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[Board] Looking for Certain Weapon - Scholar Roje
[Image: b89f62f8ce.jpg]
[Image: tumblr_m7g6clz79C1rpqqpz.gif] I'm also still Batman.

I have that which you seek, a blade forged in the breath of a dark dragon, from
its own severed claw. I've inscribed it with blood-runes of my own design, which
greatly enhance its sharpness and the strength of its aura, but at its core, it is
the weapon you seek. Unfortunately, its enchantments leave it relatively fragile,
so it's best used by those with a light, skillful touch -- you can't just hack away
at your foes like an axeman. You may find me in Cellsvich on occasion. In fact,
I still owe you that history lesson.

Clad in Black and Swathed in Translucent Crimson,

(( OOC note: sharp rustic kirosh, forged to 25 base power and 9 durability. Best used with skills.
Trying to use it with plain basic attacks will see it break quickly. ))

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