Gruff vocals called out over the dimmed hummings of other visitors. "What'll ya have, stranger?"
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