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Twintail Jerry's Rap Songs
On a random wall in a corner of the slums, a white-haired Omina uses cheap red paint to write a tagline he thinks sounds cool as hell. Surely, this piece of graffiti is going to make people see the depth and size of his soul...

[Image: NdKBzva.jpeg]

But then it didn't do that, and nobody cared.

Jerry's rap has slowly grown in popularity in Meiaquar, from some dirty street rhymes, to some proper songs that have gotten him a bit of recognition. The songs he showed on stage have been performed a few times, and as such, his rhymes are somewhat out there in the collective conscious of the Meiaquar urban youth scene. Good luck trying to read his notes though...
[Image: hRUmKqk.jpeg]
Meiaquar Unity
Beat Reference: 

Yeah. Yeah.
Twintail Jerry, Yo.
No bullshit, right now, man. Nothin’ but real shit.
Shoutout to our fallen, yo.

I was born in the grime, grew up in the trash
I was raised into crime, had to rise from the ash

Yeah. I got the soul o’ this city injected in my veins.
I got blood on my hands, never broke my chains, yo.

Yeah. Yeah. It’s crazy how you can go from bein’ nothin’
To feelin’ close to something like lovin’.

To fuckin’ nothing again, fallin’ down again
You’d think after this all, I’d be used to pain. Yeah.

Yeah. I saw my sister’s life fading from her eyes, yeah.
I saw the city burn, my familia’s cries, yeah.

I raged against the tide, against this fucked up fate,
Never stopped the ride, risin’ from the hate, yeah.

Now I’m seein’ money, the shadow of my city.
The cops in fancy shoes, those who pay their dues,

I’m seein’ ghosts of a city used to mean something,
My ancient enemies, sittin’ as the king.

I’m feelin’ it go past me. (Yo)
don’t recognize my city. (Nah)
All the hate of the past. (Yeah)
Is still holding on to me.

Yo. Yo. Tell me why. (Yo)

So fuck all y’all, I’m nothin’ but a shadow
I’m a fuckin’ rat, escapin’ the deathblow.

Yeah but I think it’s time, to let the old dogs lie.
‘Cause when I ask the night, it doesn’t tell me why.

Nah. I’m done with this, crawlin’ in the past, yeah.
I’m lookin’ at our city, nothin’ but outcasts, man.

Nothin’ but the ghosts of this fuckin’ place, man,
Hauntin’ our souls, ya see it in our face, yeah.

We all got chewed up, n’spit out, by this fuckin’ town,
The rythm of the streets, tryin’a bring us down, man.

Yeah. Yeah. Uh.
Hear it, yo, fuckin’ comin’ clean.
Least we share one feelin’
FUCK Geladyne.

A somewhat controversial piece due to its final verse, it's mostly remembered for that part. It's a song about growing up in misery and how the shared experience of the hardships of Meiaquar is or should be something that brings Meiaquarians together. It's also about Jerry forgiving certain people for past conflicts. The part about Geladyne is meant to be a conclusion saying "Well, we all got screwed by Geladyne one way or another, so we have that in common at least".

Father of Rap
Reference Beat: 

Yo, uh, uh, yeah.

I’m not goin’ nowhere, yo.
This my city. This shit right here’s all I got, bitch. The one thing you can’t take from me.

Yo. The wind is turning, the crows are calling.
The twisting hand of fate, around my neck, I’m dying, yo.

How can you be a man, up against the rain?
Every wakin’ hour weathering the pain, yeah.

We’re all dealt a hand, tryin’a make our way,
Through the path of fate, day after day.

Wonderin’, really, where the fuck you’re going.
Only thing you can do? Start fuckin’ joking.

The years go by, where’s the ones you loved?
Gone, away, memory drowned in blood.

`Yeah, all these bitches wanna say that I ain’t got what it takes.`
I’m a fuckin’ piece of shit, I don’t get the stakes. Yo.

