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The Morgue - Laws End
The Morgue

[Image: unknown.png]

A new gang has made itself known in Laws End!

The Morgue is a shadowy organization responsible for the creation of the bar, Sinners Libation. They have recently put out a public call for "Fixers" to come and work for them, carrying out posted jobs and assisting to maintain the agenda of the group.

Not much seems to be outwardly known about them, but they dangle the promise of riches and security behind the offer of the job.

People have stated that since it's establishment, the amount of unexplained, and exceptionally unnerving events in Laws End have been climbing. Everything from people going missing, only to turn up horrifically disfigured, appearing to those with medical knowledge like they'd been picked apart for.. something else, to visitations from shades and other manners of ghastly phantasms.

No true leader can be pinned down for The Morgue, but people speculate that due to the range of influence they've been able to quickly put into effect, that they are far older than they have made known. It seems that the groups offer has begun to spread by rumor to the other mainlands as well.

Be it curiosity, or the desire for money that draws you in, the offer is open to any who would take it...


If you want to join, DM me at Karidan#4463!

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