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{Public Letters} From the Red Snakes to the Nobility
This letter was sent directly to the noble houses of Alstalsia, responsible for the village which was attacked by executioners. In order to have a greater effect, they were also distributed around Alstalsia to gain more visibility. Below is their content:
[Image: logo-footer-kaleido-e1e7a09f241f4fc02fda...e377ce.svg]
"Recently we have observed an attack to a village in Alstalsia. Innocent people have been killed, houses burned, and some properties destroyed. As we all know, this village are protected by their local militia, but also as we all now know, they were not even enough to hold off the Executioners until help arrived. I myself trained many soldiers of the local militia and some served in these villages, but were massacred by the far superior power of their enemies. Fortunately help came, but not from where you expect it. The people of Alstalsia are grateful to all the adventurers who were willing to come from their distant continents and travel into battle to defend those who needed to be defended. Like them, the Red Snakes were willing to help wherever possible.
[Image: logo-footer-kaleido-e1e7a09f241f4fc02fda...e377ce.svg]
There is only one big question here that I seek to emphasize: If there was time for the allocation of defenders from other continents to help one village in Alstalsia, where was the help from the very noble houses responsible for that village and people? I understand that governing is difficult and many responsibilities are given, which can get in the way when organizing resources around the territory, but what can be more important than your own people being killed by villainous invaders? I just hope that the village in question will be given the proper help at least for the moment after this whole tragedy, for while it was going on they had to deal with luck and well-meaning adventurers.
[Image: logo-footer-kaleido-e1e7a09f241f4fc02fda...e377ce.svg]
As a half-Zeran, I say that we, the people of Alstalsia, look forward to hearing from you any solution! We hope to be able to count on you should any more of these situations arise.
[Image: logo-footer-kaleido-e1e7a09f241f4fc02fda...e377ce.svg]
Aurora Clersen
Marshal of the Red Snakes and Citizen of Alstalsia"
This letter, unlike the letter assigned to the nobility and which was eventually also distributed to the people, is now being assigned directly to the people of Alstalsia, especially the Zerans and Non-Zerans of the mainland. At the top, the title "For and by the people of Alstalsia". Bellow, is there content:

[Image: logo-footer-kaleido-e1e7a09f241f4fc02fda...e377ce.svg]

"It is important that we can absorb all the lessons that the situation on the Godly Stage can bring us. We could understand that our Alstalsia has more friends than it appeared, or perhaps Cornelius had more enemies than we expected, but what matters is that due to foreign help, that terrorist who aimed to use the remains of the Great Zeran for his own purpose, was defeated. Another great lesson is that Alstalsia has people who care about it, for sure, but those people are not the ones currently in power. To be Zeran, or just a citizen of Asltalsia, means to cherish what is yours, to value the divine characteristics that were given to you at the moment of your birth, and to fight for them until your last breath. And what is Zeran about the attitudes of the Alstalsian government recently? These reflections are clear for those who have suffered in the flesh with the terrorist powers that have ravaged our continent recently, that is, for our people and our troops; for our allies; for the Red Snakes who took care of the wounded; for the church that did the same; but for those who just sat on their thrones pretending to make decisions about this, it may not be so easy to have these reflections and come to the conclusions we have reached.

[Image: logo-footer-kaleido-e1e7a09f241f4fc02fda...e377ce.svg]

What conclusions are these? If you still dont understand, well, that those who today rule over the territory of our glorious nation do not live up to its glory. That our people are dying more and more because of this neglect. And many more of you will die, make no mistake. For those who are unwilling to protect what is most sacred in our lands, which were the remain relics on Godly Stage, will certainly not stop there in their inability to do their duty.

The Red Snakes will not sit idly by and wait for the situation to get worse. Will you? If there was a people suffering and asking for help, we will be the ones to reach out and help, even if it means going against those who caused the suffering.

Wake up, people of Alstalsia!

For if you don't, the suffering will not stop.

How long will you let this happen?

~A Citizen of Alstalsia"

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