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Final Plague Zones Aftermath
After much effort, valiant warriors have managed to cleanse the wilderness bordering Voilegard of all Plague Zones that occurred from its raid. Their work has been compensated by the empire in the form of money, and their reputation with citizens has only been getting better with every time they save lives. With the Falcon standing on its last legs and barely having the manpower to possess a threat to the empire, it is only a matter of time until they are completely gone for good. Men of the Falcon have no longer been commonly sighted across the land of Sigrogana, as if finally beginning to surrender to the kingdom of Elias Erachial.
[Image: 6PBG4f2.png]
The location of their main headquarters being located in the mountains of northwest Kysei is not uncommon knowledge thanks to the Falcon soldier information leaks, and after it was publicly revealed that Arael Schlager was being used as a puppet by his brother for thinly-veiled goals, Falcon morale has significantly dropped and made their power all the more weaker. This results in leaving many possibilities for those interested in using that to their advantage.
However, the efforts of those purifying the Plague Zones have caught the attention of a certain monstrous entity, commonly known as Cora. It has been brought to the attention of the empire and its people that a mutant made with the Dusk Zero sample, the one they have looked for some time now, has become far more rampant after the last zone was cleared. Her location has been revealed to be southwest of Voilegard, made apparent by rapidly corrupting the environment around her thanks to the dreadful darkness coming from her form. Hearsay from travelers speak of the horror that is Cora, afraid for their safety as well as everyone else's own.
Cornelius' men had appeared in the last Plague Zone with the intention to sabotage the purification, wearing visored helmets and wielding lethal weapons, proudly showing the inverted black Hallowed Cross emblem of Strega on their chests. He has forsaken secrecy, which suggests there might be another attempt at ruining efforts of those that seek to defeat Cora once and for all.
In spite of all that, however, one thing is clear.
Nearly all this time, warriors have mainly defended themselves from the darkness attacking their lives.
And now they have chosen to take the offensive in order to get closer to the finale that ends it all.
[Image: Fern22.gif]
[Image: unknown.png]

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