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Happy New Year!
Well, after a long while we've finally made it past 2020, and what a nightmare that has been. Now I won't start saying that 2021 is going to just be better, because who knows- but I'd like to thank the community for getting me through the new year, with those of you close to me in particular being rays of light in my life, and I thank you all for putting up with me through best and worst.

I'm sure plenty of you all have people like that. Whether part of the community, or otherwise. So take a moment to appreciate the people who've weathered the storm with you, the people who care about you and those you care about. I'm sure you've already wished them personally a happy new year.

Happy New Year, you all.
And Happy New Year to Dev too. May all the work you put into this game over the last year, and the work you'll put in this year, be appreciated.

I'm looking forward to what this year may bring.
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Happy New Year.
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After all this process to lived for, Happy New Years everyone. As we will jump into 2021 as a brand new start into doing better as we all look forward for we could make.

While I founded this community I did not expected to come out greatly for me to stay.
But you people did helped me out into staying into this, Not only Dev, but the GMs and Eventmins and the players as well(Yes I did color based those texts)
Otherwise I'd never existed at all in the first place, for I wish that it will go out very well as the friendly people goes along the way for this long journey.

And remember, your all lovely people. And respect your older players as well!.
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...And just like that, I'm afraid.
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