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To Be Saved
My name is ██████. I'm eight years old starting today. Mother has decided that we'll be doing a very special test for my birthday! She said she'd even get me a little cake if I did well...

I'm super excited! I don't want to mess up. So- So wish me luck, okay?


"What did I say about reading those silly books? Must I throw them away? Burn them, even? You have to focus on your studies and your training."

No... I don't want Mama's books to be taken away. So I guess I should hide them inside the pillow case again.


"Try again."

But... But it hurts.

"Try again."

I've been at this for a long time, Mother.


Please... I can't move my body. It's crushing me...!

"You're truly worth nothing. Fine, go back to your room. Spirits be... I have no idea what your Parents saw in you."

Mama and Papa loved to read me books when I was little. About a shining knight and his partner, a grand wyvern that saved princesses and kings.
They told me that I could grow up to be like that one day. They even said they'd help.

So then... Why is it that they're gone? Where did they go? Why did they leave me with Mother? I'll be a good, strong student. Please just praise me like Mama did. A-at least... At least...

At least make me feel like I've done something right!


"On the ground, count the grains of rice."

They're digging into my knees...
"Each grain is for your failure to commit to the promise you made."
I-I can feel them getting stuck there. Mother...?
"You are not to stand up until you have counted every single grain."

But there's over a hundred of- but...
"Are you really going against my word? Must I remind you who you're disappointing?"

No! I just- it hurts so much, Mother.
"Maybe you'll learn to obey and do as you're told, next time. Enjoy your dinner."


'Aren't you tired, ██████?'

'Why do you let someone like her hurt you so much?'

'... You're too scared, you're in pain. I understand.'

'Let me be your savior, okay?'

'I'll protect you with my life, ██████. Let me take care of you until you're ready.'
"To write is to live a dream."

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