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[EVENT PRELUDE] Fearful Premonition

Some townsfolk have talked about a Black Falcon information leak mentioning the idea of beginning "Operation BP"...
Even though no one seems to know with certainty what the operation entails, it heavily implies that the terrorists will take some kind of action against the empire once again, causing many citizens to become afraid of the thought. Stress has quickly begun filling people's minds, left in the dark about the details of what the violent terrorists plan on doing next.
A small amount of people seem to think that it might be another attack directed at the guardsmen stationed in the Nameless Shrine. However, evidence that confirms this to be the case has yet to be found. Black Falcon activity has been on the low for some time now, which has raised alarms for some fellows.
It all sounds like it would get quite dangerous if it was true, that's for sure.
There will be a large-scale event in February 26th, Friday 5 PM EST.
This thread could potentially be updated depending on certain RP actions.
If you have some form of inquiry or want your character to investigate what's going on, contact Fern#5298 on Discord.
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A group accompanied by First Squad Varen Aryan managed to find dark brown colored Dusks hidden deep within the Nameless Shrine's cave, in addition to a lone pack south of the shrine's outskirts. Investigation has proven that this type of mutation is known as Dusk Scouter, used for surveillance purposes. Their findings have been reported to the Imperial Guard, and citizens are rapidly becoming aware of the need to be cautious around those creatures. Any sightings of Dusk Scouters are to be reported to the guard as soon as possible.
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Rumors have begun to spread about "BP" standing for Black Plague... A plague that the Black Falcon intend to unleash on the Empire. No one is certain where it will begin, though possibilities have been narrowed down between the Nameless Shrine or Voilegard, but it's possible the consequences may spread beyond the initial site and with the inclusion of a monster known as "Mother", the Queen of the Dusks, Forneus, and Arael as well, the problems only grow. With activity on the rise though, it seems more and more likely that whatever is being planned, it will be happening soon.

The event, starting at the listed time above, will begin at the Nameless Shrine before moving to Voilegard and the Darkwood Manor. For the fighting around the manor, we'll be keeping it outside, around the entrance, rather than inside the manor itself, so if you wander in and get jumped by ghosts and living armors, you've gone too far.
There will be a total of 4 raid bosses, two in Voilegard, and two in the manor, and players will need to split up to fight them all at once. Unfortunately, due to time concerns and limited staff, not everyone will be able to fight the bosses, and each boss will take on four parties. Fight order will be determined by rolling d20s on a first-come first-serve basis. THE FIRST FOUR PARTY LEADERS to roll a d20 when requested to do so will fight in order of highest to lowest. All other parties will be able to continue participating by fighting off waves of mobs. All those who are waiting in line to fight the boss will also be able to fight the mobs if they wish to do so.
The IC damage caused to Voilegard and the surrounding areas will be determined based on the success of the parties involved, IE; defeats, how many times a health threshold is reached, etc. It's recommended to come fully prepared with anything you might need, such as potions and other items.
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