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Stella Trading
Stella Trading
[Image: U68zXjq.gif]        A Complete Rework        [Image: U68zXjq.gif]

Most are probably aware of our existence since we've been a player shop for well over a year now. However, that's all it was. Just a place to go buy things and nothing more. So, finally, after much deliberation I had Stella Trading rebuilt from the ground up. I am doing my absolute best to turn it into a community project that promotes RP for old and new players alike. 

Goal of Stella Trading

To become a public "hub" where people can hang out, pick up quests, view different job postings in the empire for people's bars, restaurants, and other businesses. Basically a place where those in or not in any different discord servers can gain information and have different ways to find and participate in RP. I have made registering as an adventurer very easy and will require little effort on your part to get signed up.We also have employee positions that are explained on the discord and you're welcome to come ask questions! 

Things to do include:
  • Sign up and complete quests on the public quest board.
  • Earn a bit of extra murai through the crafting requests. 
  • Employment some with fluff salaries, others with some actual murai payout. 
  • Become employee/adventurer of the month for IC recognition and rewards. 
  • IC events and get-togethers
  • Have a long-term stay at the Inn. (No mechanical murai to stay, only fluff. This is mainly for players/characters without homes.) 
  • RP with others in a beautifully put together setting. (Thank you, Shibe! You da MVP. I'm sorry for enabling you with more planners.)
  • Get a drink at The Ebon Rose.
  • Sport a beautiful guild badge designed by Slydria!
  • Look at Dave the duck. 
  • OOC events such as a game night to get to know each other better!

Selling Things

Like usual, I do still buy all the things you can find in BDPs. That hasn't changed. The pawn shop offers you 50% of the item value, I'll offer 80% for stuff I'm breaking down for materials. Other stuff that I'll be reselling, I'll pay more than that! You can either contact myself at MilkTea#5099 or GenixSS113#1526 if I'm unavailable. 

How to Join and the Discord Server

If you're interested go ahead and join the discord server! We welcome old and new players alike. If you're new, we're here to give you a hand on getting settled on SL2. Just make sure you read the rules first to make sure you vibe with them and the type of environment I'm trying to create.

Where are you located?

To the left of square! Right before you go into the west housing district there will be a house below that says "Stella Trading" on the banner.

[Image: 3AjLnhi.png]

I would like to give a special thanks to everyone that helped me with setting up, read over my proposals, and provided feedback. I would also like to thank them for their enthusiasm and willingness to help me get this started.  I also want to thank the eventmins for getting involved as well! I couldn't have done it without the help of others and I am extremely grateful to have such wonderful friends.

AND some screenshots!
The Ebon Rose
(Thank you Drezdin for help with the name!)

[Image: gRqMaSm.png]

[Image: sIDVOqR.png]

Inn Rooms

[Image: MiKUHFW.png]

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[Image: U68zXjq.gif]     Stella Trading Event Summaries  [Image: U68zXjq.gif]    
For the sake of keeping track of what has happened and the eventmins that has helped us!


A frantic farmer came bursting into Stella Trading begging adventurers to save his produce and carriage from vicious vorpal rabbits. About sixteen adventurers stepped up to help the man. However, after the rabbits were taken care of, they were assaulted by wasps followed by scare bears. Thankfully, it was no challenge to the seasoned adventurers and were quickly dispatched thus saving the man's livelihood from becoming rabbit food. 

Eventmin that helped: Karidan


A giant ice construct was terrorizing a woman's property in Lordwain. Four adventurers were dispatched to chase down and dispatch the construct thus providing the woman with peace of mind in her own home. 

Eventmin: Appo (Did everything on her own.)


A violinist had her very rare family heirloom of a violin stolen by a group of bandits from her dressing room. Having nothing else but that to remember her mother by, she was desperate to get it back. Twelve adventurers kindly went all the way to the dangerous lands of Law's End, snuck into the camp, and fought off bandits to finally bring the violin back. The woman was so thrilled to have it back that she wept tears of joy for their heroic deed. 

Eventmin that helped: Karidan


A scholar dropped an extremely rare book that was dear to him while exploring some ice caverns in Lordwain for his research. He paid eight adventurers to head into the caverns and retrieve the book. They faced countless ice giants, tyrants, and even grindy lows. When they got at the end, they were greeted by Great Wolves that were far larger than any human with their fangs barred. Instead of killing only a few to scare away the rest of the group, the adventurers elected to completely annihilate the group. Thus, the book was returned to its owner.

Eventmin that helped: Appo


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