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Lore Questions: June (2018)
1- Is Black Elixir possible to be used safely with no risks of Void Poisoning, or are there risks just because it uses Void Energy?

2- How does the healing from Black Elixir should work in-character? Void Assassins can just turn something as dangerous as Void Energy into a regenerative aura for no drawbacks?

3- Is Black Elixir potent enough to seal open wounds and/or treat illness on the go?
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DoctorMad post_id=32135 time=1527868688 user_id=1963 Wrote:Now, before starting making questions, I'll note to others that players are allowed to choose what opinions their characters are going to take, and that even NPC vampires can have different opinions than the majority.

*Burp*- With that, lets begin!
Can we have some info as to how Vampires work with each other?
a)How elitist are they when it comes to culling inexperienced vampires?(For example, will they give a newcomer some leeway if they do something dumb, or will they kill him?)
b)How rare is it for one to encounter Huggessoa personally?
c)Are there any written/unwritten rules between vampires that haven't been mentioned yet?
d)How do vampires learn to use silvermists?s (IE:Is it Instinct, or do other Vampires frequently tutor others as how to make it?)
e)Is essence any good for spellcasting?

1) Killing vampires is difficult, so trying to fix the problem of a dopey vampire isn't likely to be solved that way.
2) Extremely.
3) None come to mind, but see guideline 3.
4) It's similar to healing after being 'killed' so it's something you just have an innate understanding of as a vampire.
5) Essence is blood and contains concentrated focus, so probably.

Spoops post_id=32216 time=1529117904 user_id=193 Wrote:1.) Are the statues of memory seen within the colossal tower purely a gameplay element or can they serve as some narrative use?

2.) How are they created? Does it require something or someone powerful?

3.) Do other towers besides the colossal tower exist across the world?

1) I don't know what you mean by narrative use. They are real things and touching them teleports you to a floor in the tower, where you battle.
2) They're crafted just like normal statues, but enchanted with spells to move certain people (ie, the challengers) from place to place. The only thing of note is that they're made of a non-nullifying stone.
3) Yes.

Shujin post_id=32408 time=1530663683 user_id=135 Wrote:I know you answered that once somewhere, but it's not findable in Lore questions so Again:

1.)Are Bandits in the BDPs real people ICly or nah?, and should we probably more or less ignore the Mechanic part of it with it's BDP Bandit Dens?

1) They might be and they might not be. Outlaws are known to use the BDPs to avoid pursuit or to hide things they've stolen briefly.

Trexmaster post_id=32409 time=1530663860 user_id=76 Wrote:To add onto Shujin's question.

1. If the Bandits ARE people, then do they simply disperse once the BDP vanishes?

1a. Would the Bandits not be prone to infighting with the other monsters then, if they weren't part of whatever hivemind the BDP uses to keep that from happening?

2. If the Bandits are MONSTERS, are they similar in composition to whatever race they were created as? I.E. organs, skin, bones, racials, etc. Or do they just dissipate or something upon death.

1) Correct.
1a) Potentially, though they may have the means to avoid their aggression.
2) Roughly, yes.

GenixSS113 post_id=32421 time=1530677800 user_id=276 Wrote:Throughout my duration of playing the game, I always thought that it was weird that there were plenty of signs and the oracle cards used for contracts. With that being said; What is the literacy rate of Sigrogana and its citizens, as well as how literate are the citizens compared to the other civilizations like Alstalsia and Karaten?

It varies from region to region. Alstalain education is very elite, especially if you're a prominent member of one of the houses. In Chaturanga, if you're in any military school environment, you will learn how to read; either because you're a mage, or a soldier who will have to know how to read and draft orders and contracts. On Sigrogana and Oniga, it depends on your profession and standing. It is worth noting that one thing the Church of Mercala does do almost everywhere is teach reading and writing.

WaifuApple post_id=32494 time=1531006879 user_id=1751 Wrote:1) When someone is inflicted by void poisoning, and dies due to it, do they have a soul that is directed to Lazarus, or is their fate just an empty nothingness? Do souls die / cease to exist with the body under the effects of void poisoning?

2) When you're affected by void poisoning with no hope left, when Mercala cannot help you anymore, does transforming to a Lich give you a second chance? Does becoming a vampire? Does becoming any specific type of corruption?

3) If you kill yourself, or are killed while affected by void poisoning, if the cause of death is not the poisoning, (assuming the answer to the previous question is you lose your soul / spirit to the void) does your spirit live on forever? Does it just cease to exist straight away, if not, or can a spirit still continue through the stages of void poisoning when it's deceased?

