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Necromancer: Forest - Summary
Following a recent step-up in patrols from guards in the forest, a horde of corpses under the leadership of a lich of some sort were discovered roaming quite a distance away from trade routes. Upon notice of their presence, guards were on the scene - followed quickly after by adventurers.

After a brief bit of time, the masses engaged the horde of corpses, with the first wave proving somewhat overwhelming for some. People recovered, however, and the second wave seemed to mellow out a little, proving to be less of a hassle for the gathered groups.

Some groups resolved to finish off the rest of the corpses, while the guards engaged with the lich itself in a four versus one battle. The odds were obviously stacked against this lich, though - and in the end, it seemed like their efforts, though it had surely managed to cause harm, led to what was inevitably it's breaking point. A large explosion rippled through the forest, leaving a small impact crater and causing serious injury to the guards, as well as causing chaos for remaining groups.

Once all was said and done, the lich was nowhere to be found. Perhaps it escaped, or perhaps perished in it's own explosion. Though people can speculate, nobody can truly say for certain. Not that it matters, though - creatures like that often have a tendancy to not stay dead long.

[This is the summary of the event that took place in the forest. People are free to post their accounts of the event down below. Note that this is not for feedback, just expressing how your character handled their part in it.]
[Image: Nihilus%2C_the_Abyssal_Flame.gif]
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