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Dormeho Hibachi and Noodle Shop, Now Hiring!
Papers are being passed around by a Grinning Ginger, to random citizens and posted on the notice boards!

Hello Reader! Do you enjoy Onigan Cuisine? Are you looking for a Job that allows you to socialize? My name is Lux Elin, and on behalf of my Boss, I am searching for workers for the Dormeho Hibachi and Noodle Shop. What we currently are looking for, are Hibachi Chefs!

Do you lack the ability to perform? No worries! I am capable of teaching you how to cook, grill, and perform for the customers. Not up for cooking? No worries! There's jobs like Janitor, Waiters, and of course, we have the ever-needed musician spot, a Pianist would work perfectly!

Interested? Just come to the Restaurant when it's open and I'll take your interview. We're looking for friendly faces!

((Contact Hoot#1195 for more information or to set up a meeting! <3))
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