4) Can you get void poisoning from Majistra? (I know it would be super duper rare if so, but I mean "is the chance of it happening above 0%, even if like 0.01% or something?&quotWink

5) Can you train to minimise the risks of void poisoning when using void magic, or is the chance one that never changes probability? If you can minimise the risks, how difficult is it, and how much of your life would you have to dedicate to doing so to get desirable results?

1) This has already been answered. They still go to Lazarus.
2) At that point your body is likely unable to survive through the Lich ritual, but if you did somehow, it would. Becoming a vampire wouldn't change anything. Corruption doesn't change anything.
3) N/A
4) It's not impossible but it is very, very unlikely. Typically when the portals get outside of the Majistran's expectations, due to Iahsus, they do not let people go through them for their own safety.
5) You can minimize the risks, but it's always there.

Snake post_id=32502 time=1531009250 user_id=310 Wrote:1- A lore blur says that "Unprotected use of the Void can cause Void Poisoning". Is there 'really' a method of using it safely, or is this only limited to Majistra's method?

2- Is Void Pollution a mess created only exclusively by Black Bolt, or can you ICly choose to generate it on will?

3- How long does Void Pollution take to naturally sap away the environment's focus and degrade?

4- Assuming Void Pollution a significant hazard, what happens when someone sticks around it for too long? Is it deadly?

5- Is Void Pollution strong enough to destroy the environment? Such as kill plants, poison water, etc...

6- Can you use Void Energy to enhance and power potions and make a more 'physical' version of Black Elixir?

7- Can a Void Magic specialist develop a way to slightly reduce the chances of contracting Void Poisoning with their Voidveil for a more constant usage of their magic?

8- Does Nullstone protection help on reducing the chances, if anything?

9- Last one. Which one of those two options is more plausible to roleplay a voidgate teleportation? (Can be both, if applicable.)
[Image: RQ-bX2HqSUa3mMDUPKq27A.png]
(PS: No Soras were harmed on option A.)
(PS²: Just kidding, they were.)

1) This is pretty much limited to the Majistra portals, but there are 'safer' methods; using stable portals (which are between two set points that cannot be changed, and requires a long time of preparation) for example.
2) It's caused by using the large amount of void energy recklessly.
3) Depends on the amount. Anywhere from a few seconds to an hour.
4) It might make them feel sick or weak, but it's not deadly on its own.
5) In large amounts it could sap the focus from a plant and drain it that way, though that's unlikely.
6) Void Energy is not something that wants to stick around in our dimension, so trying to use it on physical objects for more than a brief period doesn't work.
7) Yes. Voidveil is a much less risky way to utilize void energy than just trying to channel it.
8) It can.
9) B, most likely. Either works.

Skullcatrons post_id=32695 time=1532279863 user_id=701 Wrote:More Mercala Lore.
  • Would you still consider Mercalan Hearts to be apart of lore, or no? [This is because the Guild leader had left SL2 for long time now.]

  • What is average training time length of a Priest? (How many years would a Priest trainee need to become a proper Priest?)

  • Would the Hierarchy ranks of Mercala faith be very similar to Christian religion [Like Bishop is higher than Priest, Cardinal is higher than Bishop?]

  • [Question to above] What would be highest rank a Player-Priest can go before needing to actually be acknowledged to have that said rank?

  • Were there any recorded Voices of Mercala, before Adena Mehana?

  • How old is Adena Mehana? [To confirm the Goddess is a loli meme is true or false.]

  • What is the Faith's view on Elves? [Distrust? Concerns? Bewilderment?]

  • If Mercana were intended to be healing, and restorative property. Yet Mercana can be used offensively. Is this in case of self-defense for priests? [To clarify. Mercana have offensive magic. What would be reason behind this?]

1) They weren't a part of the official lore in SL2, so I can't comment on it.
2) There's not any set period of time, though you are typically expected to serve the church for at least 1 year as an Acolyte before you move onto doing Priestly things.
3) Probably. Priest would probably be the highest a player could assume to have before needing permission.
4) Yes.
5) She and Ashe are twins, so around the same age as her.
6) Elves are healers so they are generally well respected.
7) Mercala's power is not just in healing, she also governs the general domain of Light magic. Healing is her primary function (and interest), but it doesn't prevent her from having power as well.

