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Devourer of Munch Appreciation Thread
Maybe it's just me going through a nostalgic phase right now and trying to get back into SL2.
But the past 14 years of playing your games, for better or worse, have been a wild ride.

All starting with Mitadake High (And by extension SL1 not a few weeks later), in my high school years. (Not including a years worth of SS13 prior).
I was playing Sigrogana Legends before I ever even touched D&D, or any other TTRPG, and it has deeply affected my introduction into roleplaying and the genre.

So thank you big man, keep doin' what you're doing. 

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Dev is a pretty great guy. SL2 is a pretty great game. It's not said enough for sure, we appreciate you Dev!
We need a Mitadake High event on SL2.
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SL2 for all its flaws, for all the complaints we have... The fact we come back EVERY time... Means this game is worth it. The sheer ammount of work and effort put in is so close to perfection yet just barely off, but the fact it's that close is a testament to the amazing man we have as an author. Plus, he has an actual sense of humor and fairness to him unlike many devs, and for that I'm truly thankful. I gladly give my money to his patreon with no question. He deserves it.
OOC Devourer Of Souls: it makes me feel like someone slipped me acid laced water

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