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General Opinion Survey: Favorite NPC
i want seto i would marry seto

misunderstood antagonist godpeople are the best
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11 years of roleplay and would you believe I still have no idea what I'm doing
Kasio Majistra. Because he is so tsundere and also

Kasio Majistra says "Tch... Get outta here before I decide to teleport you with my fist spell."
Someone takes 600 Lightning damage.
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The Dark Bard, PINK!
Seriously if that name doesen't strike fear and awe into you all at once nothing will. I want to see a rock concert from her with a band. Why? Because it'd be friggin' metal.
OOC Devourer Of Souls: it makes me feel like someone slipped me acid laced water
Risu is the source of all malevolence in the universe.
Asha... but only because characters that are mostly blank slates have the potential to surpass all others! Learning about her may be interesting.
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I'm certain I could have some interesting interactions with Kinu.

Though I can't really pick a favorite NPC, none of them appeal strongly to me.

Dang it Dev, you need more NPCs.

Edit, I forgot one. Miu Magistra, she's adorable.
Please don't lynch me, I'm too young!
Risu, because she tries really hard to put up with all you dummies
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