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SL2 Version 2.75
Written Objects
  • The following objects now support the expanded functionality, such as CSS & unicode support, etc., found in similar sandbox objects (IE, customizable signs);
  • All writing objects (Books, Note Papers, etc.).
  • Player House Exterior Signs
  • Furniture Items (Signs)
New Sandbox Objects
  • Added a new crafting table called the Construction Design Table where sandbox objects are crafted. (They still use existing crafting skills, such as Tool Creation, etc.)
  • Added an option to the Portable Smithy to use the Construction crafting list.
  • Added 12 new lighting-generating objects. (Crystals, Lanterns, Candelabra, Torch, Flag-Bearing Lanterns, Street Lamp)
  • Added 6 new bookshelf objects which can be used to store/read written paper objects on them. (Normal, Wall, Tall #1, Tall #2, Special, Wall Scroll)
Event Tools
  • Added two new macros.
  • Shift+D; Toggle density.
  • Shift+V; Toggle visibility.
  • Added a toggle to status inflictor that lets cleanse/dispell be toggled on/off.
Map Updates
  • Duyuei Crypt Expansion (Courtesy of Slydria)
  • Meiaquar Outskirts Connection Updates (Courtesy of Appo)
  • Meiaquar Orphanage Minor Tweaks (Courtesy of Autumn)
  • Meiaquar Underground Arena (Courtesy of Slydria)
  • Explosion; Now functions similar to Bomb objects; has a Fuse (X turns, +1 per extra circle size, X = number of battle participants or 8, whichever is lower) that ticks down when a character's turn ends, and explodes upon reaching 0.
  • Youkai you are installed with now receive EXP after a battle (but not friendship).
Black Knight
  • Sacrifice now has a 3 round CD (from 5 rounds).
- Certain field objects in battle (replacement objects that spawn to represent things like trees) will now fade out when targeting skills or movement.
- Equipment items in the rarity drop pool that were exclusive to Korvara are now available in Sigrogana as well. (Future item releases will still remain Korvara exclusive, for a time.)
- Drill Sergeant NPCs now have the ability to repair your weapons.
- Fixed a bug where you could walk off-screen in Lake Halard.
- Fixed a bug where the Youkai Ascension animation screen was hidden behind other interfaces.
- Fixed a bug where Noble Spirit was triggered when a Youkai was unsummoned.
- Fixed a bug where the buttons for Youkai Statue interactions were off-centered.
- Fixed a bug where using a Fruit of Fluidity and then using the stat distribution screen would show invalid bonuses from the old APT value.
- Fixed a bug where being defeated in battle and then logging out before moving would put you back at the spot you were defeated.
- Fixed a minor bug involving GM Mode.
- Fixed a bug where furniture items weren't shown in the Spawner event tool.
- Fixed a minor bug involving an event tool.
- Various forum bug fixes.

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