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Writing Contest - Curious Tales.
[Image: curious_tale_forum_banner.png]

Open to every inspired writer.
Beginners, amateurs, trained.

The Curious tales have the joy to open their first official writing contest!

Come submit your participation to the Curious Tales to have your book judged, displayed in the library
and get the chance to win the big prize. 


The Writing contest will officially start the :
Wednesday 11 August at
00:01 (GMT+2)
Tuesday 10 August at
22:00 (GMT)
18:00 (EST)

Planning & Rules :

- The writing will start with a keyword theme.
Once the theme revealed, writers will have to write their book around that given theme with a limit of two OOC weeks.
(Between the August 11 and August 25)

- The book needs to be a maximum of 10 pages and a minimum of one page. 

- Once the two weeks of submission passed, any book submitted will be rejected for the contest but still can be paid for display.

- EVERY writer giving a book will be paid for their work for 500 murai per pages written.

Books not respecting the theme will be disqualified, but still paid. 

- Do have fun on this event. Smile

- You're all cute.


Prizes : 

1st Place: 25 500 Murai

2nd Place: 16 500 Murai

3rd Place: 8 000 Murai

Participation: 500 to 5 000 Murai 
(Participation is given to everyone, even the winners. 
The Participation price is (should) given at the reception of the book.)


The theme word will be given on this thread.
The Theme for the first edition of the curious tales writing contest is :


Writing period ends on the  :
Wednesday 25 August
00:01 (GMT+2)
Tuesday 24 August
22:01 (GMT)
18:01 (EST)
Make sure your submission fits the theme. 


How to submit :

1) You can send your Book in the Curious tales donation box, with your discord tag. 

The curious tales is located in cellvish, just on the right of the Inn

(Picture in bottom post)

2) You can ping me in discord : Lalchi#6014
To either make a trade with my character directly
Or send me your text directly on discord (reminder it still has to be under 10 pages, meaning : under 10 000 characters) 

If you have question, do not hesitate to ask here or on discord, i'll update the post in consequence. 

Good luck everyone and have fun !
[Image: unknown.png?width=839&height=582]
[Image: unknown.png]


Q : Can i use a pen name ?
A : Yes, i just need a way to recognize you. (as an ooc note are pinged throught discord.)
The results are coming !

On the 22/09 at 8 PM EST
Everyone is invited to come to the curious tales to meet with some of the authors for the contest and read their writtings.
A small party is organized where the results will be announce and prizes given out.

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