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Gentlemans Literature Special Ft. Natasha De la Rue
In this seasons edition, we are happy to announce that we managed to get an exclusive Interview with the one and only

Natasha De la Rue!
A special for her Birthday:
[Image: New-Bitmap-Image.png]
Along with a few spicy shots, they are a must-have for every Fan and Hater alike!
Moderator: "Hello and welcome to our studio, Miss De la Rue. Thank you so much for giving us the chance for an exclusive interview, after your long Hiatus!"

Natasha: "Oh of course, thank you so much for having me. It has been quite some time, since I last featured anywhere! Things have been a little shaky on my end as many might have noticed and heard about."

Mod: "Quite so! Ever since the tensions between Geladyne and Meiaquar, back then when your father had been Don, you have basically vaporized in thin air! Your fans were quite worried, and many people were even questioning if you ever would return. Can you tell us what happend, that made to decide to step down for so long?"

Natasha: "Uff, thats quite a big one right off the bat. As many know or have atleast heard, there were some tensions between Meiaquar and Geladyne, something about issues about the border and the place back then named Beggers Hole. Geladyne didn't want them at their border as they saw them as Criminals, and Meiaquar thought it was their land so it was within their rights to . So a dispute broke out between them and it looked like they were aiming to fight it out.

I am not a huge fan of violence, as many know. And I attempt to hold a natural stance between all the nations even though I obviously have places I like to be more in than others. At the time, I was touring and staying inside Geladyne and planning a big show to fund a Charity initiative regarding Korvaras global health. I was even allowed a special room inside the castle just for me, as a guest room in which I reside to this very day.
Needless to say is, that I managed to get to know many people from Geladyne. From Big wigs, to the small everyday Privits. I made many friends and managed to understand their philosophy from experiencing it firsthand. And I obviously knew my Papa, Henrik Di Ferranto. My heart was quite torn when I saw the conflict between the two, while I knew there was most certainly some sort of misunderstanding happening. People like to paint the Geldanyians as some sort of heartless Monsters and Warmongers. But thats simply not the truth. They are a strong and prideful nations, yes. They want to be seen as such and respected for it. But if they had no mind behind their muscle, Korvara would be looking alot different than it does today. Sometimes they just feel like they need to make a power move, when people keep dancing on their noses with no consequences, and back then a lot of people did, so I feared for the worst."

"Certainly a scary thought! So knowing all of this, what did you decide to do? There were some quite persistent rumors that you attempted to assassinate your father to stop the war from happening. Do you have any insight on that?"

Natasha: *frowns deeply* "Yeah, I have heard of that rumor. I can assure you however that there is no truth behind it, as I am sure any person that can connect the dots will be able to say, after hearing what happened. So! Basically what I set on in my mind was to be the piece between Geladyne and Meiaquar to negotiate with. I send Papa a letter and invited him to Geladyne. Him and his Wife alone, with no guards. I asked of him to trust me, as I promised him that there would be no harm coming his way. Then we had dinner together with the Austung and Premier Reiter, so we could talk things out. While that talk could have went better overall, the end results seemed that each side understood one another a little better and we parted ways again, no harm brought to either side. Things were however still progressing towards conflict so I decided, with the permission of the Austung, to go speak to Papa face to face at his estate and tell him to cease this madness." *Natasha took a sip of water to wet her throat before she continued to share her experiences*

"So inside Henrik's office, it was just me, him and the..I believe an executive officer? Scary woman! Shouldn't mess with them. We talked and I told Henrik that he needs to stop as it would harm Meiaquar way more than it could bring any benefit, not to mention all the suffering and bloodshed..And I was quite convinced if it came to blows, that Geladyne would come out ontop victorious, they simply have more experience and I didn't want to see any of my friends from Meiaquar OR Geladyne die for it. Or Papa himself. Henrik is known for having quite a temper, so he didn't really listen to me at all, instead, he claimed that I was brainwashed by Geladyne to say these things, and ordered his executive officer to throw me in Jail. At that point I had the choice to either let myself be thrown in there and possibly be used as some sort of bargain chip or worse...Or I could attempt to flee, through the window. I choose the latter, however, my flee attempt didn't go so well against such skilled fighters that control the void." *she said with and slightly embarrassed chuckle* "So I was forced to stand my ground and fight myself out. And I managed after a hard-fought battle. With both Papa and the Officer defeated on the ground, I said my farewells and with shattered body and heart alike escaped through the window and as fast as possible away before they shut down the gates."

