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Sun Temple - An Oniga Experience
Sun Temple
[Image: 11935713-golden-dragon-symbol-2012.jpg]
IC Details

Sun temple is a new, and growing faction within the walls of Oniga. Located to the north, there exists a fight of stairs that would lead one to the grounds of the front gate. Here at the temple, you will find an array of teachers and styles. All being taught to those that wish to partake in this eastern experience.
The funds given for this temple, are used for both the staff's payment, as well as funding to assist those in gold. The community of the temple comes within a colorful array of men and women. You'll find it quite a surprise from your picture of a temple we promise you.

What we offer
Community - A growing gathering of like minded people. Be it as a student, or a staff member. You'll be surrounded in a world, away from your daily strife of problems. Where it's just you, the temple's people, and your training that's your focus point.
☯ Unique Experiences - The teachers hired along to help with your progression. Are all suited to give you their full focus. Each lesson will take to the student's wishes and focus. There may even be times, where a special assignment, will be given out to test your unique talents.
☯ Safe Haven - The grounds keepers, and other various staff, make sure to keep our family safe from harm. Be it a thug that wishes to abuse a budding student, or the depths of a Black Door, housing more then their community of threats. We have your back.
Various School Styles - Each teacher brings to the table their own experiences of life. You may see two Kensei, but their ways and styles are far from the same. You seek out what suits you best, and from there? Immerse yourself in the chapters of your sensei. Learn from their life, and forge your own with their blessing.
☯ Adventure - Here at Sun Temple, we believe that you're suited to learn both in and out the classroom. There will be times, plenty of them, where you and your class are taken out and into the world. Preforming missions and aid for those requesting of our approved students and teachers for it.


We're an onigan experience as posted above. With focus into gold as a whole. A community project that has aims to create a central hub to draw Onigan and Oniga lovers back home. The Temple is made with it's own D20 system. Beyond any eventmin events hosted for the temple, everything will be run by dice rolls.

Each student will be required to give us a fee of 500 murai every two weeks. (I need more gold bars Smile !) Once your set up within the school and discord, there will be postings for classes by your teacher.

These teachers, all act as DMs for their students. Each one brings to the table their own flow and training methods for your characters. It is my hope, that as this grows, we form more connections within the community that is Sigrogana Legends 2, and from that? Usher in connections that can forward students into a carrier path with other known guilds and groups.
Sun Temple's Discord
Upper Oniga, north from the blacksmith and on the EAST end of the three houses.
Please come give us a visit, thanks for the read!

[Image: Screenshot_5.jpg]

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