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Maker's Crown Advertisement
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Officially Opening Soon
(ooc: opening Saturday, Aug 27, 2021)

The Maker's Crown forge and crafter's collective is opening soon! We are a small but mighty force of professionals seeking to assist the general public with any number of their needs. From smiths to alchemists, woodworkers and tailors, our goal is simple: to share our craft with like-minded individuals, as well as provide service unto the general public. 

Benefit from years of practice by purchasing goods for your home, or learn from the best - should they be taking on apprentices. We are located behind the Asago Building in Cellsvich, just south of the Northern Housing District. 

If you are interested in Maker's Crown, its associates, or wish to know more in general, please seek out Lilia Everynn.

[Image: vkLzeyi.png]

(ooc: Once again, we're officially opening Saturday, so if you come in before then wanting to find me, please shoot me a DM at KitKatarine#9578 for more details. I also accept cat pictures.)
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