Mod: "Thats...Quite the story. Hard to believe that you managed to defeat not one but two people, aswell. You certainly do not look like you could fight against any seasoned warriors, let alone come out on top! What happened then?"

Natasha: "Y-yeah I guess I do look a little fragile, and I kinda am. But I am not famous for no reason. I also had the chance to train along the Geladynes during some War simulation games, which certainly did help me! Also why I was so certain that Geladyne would come out on top! They had many strong fighters. Anyway! I fleed back to Geladynes borders where the Zivilseher happened to find my wounded self and assisted me, Thanks for that again should you read this, and from there on information only reached me over others but, apparently Papa then claimed that I attempted to assassinate him, because...I don't know what he was thinking? Kinda doesn't make sense that I tried to do that, won my fight against him, and left both of them back mostly unharmed... So at least in Geladyne, everyone knew pretty quickly what kind of nonsense that was. The rest of Korvara? Well, the rumor did hold out pretty stubbornly! I can at least say, that it's just another tragedy that happened during a series of sad events."

"Wow, That does sound quite...Heavy hitting. I assume that Henrik did step down not long after that? What is your relationship with Him now? Do oyu hate him now? What is your relationship with your hometown Meiaquar and its people, after all of this?"

Natasha: "Yes, it wasn't long after this that Henrik retired. And my relationship with him? No, I do not hate him, far from it. I love him, he has done a lot in my life for me, and if it wasn't for him first helping me when I was still on the streets, I would never be where I am today, probably. Besides that, he has always been kind to me. Like a true loving father. Gave me a family in form of his wife and Bruno. There is no way I could ever hate him. But he did break my heart that day, and I haven't really talked to him ever since. Maybe one day." *she said with a brief smile and continued* "About Meiaquar! Of course, I still love it as my hometown, however, I am uncertain about it! I do not know what they actually think of me now after all of that, if they believe the whole traitor nonsense or if they simply hate me because I decided to live in Geladyne now. I still have some friends in Meiaquar, but I am not sure if I am actually welcome there. I just assumed that I am not." She said and shrugs cluelessly

"Thats quite unfortunate. Lets hope that those uncertainties will sort themselves out sooner or later. So now that you are finally back, what are your plans? Do you have set your sight on anything specific?"

Natasha: "I do hope so too, but I also believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, regardless of how true or false it is. I do not need to be liked by everyone, all I need to do is attempt to do the right thing for the whole of Korvara. Eventually, the right people will see that my intentions are well-meaning and that's all that matters. As for my plans, I will accept contracts once again but do plan to start low profile once more. Maybe some songs at some Inns or pubs, maybe aid some when they travel through the dangerous parts of Korvara? So no, I haven't set my mind on anything specific, but if anyone has a Charity project they want to tackle I might give that a go."

Mod: "Well that sounds great! I am certainly excited to see you coming back and excited for the coming shooting! This is your first time right? Any final words?"

"I am excited to see all the different people of Korvara once more again! Its always fun to perform for you guys, and see that my songs make you feel something. And is this my first time posing for Gentleman Literature? Yes it is! But I did pose as a Bikini model before, so thats not too different...I think?" 

"Well! in terms of what you will be wearing, its probably similar! Alas, I think thats it for the Interview! Thanks once more!

Natasha:" Sure! Anytime! Thank you too! Have a wonderful day everyone!"

The pages among the usual suspects, featured Natasha De la Rue in various poses and barely clad outfits, albeit no real "Gentlemanly" details were exposed!  

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