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Full Party!
Hello, hello!

I think most people don't know who I am these days so I'll introduce myself!
I'm August, I've been playing for about 3 years by now.
I do events every so often to give the community a thing to do!

I've had many friends throughout those years. Many going and coming due to different reasons, myself included!
In that time span, the community has changed a lot.

Recently I've seen rifts and cracks and the game itself has become made of many small communities.
This by itself is no problem at all! It's normal to have smaller groups of friends you can confide in.

The problem comes when all these groups are alienated from one another and stop interacting.
Toxicity rises, people grow apart, relationships never better or worsen and people become too self contained in a shell of their own.

In a world where player interaction is key to enjoyment and narrative, continuing this sort of activity will only bring harm to the game and themselves.
Of course, there's many, many reasons why others withhold from interaction, we all can't get along perfectly!
We're all human.

But that's why I wish to invite you to this server called,

"Full Party!"

I created this with other individuals from all over the game who share a like-minded goal.
The goal being to create a sense of community and create a strong foundation for the future of the game.

No matter where you're from or who you are, if you're open to the idea of getting along with other people from the community
or wish to collaborate in some way then you're certainly welcome to the server!
[Image: TvQhtZb.gif]
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