Shujin post_id=32938 time=1533596688 user_id=135 Wrote:Since I am bored and I wanted to Icon something, that I wanted to suggest with an little Idea regarding Alstalsias wild life and hunting mechanics:
1.) What Kind of Monsters are roaming about? Mostly all sort of European and Greek mythology? Can I go wild there?
2.) I assume that since Alstalsia is one of the continents where Monsters are actually roaming about, it wouldn't be strange to have hunting guild associated to the task of taking those down for serval reasons. Like for material, safety and probably some just for sports.
3.) I believe in the past serval Monsters have been mentioned, so I give you a small list of monsters that I sorta expect to be there and you just tell me which most certainly wouldn't be there:

Harpies, Worgs, Minotaurs, Orcs, Garudas, Wyvern, Salamander, Griffons, Basillisks, Cockatrice, Arachne, Chimera, Lamia, Sirens, Behemoths, Cyclopses, Hydras, Sky Mantis?

Would there be Monsters that you would say are MUST haves for their wild life?

4.) Not exactly Lore, but might aswell ask here:
Would you even be interested to have something like a offical hunting guild, with ingame mechanics, to explain it the most easiest: Think Monster Hunter.
Cause I wouldn't mind working on Icons for that. I do not expect it to be anytime soon but it would probably be cool addition to make Alstalsia more unique and a great opportunity to expand on the "Monster corpse" system and crafting in general. And later probably Hyoya and Egwyn.

5.) Unrelated and I actually hate to ask this, but it has come up a lot. Do magical/alchemy potions exist that allow Female to Female or Male to Male Reproducing. I heard people claim that it was Admin approved.

1) Oh boy, what a timely response for this. Yes, pretty much.
2) Correct. They do roam around pretty much everywhere but Alstalsia has it a lot worse.
3) Lamia are kinda close to Nagas which are Snakeman business. Not much to say other than that.
4) This is probably better suited for a suggestion topic.
5) I'll just say that anything like this is not anything I approved.

Roland_Staghare post_id=33785 time=1538375884 user_id=1994 Wrote:Well, with regards to Mallus

1) Are Dullahans the only threats related to it?
2) Just how dangerous is the area surrounding it?
3) What kind of condition are the walls in themselves?
4) Just how viable would approaching it be?
5) Does any of the magic that caused its current issues still lingering?

1) No, there are ghosts and possessed enemies roaming around as well.
2) The area outside of the walls is fairly dangerous but not overly so.
3) Ruins.
4) There's not much stopping you from going there except common sense and some angry armor guys cutting you in half on the way there.
5) Yes.

GameMaster85 post_id=34256 time=1543679860 user_id=183 Wrote:When was the Sigroganian Empire officially established (Presumably with King Erachial in tow) in both current public knowledge and actual fact?

Since it's a dominantly human empire, they could technically have existed prior to the Enlightenment. (when there probably was only humans) But it was more likely they were formed near the Enlightenment. They could have also formed near year 0 as well. (the end of Heaven's Contention) But either way, at least some history was probably recorded past year 0.

(You might also be able to answer the question in repeating with the other major factions as well if you'd like.)

1) Pretty much all of the Great Six was in its infancy around the time of the end of Heaven's Contention.

WaifuApple post_id=34919 time=1547658185 user_id=1751 Wrote:Whew, it's been almost half a year. Heck, maybe it has been half a year, with nothing. Maybe to bring more attention to it, I'll ask some more lore questions. I haven't checked to see what has and has not been said before, so forgive me for that. With that out of the way, though:

1- Can a person absorb too much focus, and overload themselves? If so, what are the negative effects? Would there be any temporary positive effects worth risking it for?

2 - Is there any interesting folklore about dangerous and absurd sounding monsters in the empire, and wider reasons. I basically want to know if SL2 has any of its own equivalents to creatures like Bigfoot, for a setting that makes a lot of things seem more normal.

3 - If it is part of the purpose of a reaper to direct spirits to Lazarus, can they intentionally misdirect them, too? Does a reaper physically lead spirits, or do it via exorcism?

1) Your body has a maximum capacity. Once it's at that capacity, it can't absorb anymore.
2) Probably, though see guideline 3.
3) The guidance part of the Reaper's job isn't physical guidance in most cases, it's just getting the spirit to stop haunting a particular location or object. Spirits are naturally draw to Lazarus.

Snake post_id=34929 time=1547710502 user_id=310 Wrote:1- Is Black Elixir possible to be used safely with no risks of Void Poisoning, or are there risks just because it uses Void Energy?

2- How does the healing from Black Elixir should work in-character? Void Assassins can just turn something as dangerous as Void Energy into a regenerative aura for no drawbacks?

3- Is Black Elixir potent enough to seal open wounds and/or treat illness on the go?

1) Anything that uses Void Energy has the risk.
2) It accelerates the natural healing of the body, as it says in the skill description.
3) Depends on the severity. It is not recommended.
I also greatly apologize for the long delay on answering this, between busyness and working on the trait rework.

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