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A Rather Burned Diary
A rather leather and burnt book from what one could gather...

The Following Journal is not to be taken ICly unless one was to find it. Taking this into IC is considered OOC in IC and is not ok. The scriber is also a real actually in game character.

Diary Entry 1 - 12/30/344

Well..Certainly has been a rather productive year for I suppose. With Rabbit taking a break to look after Lise, im free to explore the regions again. My travels bring me to the Kysei mountains, The Loyrwell Tombs to be exact. The place gives off the Erie feeling but that's something I've learned to get used to it, i've seen alot of the imperial residents swing by this place to uncover its mysteries even going so far as to fight a Necromancer. Yeah a Necromancer, Crazy right? A sense of satisfaction just looms over me watching these people take them on with it's minon keeping them busy while it prepares a persons downfall. There are alot of people that come here that are successful going so far as to return again just to fight them for fun or for its staff, which mind you is pretty deadly to say the least. I mean who wouldn't want to curse your foes all the time. Others not so lucky but accept their defeat and still come back to try again.

As much as I'd hate to admit such a fact the tombs feel more like home to me, given I spend most of my time here even going as far as to fight this necormancer myself of course not alone. During the off times it makes for quite the good thinking spot. Hell maybe even might make diving into this place my hobby or something. I should return to oniga one day to see the rabbit so they know im not dead but do I really want to right now....? Learning more about this place is more fitting for me to do right now.

P.S: This magic circle is no joke, which is what makes it more interesting. Meanwhile people still going at it...
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Diary Entry 2 - 2/24/345

Well Loyrwell Tombs were quite the interesting stay. Not many visitors now and the place is some what calm apart from the monsters that lurk and roam around its tunnels and tombs. I decided to make haste for somewhere that wasn't Kysei. It was either return to rabbit or head to the empire to see what was going on there. Unsuprisingly nothing all that interesting but to be expected. I made my way to the square to see if anyone was around again unsuprisinly not many people. Though I did run into Pepper who finally managed to get into the Last Cantina as waitress since the last we spoke. As expected with the new appearance she never knew it was me before hand which is fair, I don't blame her. Taneal's pet spirit cat however was quite the unique little thing, more interesting than Talia's Butterfly. I wonder how she and Lise are doing now a days.

Anyway back to what I was saying, yeah, I don't know why but I'm kinda happy that Pepper managed to get into something she enjoys. I suppose during my time at Loyrwell I manged to lose Prisma, the butterfly or whatever it was that followed me around all the time, kinda miss them now. I could also say that I've given up swordmanship and turned to magic which suprisingly seems to be more enjoyable for me. Anywho....I should probably wash this monster blood of my hands before someone gets the wrong idea. Given what I was charged with in the empire before, anything is possible these days so risks are not to be taken otherwise I think i'd be losing a head sooner than later. Not to the empire but to women more interested in our child than us both but hey I don't care it's who she is and im happy for it to be that way. Probably.
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Diary Entry 3 - ??/??/???

It would seem that my time is during near and honestly I can't wait to pass, wouldn't be so much of a burden I suppose. I look back on a lot of things. Regret alot of things. Though these days I regret alot more than I want to...

List of Regrets:

- Getting involved with the Whole Prositution Story when the bar was a thing
- Taking the blame for things I knew nothing about
- Things I've done in the past
- Agreeing to even be someone Im not
- Void Magic and Curses
- Not spending enough time with certain people
- Giving someone a child

At this point I could go on for days talking about this but I'm keeping this one short given it's likely my last Entry on this leather book.

The book is closed and then locked with a small lock of some sort, the key left lying around somewhere...

The following Character is no Longer ICly alive! I just forgot to make his final post on this back then.
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