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The Crow's Nest
The Crow's Nest

Come any and all that have a wanderlust, the desire to explore or discover!

Perhaps you just wish to do good to the citizens of our societies?

Find some companions to face the world with?

Or simply just make some murai doing odds and ends?

If yes to any of this, then you're welcome to come roost with us at the Crow's Nest!

~Come to Alstalsia, our doors are always open~



OOC Notes:

Ahem, hello. It's Lucky or August here.
Here once again after quite some time with what seems to be yet another adventurer's guild?
Probably. At least with an interesting twist or two I hope. Come around and check it out, I won't hold you there.

I'm aiming to provide this most of my free time and attention towards this so it won't just turn into another place to idle in.
Just DM me if you're curious or just take the link straight in there.
There's a much more detailed explanation of what I plan for this in the server as well.


The Crow's Nest Discord Server

Building location:

[Image: sKxJERI.png]
[Image: TvQhtZb.gif]
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OOC Notes Part Two!:

We're fine on members now!
You're free to join the server to observe and participate in the server still! Just send me a DM!
However I'll be taking no more members to be able to keep the group focused and not drain on my sanity doing management.
There'll be an update if this changes anytime soon!

[Image: TvQhtZb.gif]

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