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[Karaten] Peculiar Events
A nation with studious scholars and magnanimous mages, Karaten stands as a beacon of knowledge with cutting-age technology.

Despite its inherent focus on the arcane mysteries of the world, the city is no stranger to intrigue and scheming opportunists lurk behind every corner and every sparkling glint atop intricate spiral towers only fuels the paranoia of the avid locals.

[Image: latest?cb=20130613224126]

Magnificent Made Machines

Tone: Lighthearted, Combat Optional, Mystery

A young, brilliant engineer mage of Karaten is in need of adventurers or the mercenary sort that can get the job done! 

From testing various of his new inventions, to uncovering precious materials that he may need. You might find his contact slip into your laplaceNet inbox very soon.

You're a capable and strapping individual right? Why not pitch in and earn a quick murai reward with other 'benefits' while you're at it!

Status: The genius doctor, engineer, scholar is looking for help still...

DISCLAIMER: Hello, I’m an Eventmin for SL2 and this is here to remind you that most if not all my events are meant for a maximum of 3-8 players save for exceptions where I’m helping someone else with their event. They will also be kept far shorter and wouldn’t last 6 hours or longer if I can help it. My hope is that they can be enjoyed in segments.

Because of this, there will not be a formal ‘sign-up’ for these events and how I would like you to join up is by simply pinging me while I am online with the green circle within the official Sigrogana Legends 2 Discord #Events-Discussion and using the following template:

Event Join-up
Ckey/Name: [Iloverp/Hiro Protagona]
How long I will be online: [1-3 Hours]
Event I want to join: [The event title/s]

If I’m online I’ll say I’ve got it and put you onto a list if you are solo for those events, you can also join in a group of course. When stuff is set up, I’ll ping you within the discord with the details and you can get started. With the new addition of Event Pings, I will utilize those as well.

Please don’t be discouraged if I select a set of people before you or your group as I will mainly be selecting them by first come first serve basis and if they’ve joined in one of my events before. If you come up to the events while there are already 6 people involved, you can still interact with the event and players but YOU WILL NOT BE THE MAIN FOCUS AND YOU WILL PLAY A VERY MINOR ROLE. There can be exceptions but please let me know beforehand.

Every event-piece is fit with a ‘TONE’ to let you know what to expect. If you go to an event marked with ‘serious’ or ‘dark’ you should probably leave the clown makeup at home and the same goes for events marked with ‘lighthearted’ or ‘casual’ where you don’t and SHOULD NOT need to bring your entire bomb collection for murdering. You will be warned once before you are politely asked to leave with your roleplay antics VOIDED if you misunderstand the tone of these /that/ badly
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