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SL2 Version 2.83
Stolen Spellcards
  • Copied spells (IE, stolen spells from Spellthief) now become Spellcards when unequipped. There are two kinds of Spellcards; Green, the default version, which are non-trade items that can be used to re-equip the stolen spell, and Purple, which are functionally the same, but can be traded and stored, etc.
  • Added a Blank Spellcard recipe to the Enchanting craft. 1 of these is necessary to change a Green spellcard into a Purple one.
  • Essentially, these allow you to retain spells you have stolen with Spellthief as items, so that when you want to switch back to the class, all you have to do is use the items to get your spells back.
  • Copied spells retain their temporary/permanent status even if you equip/unequip them multiple times.
  • Copied spells in the skill pool now have a small card icon in the bottom left to show that they are copied spells, as well as their status; gray for temporary, purple for permanent.
  • Ghost Entertainer; Trait requirements changed to 10 SAN or 7+ Ranks in Spiritualism.
  • Spirit Shot; Damage is no longer reduced for Gun attacks.
  • Spirit Stillness; Debuff Immunity is now 3 times (from 1 time).
  • Gainsight; Disengage given now lasts 3 rounds, 1 attack (instead of 1 round, 1 attack).
Event Tools
  • Added 12 generic tent interiors as event stages. (Courtesy of Autumn).
  • File list is now organized alphabetically (why was it not like this in the first place?)
  • Event tool spawned battles should no longer generate minibosses.
  • Event stage entrances can now be made persistent through reboots.
New Items
  • Added 17 new plushies for a variety of normal monsters. (Courtesy of Appo)
  • Various changes to the following systems to support dynamically created stackable objects; trading, bank storage, house storage items, shops, automated shopkeepers. If you notice any ways to obtain/trade/store/etc items where the item's uniqueness is not retained (IE, it becomes just 'Spellcard' instead of 'Spellcard (Spell Name)'), please report it. Same for if there are any other oddities with these systems, please test them to make sure I didn't miss anything!
  • Aerialite now also creates an Air Shaft at the target's location for 2 rounds.
  • New lizard tail icon part (courtesy of d3moniz3d), which is available for most races that can/should have them, including Wyverntouched.
  • New generic tail icon (courtesy of Trex) that any race can use for fashion purposes.
  • Face icon selection window can now change pages by using the mouse wheel while hovering over the face icon previews.
  • Korvara dungeons with bosses now show additional messages when they're almost about to leave, and when they have left.
  • Terra Flama battlefield party locations adjusted slightly.
  • Meiaquar Hospital now has a few crafting tables.
- Various forum bugfixes.

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