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Sanctuary Hospital & Haven Orphanage
[Image: FNsbwIu.png]     [Image: mUlacsE.png]
Sanctuary Hospital
Haven Orphanage
Sanctuary Hospital is one of Sigrogana's first major player-established medical facilities.
It's gone over many renovations and passed through many different leaders throughout the years.
As of now, the Hospital rests in the hands of someone named Ian Thandros, a Head Doctor from previous iterations.

  Sanctuary Hospital came into existence a long time ago, but now it has undergone a complete remodeling (both in-game and out of game)
to better fit the present and future of the community and include more role-play variety than just what's expected.
We hope this will provide a better experience for staffpatients and visitors alike.

With this, we'd also like to introduce a feature of Sanctuary Hospital which is Haven Orphanage, which as one would expect
is a place where if people so wish to have their child and teenage characters to exist in if they are orphans or have no parental figure.
 Haven, is ran alongside the Sanctuary and will have their own role-play opportunities and authority figures such as a Matron.

If you've been injured or have need of us in any other way you're free to join our
Discord server!

We'd like for clean and efficient communication between you and us!

The location for which the building exists now is right next to the Cellsvich Mage's Guild:

[Image: cdyxybs.png]

 Sanctuary and Haven are also accepting applicants for staff members which include:

Research & Development

We are currently also missing an acting Matron as our current is volunteered.

Head Mechanic and Head Nurse are also positions that need to be filled.
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