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[DISCONTINUED] Nightingale - Karaten Hospital
Nightingale Hospital

Nightingale Hospital is the first player-created hospital based in the beautiful mage city of Karaten under the ruling of a Miss Ella Arkus. Located in the northern sector of the city, word has it they are currently hiring members of staff for the following roles:

[Image: Star_of_life.svg.png]

Head Nurse and Head Doctor (Only one of each)

[Image: KtWTVr5BQa_zkI-usR_k-g.png]

[size=undefined]P.S: When I say the first player-created I mean in the sense of built-in Karaten and not in Sigrogana as a game.

The hospital's discord is public just to make things easier for people to get around to seeking treatment and interviews via the seeking interview channel, alternatively, you're more than welcome to DM if you wish to do it via DM's or would rather arrange a time that way!
[Image: Empress_of_Light.gif]
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