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Decay In The Forest
After an encounter unseen, between two individuals within the forest that separates Cellsvich from the rest of the mainland, such as the arena, people traversing through the forest may have started to notice what seems to be seemingly random, large patches of dead flora across the forest. There's a large quantity of these patches, though they seem completely harmless.

The grass itself there is also withered... though this seems to be nothing that can't heal over time. Still, for a good while people may be finding themselves wondering why they're seeing so many dead plants on their travels through the forest.

Just a bit of a flavor post based on the events of something that happened. If you want to investigate to some extent, get in contact at Appo#5466 for any details you might want to ask about. No, there's no event coming... yet, at least!
[Image: Nihilus%2C_the_Abyssal_Flame.gif]
The forest seems to have healed significantly. No longer does it seem like there are any signs of destruction... and if they are, they're now relatively minor. Travel through the forest will no longer have such an uneasy feeling to those who visit it... though perhaps it was just a subtle sign of things to come. Only time will tell now...
[Image: Nihilus%2C_the_Abyssal_Flame.gif]

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