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General Opinion Survey: Favorite NPC
This is one in what will be a long line of player surveys regarding various aspects of the game. Since I am always looking to improve the experience for as many people as possible, this requires gathering feedback, hence these polls. Tell your wife, tell your kids, tell your friends (if they play the game, anyway) to vote. Based on the feedback I gather, I may make adjustments to the game balance/etc. However, nothing is guaranteed, so please keep that in mind.

If you'd like to post an opinion with your vote, you can do so (although it is not necessary), but please follow these guidelines;

1) Do not response to other users' opinions in this thread. I'm not looking for debates, just data.
2) Please include the way you voted for clarity.
3) Please provide your opinion on what would be a more ideal result.
4) Don't go crazy. I'm not going to delete any classes or completely retool them, for example. I'm not going to flip the rug on the entire battle system, either. Don't even suggest it.
5) Keep your opinion relevant to the topic. Don't go on a rant, like 'whaddafrick battle too fast because kenvoker too strong, nerf please'. You can express a similar opinion, but it should be worded more appropriately, like 'Players do too much damage, resulting in battles that feel too quick, and lengthening the battles would make them more enjoyable.' I don't want to hear what you hate, I want to hear what would make things better for you.

Thank you for your participation.

The Topic: Favorite NPC

If you have a favorite NPC, please post;

1) Who is it.
2) Why they're your favorite NPC.
3) If you'd like to see the NPC get more 'screen time' (through quests/events/etc.)
Let's get back to basics with someone we haven't seen since alpha.

Professor Pink.

I want to get some interaction, and more screentime with the character overall. Learn about their gambling problem, see her at the pub, things along those lines.

There's a lot of important NPCs out there, but you can't forget about your roots.
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Tengen Toppa [Image: 2zolp55.jpg] !!!

They're really mysterious and while not exactly blunt, they're also secretive. Also probably a vampire.

I'd love to see Air get some more action maybe in the story during black beast raids where we see them beating them off left and right with a pistol.
My favorite NPC is the assassin. Lets get an entire lvl60 quest line for meeting him.

He's super illusive and powerful enough to clear lvl60+ crazy floors in literally no time.

I want more from this guy. Why is he so powerful? Who the heck is he? How long could my character last in a fight with him?

I think it would be kinda epic.
[Image: latest?cb=20150618145649]
I like Doctor Gorri myself. It's refreshing to have a regular person from time to time, and he has the potential to have more quest lines/interesting dialogue.

Also, that peg-legged guy in Lispool, because reasons.
Zeo is my waifu.
I really like Ashe because she's Ashe and that's the only reason I have to provide because she's Ashe.
[Image: Y8FFQj7.jpg]
^Mercala's Favorite Apparently
[Image: To2mAPS.png](heh)
I have two favorites for the time being:

Name: Ashe
Reason: I consider her, "mai waifu," so to speak.
More Screentime: She's a plot character, so I don't think there will be much of a chance to miss out on her. Though more screentime would be nice, yes.

Name: Maria
Reason: Her family sounds rather interesting, and coupled with the fact that she's an artist (with a curious reaction to Liches), I think there's a lot to her that we have yet to scrape the surface of.
More Screentime: Definitely. It would help if the Mortias were included in the package as well.
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"[url= Wrote:Chaos » Sat Jan 31, 2015 12:31 am[/url]"]I have two favorites for the time being:
Reason: I consider her, "mai waifu," so to speak.

it's on
Kinu, just Kinu. I like her philosophy, and I'd roll with her any day.

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