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Decision Mercenary Making. (Pending Public Decision)
shadowedman@ l-net.grm (Spectre Man)

Sent Date: Hour 15, 12/13/350 (When it was sent in IC time)

Well, yes of course if you know me, Your fellow famous Ghost Protagonist.

I was thinking of helping other organizations like the Blades of the promising land or the Military at Dormeho, while also planning to be a mercenary while might join at a organization. But it began to shake me as if I might not have enough opportunities if I kept being free too much. But at the same time I don't have any Decision for myself, as this is why I ask some of you people to help me convince where to help on organizations and why.

But I'd would like people to try encourage why I should join the organizations while persuaded from anyone that could help deal with stuff. But I'd won't fall into criminal stuff or any discouragement. Same for people that could be nice, but actually deadly at all times.

Best Regards and Sincerely, John.
OOC: You can make a nice chat here if possible like the other does, but please be polite to this man if possible. But I recommend to not bring villain/criminal character to chat here, but I may recommend people that did experience being at one or used to be at, as long they could nicely convince if possible. As this can be gained In Character by using laplaceNET but without it you can't message about it as it would be consider Meta. Thank you.

- Whitender
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Sender: Diemer.A@l-net.grm (Horned Blonde)

Sent Date: Hour 17,  2/19/351 (Sent Based on IC time)

Salutations John,

While I may not be able to give a good enough recommendation to the Dormeho Militia, give my lack of interaction I can however recommend the Blades Of The Promised Land in terms of oppountunites. So as a former Blades Cavalier, I'm here to do just that. It might not be a big one but hey at least it will hopefully help in your decision making to some degree.

The blades have a range of oppurtunites when it comes to getting involved be it becoming a brawn of the group or even the brains of the group, heck why not be both? Versatility at it's finest one would say. Regardless of your skills, you'll find something that would like fit your liking there.

However I would recommend following your heart in terms of what you wish to do if you can't decide.

Sincere regards,
Amelia Diemer

OOC Note: Of course all the same don't use this in IC if you don't have it is applicable here! 
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shadowedman@ l-net.grm (Spectre Man)
Sent Date: 2/23/251 Hour 11 (IC time of course)

I see, even though I heard horrible rumors from it. But since you know about this since your one of them, I might see the actual place myself, even though I might don't have the courage to do so. As I also heard there is extra work from it that could help exercise, while including some minor pain for them.

However since you convinced me. I could try contribute it if possible. Even if they are already rich and not mandatory, but I might get other opinions to participate on stuff from the blades as a Special Guest, and thank you for your opinions. Ms. Diemer.

Best Regards, John.

As usual, this is indeed IC. But this is OOC unless you proceed to chat here. IC only here if you want to see this ICly, Post your IC stuff here as if your using internet!!
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