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[Event] Worldly Peculiarities

[Image: King_Arthurdreamstime_xxl_78763523.jpg]

The world should be dynamic and interesting...But doesn't have to always be in an apocalyptic war for you to have any action once every century!

K Peculier the new Eventmin here would like to offer to springboard or ignite your very own dynamic roleplays as per request!

Lets be honest, my own stories where I railroad you and make force you in with my standards and style? Doesn't sound very pleasing especially when you don't know me personally, in all likelihood your very own events and stories are already better than mine already!
With that in mind I'd love to help springboard your own /personal stories/!

What does this mean exactly? It means I'll be happy to help you jump-start or ignite some dynamic roleplay with classic prompts as your request, but afterwards I wouldn't be sticking around and the rest is up to you and your friends to make an epic tale!

Simply ping and request your event help within the official SL2 Discord in #events-discussion for my help and plop in your ckey and be online the game, if I'm online I'll jump over to you and you can tell me what you need in looc and I'll do my best to help out within the realm of SL2.

I'll list down some examples that I can help you out with rather easily!

1. Generic Monsters: The world of Sigrogana certainly isn't safe...Goblins and Bandits being the classic nuisance! I'll be able to set you up with some basic PvE combat with the usual mobs you face in BDP's with some narration of your suggestion. - Perfect for setting up LFG finding if you're hunting a particular quarry or being ambushed!

2. Specific Camps: Perhaps you're a roving merchant or maybe you'd like to be in a spooky graveyard camp? I can set you up with some special props in a camp within the over-world with a theme of your choice and some basic narration to start you and the group off or for unique LFG you have in mind. - I know camp furniture can be a rather huge pain in the butt to set up at the moment!

3. Town events: Maybe you're just an average citizen or relaxing in town, maybe even something more dangerous? I can help you with setting up a spot in your town of choice with either some props or simple encounters within a dark dangerous corner... - Again more LFG opportunities for your character/s.

After setting you up, most things will last until reboot and you can choose wherever and however you want your story to go on your own!

I recommend you don't ask for a main recurring villain that I'll play for you for these, or something very specifically named or integral to me being there all the time.

Don't worry, those will still be a thing for my own events and other Eventmins/GM's plots!

DISCLAIMER: The ideas could be endless but please remember you have to fit them within the lore of SL2 without going too crazy i.e: "I planted a bomb under Cellsvich that will keel everything if they don't stop me." -- The idea here is also so that I don't have to be online 24/7 for stuff to be happening or on extremely specific dates and areas I choose.

FINAL NOTE: If you happen to request or be part of any of these dynamic events, I would greatly appreciate it if you posted within this thread about how it went In-Character wise to show people that the world is alive and well!

Example: Local Heroes clear out the sewers of giant jammer! [Picture of giant jammer about to be ded] || Look at this weird mushroom I found that was poisonous! [Picture of giant mushroom they ate]
Oh no.
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We out here feeding the homeless, my hobos where you at? 
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