But they ain’t got the balls to drop the bars on stage.
Too busy followin’ the law and rattling their cage, yo.

I’m just spittin’ the shit, nobody wants to say,
No money in my pocket, so I have to pray.

Yeah I’m on my knees, gazing at the stars.
Yeah the endless sorrow, drown it in the bars, yeah.

I’m here to break the seal, let the blood spill out.
Scratch the healing wound, erase all the doubt.

That’s ‘cause **I’m pukin’ out words like a bad disease.**
I throw open the gates, throw away the keys, yo.

The flow’s comin’ out, that’s the truth of art.
The rap’s in your blood, can’t be cleaved apart.
Mh. Mh.

Yeah yeah, we’re-
Born in this prison, island like a trap.
I’m the son of a whore. The father of rap.

The song mentions loss, misery and ill fortune as elements that make it difficult to go on. Then it mentions the use of humor and nihilism as a coping mechanism, but perhaps hints that rap is a better way. This song is ultimately about rap itself, and how it allows one to express themselves and deal with hardship, like any art. It also expresses Jerry's pride in his ability to persevere, and of course, his rap skills.

I'm Gonna Let You Down Again
Link to the full song performed by me: 

Yo yo yo.
Twintail Jerry.
Yauh. Let me get real with ya, yeah.
This one goes out,
To all you motherfuckers out there who couldn’t even say goodbye, yo.


Yo. I’m walkin’ through the streets, that I call my home,
I’m seein’ all these brothas tryin’ all alone, yo.

Dancin’ to the tune, wind in their hair,
Slippin’ on by, trying not to care,
Brotha on Korvara can’t rely on none, yo.
Turn your back a moment and they’re on the run.

Hold ‘em in your arms, watch ‘em slip away,
Only time you know they’re here for sure is today.

[Spoken Normally]

Yeah, yeah..
No blood spillin’, yauh.

Yeah. Yeah.
Dust in the wind, yo.


How many times, they gonna break your heart?
Give your love, and they still fall apart.

Parting ways, through the waves o’ fate.
And you? You’re gonna carry that weight.

Yo. . . Yeah. . .

Yeah, and you can’t fuckin’ say, that I didn’t try.
Gave my heart away, stakin’ all my pride.

Draggin’ my soul out the dark abyss.
Tears on the page, no farewell kiss.

That’s how it is, in this prison cell,
It’s over before you hear the bell.

That’s why I can’t love again.
Only thing I got, is this fuckin’ pain.

Hear it y’all. . .

I’m gonna let you down, yo.
I’m gonna let you down.
I’m gonna let you down.
I’m gonna let you down.
I’m gonna let you down.
I’m gonna let you down.

I’m gonna let you down again, love.
I’m gonna let you down again, love.

(repeated till the beat ends)


That’s it.

(Mic Drop)

The song begins by describing people of Korvara as going with the flow and not seeking out strong attachments, because they don't last. This song is mainly about the experience of sudden loss, especially unexplained or difficult to make sense of. It's a meta reference to when people simply stop playing a character connected to yours, leaving you to figure out a way to incorporate the unexplained loss into your own character's story. It also speaks broadly of loss, and how it affects one's ability to love again in the future.

The last part is Jerry's specific relationship with "Love", in this case referring to long-term relationships, and how he's unable or unwilling to pursue those due in part to having experienced a lot of loss, but then more specifically the guarantee that he will let his partner down. It's hinted that he will take the role of the one who disappears without a proper explanation. The reasons for this aren't clear yet, but it suggests he's done it in the past (gonna let you down again).

Note: "Blood" in the last part refers to blood ties, his biological family.


Yo yo yo yo bro check out my mixtape! Bro, check out my mixtape yo!
Yo here's a link to my soundcloud bro, listen to this shit bro.

Bro, nothing but real. Nothing but real shit.
Nothing but the realest bars from the depths of my soul, homie.

[Image: V1wt8aa.jpeg]
Bro, you got a smoke?
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this is so fucking real
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