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Unban Request V2.0 - 3 month cooldown
Game you were banned from: Sigrogana Legend 2

In-game name (key): Eziekieal

Reason you were banned: Can be found here:;t=7330

The length of the ban, if you know: Forever.

Who banned you, if you know: Slydria.

Why we should unban you: I'm aware, as per the rules, we can't create multiple topics if our request was denied. However, I was told by Slydria in my last topic that, "You don't deserve another chance, at least not now". I sent a PM asking when I could make another request but it was ignored. It has been 3 months since my last ban appeal topic so I figured that's enough time for this not to be considered spam.

Anyways. Here I am, asking again to be unbanned. I take full responsibility for why I was banned and only seek to redeem myself. I've waited patiently and still continue to do so. It has been over 13 months since then and I've had plenty of time to reflect on my choices. I'm truly apologetic and only wish to enjoy the game once more as I used to do.

When I said "you don't deserve another chance, at least not now", I did not mean to imply that I would be giving you an opportunity anytime soon, what I meant was that I probably won't be giving you a second chance.

My stance still remains the same. Your request is denied.
[Image: 95e2774f19.png]
Others in this community have been given second chances, so I must have really gotten to you if you'd deny my request after all this time. I wish you'd have been forthcoming with me initially so that I didn't have to wait so long to disclose the following:

I've been actively playing under several keys for over 8 months now. And look, there has been zero issues with me! I'm a model player these days. I don't need any items or money from Grind Knight, I just enjoy his beautifully crafted RP and wish to enjoy that once more Smile

By the way, it's been a blast running around in the custom icons I submitted. They look pretty good in-game.
Once again, you've shown how untrustworthy you really are. I had already suspected you might be desperate enough to try and circumvent the ban, so I guess that just confirms it.

Thread locked. Don't bother making any more.
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